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The Hook Mountain Massacre, Downtime

Resting and Rebuilding


7-13-2015: Initial posting
7-15-2015: Updated with activities for 19 Pharast.
7-18-2015: Updated with activities for 20 and 21 Pharast
7-19-2015: Updated with activities for 22 Pharast
7-20-2015: Updated with activities for 23 Pharast
7-21-2015: Updated with activities for 24 Pharast
7-23-2015: Updated with activities for 25 Pharast


  • Raynar and Eashen both suffer from 1 permanent negative levels ( this means – 5 hitpoints from their max, – 1 to pretty much every roll, and – 1 to all caster level dependent variables).

Post Session Summary

Date: 19 Pharast (March) 4708 – Toilday(Tuesday)

After arriving at Fort Rannick very late the night before, the party wakens refreshed, despite the putrid conditions of the Fort. After a brief prayer, Marillis cures Eashen’s of his blindness. Demarek, now well rested, is able to shrug off the drain on his life force. The sun above shines brightly, with only trace clouds to obscure its rays. There is not a raindrop to be seen.

Demarek and Marillis head back up to Hook Mountain to destroy the shrine to Lamashtu, ridding the cave there of any of the evil goddess’ presence. They search around, ( Survival 17 + 1 + 2 aid = 20 vs DC 20, Marilis Aid another: 6 + 10 = 16 vs. DC 10) and find the barest of tracks left behind by the some large creatures that could be hags. They appear to head northwest, away from Turtleback Ferry. Following them for several miles before turning back in order to make it back to Fort Rannick before nightfall. The tracks keep going into the wilderness.

After a good conversation with Orik, Raynar convinces the mercenary to help train him to be tougher. They begin training bright an early ( day 1/5). Within minutes, Raynar is bruised and sore.

Eashen heads to the eagle aerie and prays to Sarenrae for aid in bringing back the eagles. After returning to the fort, he summons several elementals to help clear the courtyard and begin a large pyre to burn the corpses. Eashen then finds a quiet place within the keep and works on crafting a Headband of Inspired Wisdom + 2 ( 1 day, 6 hours / 2 days).

Jakardros spends the day gathering the remains of his fellow Black Arrows, and moving them to the crypt where their brethren are buried.

The group gathers that night over food and drink, cheerful but tired after a hard days’ work.

Date: 20 Pharast (March) 4708 – Wealday(Wednesday)

Jakardros continues his efforts to find and bury the remains of his Black Arrow brothers.

Raynar and Orik continue their training. Raynar is very sore, from the previous day, and Orik appears to be enjoying himself immensely. (day 2/5)

Demarek prepares Lamatar’s body for the journey to Whitewillow, then spends time in prayer to Iodemae. That night, Demarek’s sleep is restless – interrupted by dreams of walking endless hallways and staring at pedestals missing statues. Dreams similar to those he has had before but fragmented; never complete.

Eashen spends a few hours completing the Headband of Inspired Wisdom + 2. He then loads up a floating disk with the mountain of treasure the group has acquired, and vanishes from view, teleporting himself to a familiar tavern in Magnimar ( Teleport: 17). He spends most of the morning visiting a multitude of shopkeepers to sell the extra treasure acquired by the party. From there, he teleports again to the front steps of his manor in Sandpoint ( Teleport: 47). Upon entering, he discovers some letters have been dropped off through the mail slot on the front door. The rest of the house is empty and in order, save for a bit of extra dust.

The first letter reads:

Mr. Akoria
Thank you for your inquiry regarding an audience with Master Toth Bhreacher. We are happy to report that due to several cancellations, your appointment scheduled for 12 Nethys, 4710 may now be rescheduled at your earliest convenience. Master Bhreacher requests your immediate presence to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement. Your discretion in this matter is appreciated.

Aton Willamswright, Senior Craftsman and Keeper of Scheduling
The Golemworks, Magnimar

The second letter reads:

Abhishek of Sanos Forest
Dalaldriel of Magnimar
Demarek of Bitter Hollow
Eashen Akoria
Navi Nebbula

On behalf of The Pathfinder Society of Magnimar, I am happy to inform you that you have been accepted as Pathfinder Society Candidate Members.

Candidate membership is a temporary designation, requiring only sponsorship by a Pathfinder Society in good standing. You have been sponsored for acceptance into the society by Tobin Everheart, known Pathfinder Chronicler.

