thac0hNo's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Seven Swords of Sin, Part 2


Post Session Summary

Date: 30 Pharast (March) 4708 – Starday (Saturday)

The party continues to explore the labyrinth, returning to an impossibly large pile of gold and jewels discovered earlier. Raynar touches the gold, which causes the illusion to instantly vanish, revealing a stone wall that crumbles, releasing a great giant beast – a Grey Render – which attacks the party but is quickly dispatched.

From there, the group enters a room they quickly discover is trapped. Stepping on the wrong square triggers a reversal of the gravity within the room, causing individuals to fall and injure themselves. After some experimentation, and many falls by Raynar, the group discovers a safe path through the room, to the stairwell on the other side.

After descending down the stairwell, they come to a small room containing two glass-encased conduits humming with an electrical buzz. The conduits contain bolts of electricity travelling through them – moving from the top to the bottom of the tube. Beyond that, they find a stone cistern containing crystal clear water. Searching the cistern reveals a small keyhole. With no means to unlock the device, the group presses on.


Leaving the tile-covered, finished hallways of the labyrinth, the group enters a natural cave tunnel. The tunnel quickly widens to a large cavern containing an underground lake containing a small rowboat. AS the group tries to cross the lake, a young black dragon bursts from the water and attacks! Through some magic and might, the group is able to finish the beast, the final blow made by Eashen’s ray of fire which reduces the dragon to mere ashes.

Travelling down a second stairwell, the group comes to a small bedchamber. Searching the room reveals a number of notes and books detailing the seven swords of sin, and a ritual designed to empower the swords and awaken their dormant might.

Beyond the bedchamber, the group wanders along an unfinished tunnel to a great cavern. As they do so,
the buzzing and humming sounds of surging electricity grow stronger. Within the cavern, they stumble across a heavily armored man bearing the symbol of Lamashtu, standing near three large stones that are clearly the source of the lout humming noise. From their vantage point, they can see a narrow bridge leading from a ledge on one side of the cavern to a small isle of rock suspended in the middle. Upon the isle stands a woman, clearly performing some ritual. Something shimmering fills the air between the isle and the landing.

A battle with the armored guardian ensues, and aided by his holy might, Demarek lays the creature low. Eashen realizes that the pillars are likely generating the barrier and dampening his magic, so he quickly heads back to the room with the glass conduits and shatters them with his quarterstaff. A small burst of electricity fills the room, then the glowing white tiles go dark. Meanwhile, back in the cavern, the humming stones fall quiet, and the glimmering barrier vanishes.


Tiriana, realizing her protective barrier has been destroyed, turns on the party, throwing spell after spell. Eventually, Demarek makes his way to the wizard, and slays her with one mighty blow.

The group recovers the seven swords from the ritual table, which they notice is marked with a seven pointed star. They also unmask, the armored warrior guardian, and find that it was clearly Torm Braynard, Demarek’s mentor brought back to life as an undead horror: a wight.

The group returns to Kaer Maga with the body of Braynard, where Marillis tends to wounds and heals Raynar of his life drain. Eashen teleports to Magnimar with the swords in tow, and returns them to Shiela Heidmarch at the Pathfinder Society. Raynar and Demarek spend some time in town, speaking to the local authorities about the demise of Gadka and shopping for new equipment. Demarek graciously offers to help Marillis find some better equipment.

Date: 1 Gozran (April) 4708 – Sunday (Sunday)

Eashen teleports back to Kaer Maga, and makes several trips to bring the entire group back to the Manor at Sandpoint.

Marillis casts divination, receiving the response:

“To everything, Turn Turn, There is a season”


Grey Render: 4800
Carsival, the black dragon: 3200
Torm Braynard, Wight AntiPaladin of Lamashtu: 6400
Tiriana: 9600

Total party XP: 24000 xp

Josh / Eashen (level 9): + 6000/ 91,539 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 9): + 6000 / 91,959 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 9): + 6000 / 86,025 (total)
Cohort/ Orik (level 7): 6000 * 7/9 = +4667 / 47,974 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 7): + 6000/ 41,680 (total)

Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000


Tirana’s Bedroom:
Feather Token (whip)
+ 1 Keen Dagger
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
Potion of Fox’s Cunning

Wight Torm Braynard:
+ 1 Greatsword
Full Plate + 1
MW Longsword with Braynard Family Crest
Bane Baldric

Seven Swords of Sin
Lesser Metamagic Rod of Quicken
Cloak of Nightmares (4/8 Bats remain within this cloak)
Bodice of resistance + 3
Bracers of Armor + 6
Headband of Vast Intelligence + 4
Ring of Freedom of Movement
Ring of Protection + 3
6th—disintegrate, greater heroism
5th—baleful polymorph, hold monster, permanency
4th—charm monster, dimension door, fire shield, stoneskin
3rd—dispel magic, fireball, hold person, lightning bolt , slow, fire trap, phantom steed
2nd—hideous laughter, levitate, resist energy, scorching ray, bull’s strength, false life, glitterdust, hideous laughter, make whole, resist energy, rope trick
1st—charm person, magic missile, shield, detect secret doors, endure elements, enlarge person, feather fall, mage armor, magic missile, obscuring mist, shield, shocking grasp
0— all



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