thac0hNo's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Seven Swords of Sin

Tracking Tirana

Pre Session Notes

  • Raynar and Eashen both suffer from 1 permanent negative levels ( this means – 5 hitpoints from their max, – 1 to pretty much every roll, and – 1 to all caster level dependent variables).

Post Session Summary

Date: 26-28 Pharast (March) 4708 – Toilday – Oathday (Tuesday – Thursday)

The group spends three days travelling by boat to Kaer Maga. Eashen spends most of this time crafting a Cloak of Resistance + 3 ( 3/5), and deciphering the final letter found in Barl’s treasure hoard.

Date: 29 Pharast (March) 4708 – Fireday (Friday)

The group arrives at Kaer Maga. The city, wild and chaotic, makes them nervous. The group splits to search for information on anything pertaining to Tirana, Runelords, or Braynar. Demarek receives a chilly response, but Eashen stumbles upon some information from a local street urchin:

Tirana’s more than just some wizard, she’s got her fingers in a little bit of everything. I wouldnt use the word ‘crime boss’ – you never know who’s listening – but you get the idea. She’s got something of a protection racet running down in the Tarheel District. I’ve heard Gadka the merchant grousing about it. You might want to hit him up; he’s got no love for the enchantress.

The group heads over to find Gadka, and after treating him to a decent dinner, they strike a deal with him. In exchange for spilling what he knows about Tirana’s whereabouts, the group will take care of some of the Splitstreet gang – a group of ruffians who work for Tirana and shake him down from time to time.

Date: 30 Pharast (March) 4708 – Starday (Saturday)

The group rises and heads over to Gadka’s merchant tent, where they find four gang members having a nice conversation with Gadka the dwarf. Through some magical charms, the group convinces the gang to depart, and Eashen talks Gadka into revealing the location of the hideout, promising to ‘cut off the head of the snake’.


Gadka leads them through some winding alleyways, crumbling buildings, and dusty tunnels before popping out outside the city wall in a small alcove hidden from view near the Storvol Rise. From there, the group negotiates with Gadka to hire his stealthy services for a share of the treasure, before opening a bronze encrusted door Gadka says is the entrance to Tirana’s hideout.

Entering the hideout, the group descends downward, into a system of room sdecorated with fine white marble tile on the floor, ceiling, and walls. After dealing with a pesky ambush of two gang members, the group stumbles into a large cave containing five crystalline structures. After being challenged by a mouthy air mephit, Eashen fireballs the creature, killing it but also shattering the crystalline structures. This triggers a massive electrical explosion, which kills Gadka.

The group continues deeper, discovering a room containing a pool of mysterious water and a strange mechanical contraption with many dials, buttons, switches, and knobs. They are unable to determine it’s function, and decide to leave.


Continuing further, they manage to find a strange room with what appears to be two portals on opposing walls. On one wall, the group can see a thick, humid jungle. On the other, a fire blasted wasteland. Lurking in the room are two abyssal raptors, ridden by goblins. The creatures attack without warning, and after a brief fight, the group emerges victorious.

The group takes a quick break to catch their breath, and Eashen has a brief epiphany. Drawing out the last encrypted letter from Barl, he puts the final pieces together to determine the letter’s true message:



Splitstreet Gang members: (6 × 1200): 7200
Avaeidardax, Air Mephit: 800
Abyssal Raptors ( 2x 2400) 4800
Abyssal GOblins (2x 1200) 2400

Total party XP: 15,200 xp

Josh / Eashen (level 9): + 3800/ 85,539 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 9): + 3800 / 85,959 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 9): + 1900 (50%, not present for session) / 80,025 (total)
Cohort/ Orik (level 7): 1900 * 6/9 = +1267 / 43,307 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 7): + 3800/ 35,680 (total) LEVEL UP! 7

Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000


Splitstreet thugs:
2x Chain Shirt + 1 (medium size)
2x Masterwork Rapier

Abyssal Raptors and Goblins
2x Mithral chain shirt barding + 1
Wand of blindness
chain shirt (small)
lance (small)



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