For those of you who wish to continue your journey to full membership, please report to the Heidmarch Manor in Magnimar for further evaluation.


Shiela Heidmarch
Venture Captain
Pathfinder Society

Eashen heads over to the home of Brodert Quink, who is not there. He then visits Ameiko, who is surprised to see him. During conversation over dinner, Eashen learns that Brodert hasn’t been seen in several days, and no one is sure where he has gone.

Later that night, Eashen spends some time reviewing the letters collected from Barl. One of the two is very complicated, and appears that it will take a few days of dedicated research and studying to decrypt. The second is fairly easy to translate:

My Lord
Good news! I have infiltrated a group of archeologists bound for Hollow Mountain. They know nothing, and suspect less. We will set sail before weeks end. The ruins there shall give us the answers we seek, I am sure of it!

Date: 21 Pharast (March) 4708 – Oathday(Thursday)

After two days of searching, Jakardros is convinced he has gathered the remains of all the Black Arrows he is able to find. He spends the day performing last rites in accordance with Erastil’s teachings before interring their remains in the crypt behind the fort. The entire process is a simple – yet solemn – affair.

Raynar and Orik continue their training. By now, Raynar is convinced his bruises have bruises. (Day 3/5). Beyond his training, Raynar begins to clean up the fort – at least the ones being occupied at the moment, and looking into items of interest. Though much of the fort is in shambles, the library is in surprisingly good condition. Inside, Raynar finds many books documenting the Black Arrow’s history and ongoing battle with the ogres of Hook Mountain. Very little on Kaer Maga is mentioned here, though he does discover everything summarized here

Demarek departs from Fort Rannick with the body of Lamatar Bayden and heads towards Whitewillow. He travels the entire day, pushing late into the evening before stopping to rest overnight in his hometown of Bitter Hollow.


Eashen spends the day crafting a cloak of resistance + 3 ( 1 / 5 days). After completing his work for the day, he heads teleports ( 64, no mishap) to Magnimar, and heads to speak with Venture Captain Shiela Heidmarch.(See facebook discussion). Afterwards, he heads over to the Golemworks to speak with Master Toth Bhreacher (See facebook discussion). That evening, He teleports (81, no mishap) back to Fort Rannick, studies the final letter found in Barl’s den ( 2h / 2d), and rests for the night.

Date: 22 Pharast (March) 4708 – Firesday (Friday)

Having completed the last rites for his brethren, Jakardros seems to be in better spirits. He dedicates his energies to cleaning the Fort and restoring it to order. Raynar informs Jakardros about the books found in the library, spending most of the day reorganizing and cleaning the room. Marillis helps him.

Raynar and Orik continue their training, but Raynar but starts the day off by punching Orik in the face. Orik, surprised, begins laughing: Hahaha! THATS the spirit! I do believe we shall make a man of you yet! (Day 4/5)

After his training, Raynar tends to the horses and then returns to aid Jakardros in the library.

Eashen, resting in his Sandpoint manor, spends most of the day crafting a cloak of resistance + 3 ( 2 / 5 days). After completing his work for the day, he flies out to Devil’s Platter in search of the infamous Pit, and finds it relatively easily. ( Survival 1 + 20 = 21 vs. DC 15) The pit appears dark and dangerous, though quiet at the moment. The burnt remains of a small camp is seen nearby, smelling of sulfur. The ashes appear to be little more than a week old, and contain bodies of several humans. None of the remains appear to have been wearing armor. (Survival 19+20 = 39 vs. DC 20). That night, he spends additional time studying the last letter ( 4 hours / 2 days)

Demarek visits his parents’ graves and says a quick prayer. He also informs the villagers of Bitter Hollow of recent events, warning them of the creature Black Magga. Then he sets off for Whitewillow, travelling through the eerie, spirit filled swamp for several hours before arriving at its center.


Upon Demarek’s arrival, the furious ghost of the nymph Myriana appears once more, shouting threats and curses until her eyes spy the body of Lamatar strapped to Demarek’s mount, Starlight. She immediately cries out in mixed sadness and joy, her spirit throwing itself upon the body.

Before Demarek is able to dismount, Myriana is manages to loosen Lamatar’s bonds and gently lower him to the moss covered earth, whispering in his ear the whole while. Thank you for returning him to me she says to Demarek.

