thac0hNo's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

The Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3 Part 3, Session 3

The fall of Jaagrath


6-27-2015: Added Post Session summary

Pre Session Notes

  • Raynar and Eashen both suffer from 1 permanent negative levels ( this means – 5 hitpoints from their max, – 1 to pretty much every roll, and – 1 to all caster level dependent variables).

Post Session Summary

Date: 16 Pharast (March) 4708 – Sunday ( Sunday)

After Demarek’s arrival back in Turtleback Ferry, he describes the encounter with Old Senneck in Sanos Forest. Eashen helps him determine that the walnut given to him has been enchanted with healing magics ( as Heal Spell, CL 17).

Eashen, Raynar, Demarek, Orik, and Marillis purchase horses in town, and set off for Fort Rannick once again. On the way they spy a wandering band of Ogres. As they investigate, they determine that one of the ogres is Berk! Berk appears friendly enough, informing Eashen that he is taking a friend and their female companions to a cave in the nearby Valley of Broken Trees to start a new clan. He happily invites Eashen and his companions to come feast with them, and proudly shows off a sack of semi-spoiled ogre meat taken from the slain at Fort Rannick.

The group continues to the fort, flying high above it to the eagle aerie, and moving into the courtyard from the tunnel there. On the way, they spy Jakardros creeping across the roof of the fort and quickly move to join him. The fort courtyard is strangely absent of ogres.


Sneaking into the second floor of the fort, the group discovers the ogre chief – Jaagrath – and the ogre magic user – Dorella – resting in separate rooms. Using some magical silence provided by Marillis, they surprise Jaagrath and a furious battle breaks out. Jaagrath, in his fury, lands a potentially fatal blow on Demarek, but the paladin’s faith and handy Aegis Charm save him from a brutal demise. The group rallies, slaying the raging ogre, and then quickly dispatches Dorella and her lover, Harlock Kreeg, by trapping them in their room.


The remaining ogres, still wounded from the previous battle, turn upon each other with the help of Eashen’s persuasive magic. With the dismissal of the last ogre, the Fort is finally reclaimed.

Scouring the fort, the party finds little more than filth, blood, and debris. A brief message addressed to Jaagrath from someone named Barl indicates that the ogre chief was instructed to send a party of ogres to weaken the dam. The group also reclaims the star medallions, lost on the bodies of Abhishek and Dalaldriel but apparently claimed by Jaagrath and Dorella. Further investigation leads to a spectre haunting the Fort’s crypt, but it is dealt with swiftly.

The group rests the night within the keep. Jakardros is notably despondent.

Date: 17 Pharast (March) 4708 – Moonday( Monday)

The next day, the group rides for Hook Mountain. Jakardros offers to come along, seeing vengeance for his slain kin. Armed with information about the location of the mountain stronghold – obtained by questioning several ogres – the group climbs the mountain via several little-known animal trails. They arrive at the entrance to an enormous cave in little over three hours – a far cry from what it would have taken to climb the 10,000 foot mountain. This high up, the air is frigid, and snow has replaced the rain falling on the valley below.

The group passes a spear placed near the path, upon which rests the head of Mammy Graul – gruesome in death as she was in life, her dead eyes gaze into nothingness; a clear warning to any who approach.

The entrance to the mammoth cave is guarded by two ogres, which the party surprises, rushing up to attack them quickly. Though they manage to slay one, the other escapes, and the group gives chase into the cavern complex.

They pass a gigantic 40’ tall statue, adorned with armor and a great seven pointed star necklace. Eashen, on a whim, removes the necklace and the great towering beast crumbles to ashes – an ancient mummified corpse turned to dust. The armor, however, clatters to the ground, raising quite a ruckus.

Farther in, the group is waylayed by three ogres and a hill giant, who they dispatch but not before the giant raises an alarm – banging on the wall and shouting INTRUDERS! The clamor echos throughout the caverns and the sounds of more enemies approach. Eashen, ever fond of his fireballs, decimates the rush of minor ogres, and manages to charm the last one, who points out the direction of the stone giant Barl’s lair, informs them that he apparently has a stone giant bodyguard, and reveals that he is afraid of the witches in a third room. Eashen instructs him to flee and stay out of the way, and the ogre quickly obliges.

Wounded and spent, the party retreats back down the mountain to settle in Fort Rannick for the night.


Fort Rannick
Jaagrath: 9600xp
Dorella: 9600xp
Harlock Kreeg: 4800xp
Jolly Kreeg: 4800xp
Mucknick Kreeg: 4800xp
Spectre of Lorgus Fenker: 3200 xp
Storyline: Reclaiming Fort Rannick ( 5000xp per surviving black arrow) : 5000xp

Hook Mountian
Elite Ogres (5 × 4800) : 24,000
Hill Giant: 4800
Ogres ( 10 × 800): 8000

Total party XP: 78,600 xp

Josh / Eashen (level 8): + 16,147/ 71,939 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 8): + 16,147 / 72,359 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 7): + 17,897/ 68,325 (total) LEVEL 8
NPC / Orik (level 5): + 15,080/ 32,240 (total) LEVEL 6
NPC / Marilis (level 3): + 15,080/ 22,080 (total) LEVEL 5

Experience required for Level 6: 23,000
Experience required for Level 7: 35,000
Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000


Fort Rannick

  • Jaagrath
    • 2x Cure Serious Wounds Potions
    • Hide Armor + 1 (Large)
    • + 1 Human Bane Ogre Hook (Large)
    • Belt of Giant Strength + 2
    • Seven pointed star medallion
  • Dorella
    • Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
    • Wand of Acid ARrow ( 43 charges)
    • Dagger
    • Amulet of Natural Armor
    • Headband of Alluring Charisma + 2
    • Ring of Protection + 1
    • Seven pointed star medallion
  • Elite Ogres ( 2)
    • 2x Hide Armor + 1 (Large)
    • 2x Ogre Hook + 1 (Large)
  • Misc
    • Daladrial’s Snakeskin Tunic

Hook Mountain
My assumption here is that you fled before any more creatures appeared, leaving the slain and their equipment behind.


We would grab what could put on 2 floating disks (700 pounds ea.)


My understanding was that it was more of a time thing ( get away fast) than a capacity thing. There’s a lot of bodies in that room and sifting through them all would take a while, since they’re all large creatures.


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