Rising slowly, the nymph ghost begins singing softly, and Demarek is so mesmerized by her beauty that he does not realize she is casting a spell until it is nearly complete. With her final words, Lamatars body starts to change, growing shorter and more lithe, losing its human features and becoming a gnome. Shockingly the gnome stands and speaks see facebook discussion.

Myriana smiles upon Demerek, and thanks him again. I cannot repay you for what you have done, not in a million lifetimes. You have brought to me that which I hold most dear, and allowed my spirit an eternal rest. Though it may seem but a trifle, I shall grant upon you my favor. Keep this token upon your person, and recall all which true love may accomplish.

Looking down, Demarek spies and picks up a small lock of the nymph’s hair. [Demarek is now under the effects of a permanent version of the Nymph Inspiration ability, granting a +4 insight bonus on all Will saving throws, Craft checks, and Perform checks as long as he carries the nymph’s token.]

Her curse broken, she begins fading from view, spending her last moments locked in an embrace with Lamatar.

From there, Demarek departs in search of old Senneck, spending the remainder of the day searching but finding nothing (Survival 9+ 1 = 10 vs. DC 15).

Date: 23 Pharast (March) 4708 – Starday(Saturday)

Jakardros and Marillis continue to clean the fort.

Raynar and Orik complete their training. ( Day 5/5. Orik may now be considered Raynar’s cohort.)

Eashen spends most of the day crafting a cloak of resistance + 3 (3 / 5 days), plus a little time deciphering the last of Barl’s messages. ( 6h / 2d) Then teleports home to Crying Leaf to visit with old friends and family for the evening.

Demarek continues his search for Old Senneck (Survival 14+1 = 15 vs DC 15), and is met with very little success. He spends most of the day wandering the forest, trying to find the clearing where he first came across the old man, but keeps getting turned around, winding up back near the well-traveled main road that runs through the forest. After the third time, Demarek swears that the forest is changing as he moves through it. Just as he is about to set up camp for the evening, Demarek stumbles back out onto the main road and spots a small leather pouch sitting upon a rock. The pouch is well-worn, and contains a number of mixed nuts and berries.

Date: 24 Pharast (March) 4708 – Sunday(Sunday)

Jakardros , Orik, and Marillis continue to clean the fort. By now they have moved much of the debris out of the interior of the building, rendering it largely empty. The putrid smell of waste and rot still lingers.

Eashen spends some time visiting with his family in Crying Leaf, then returns to Turtleback Ferry (Teleport: 33), where he finds the town busily preparing for the worst. A small palisade has been constructed around the perimeter of the town, and Mayor Shreed and several woodsmen are directing the work. Though they are glad to see Eashen, they are overjoyed to hear the news of Barl’s defeat at Hook Mountain. I thought something good had happened when the rain stopped, quips the Mayor. The Mayor is open to the idea of a celebration, but doesn’t commit to a date. Returning to the Fort (Teleport: 61), Eashen spends more time crafting his cloak of resistance + 3 (4 / 5 days).

Demarek returns to Fort Rannick, pushing Starlight hard to make it in a single day of travel. He arrives that evening, and shows the pouch of nuts and berries to the group. Marillis kindly offers to identify the items, all magical, all must be eaten to receive their effects:
3x Almonds: As the spell Restoration, CL 15
2x Walnuts: As the Spell Heal, CL 15
1x Blueberry: As the spell Stoneskin, CL 15
1x Blackberry: As the spell True Form, CL 15

Demarek then discusses heading to Kaer Maga with the group, as he believes it has something to do with his paladin mentor, Sir Braynard.

Raynar searches through the fort library, looking for a map of Kaer Maga. After finding one, he works with Orik, and Marillis to pack and prepare for travel. He discusses next steps with the group.

Date: 25 Pharast (March) 4708 – Moonday (Monday)

Jakardros, Orik, Marillis, Raynar, and Demarek depart for Turtleback Ferry, arriving there late in the day.

Eashen completes crafting his cloak of resistance + 3 (5 / 5 days). Charms some birds to go scouting for Berk, then teleports to Turtleback Ferry to meet the rest of the group. That night, they celebrate the defeat of the Hook Mountian threat with the citizens of Turtleback Ferry. A joyous time is had by all.



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