thac0hNo's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Fortress of the Stone Giants, Chapter 4 Part 1

Raid on Sandpoint

Pre Session Notes

  • Eashen and Raynar have been cured of their negative levels.
  • See Secrets Section for important notes.
  • Please bring a clipboard to next session.

Post Session Summary

Date: 1 Gozran (April) 4708 – Sunday (Sunday)

The group speaks to Mayor Deverin and Sherrif Hemlock, who both agree that safeguarding the citizens below sandpoint is a wise idea. They point out, however, that the tunnels and catacombs below the city will be insufficient to house all of the town residents.

The evacuation, though chaotic, goes well – a handful of men escort the majority of the town’s women and children down to the safety of the tunnels. A fair number of residents decide to flee the town, streaming out on wagon, horseback, ship, and on foot. Yet many still remain in their homes, stubbornly refusing to abandon them despite the impending attack. For many, it is all they have.

Date: 2 Gozran (April) 4708 – Moonday(Monday)

The mass evacuation of Sandpoint continues throughout most of the morning. By noon, the town is eerily quiet, with many of the townsfolk hiding in the catacombs below sandpoint, or having fled town entirely. Still, a small portion of the town residents remain, perhaps around 100 or so, clinging to their homes and belongings, stubbornly refusing to leave.

Eashen finishes his lunch, then charms a few of the many seagulls flying around town, and asks them to scout the perimeter of the town to keep an eye out for giants approaching (Opposed Perception). He then heads over to the city wall, conjuring up stone to reinforce weak spots on the existing structure,

Swinging by Bordert’s place, Eashen peeks around the building. He notices nothing out of the ordinary, though the home has the distinct smell of rotten food (Perception).

Eashen then heads to the Glassworks, the main entrance the townsfolk are using to access the tunnels. Most of the town leadership is convening in the first floor of the building, and Eashen speaks to them here, providing a pep talk of sorts to boost morale (Diplomacy). They do not seem impressed. He attempts to seek out Madame Mvashti, but she is nowhere to be found. Her daughters believe she has gone for a walk in the woods nearby. Eashen does find Ilsoardi, and has a brief discussion with him, providing him with two spells the wizard transcribes later that night.

Eashen returns to his manor to tidy things up and secure valuables. He then heads to sleep early.

In the meantime, Demarek meets with the Sherrif Balor and the Town Guard. They greet him heartily, recalling the training they recieved from the Paladin several months ago. He gives them a bit of a pre battle pep talk (Diplomacy). They seem encouraged, but still very scared.

From there, Demarek finds Eashen, who gives him a potion of mage armor. After the brief exchange, Demarek patrolls the town with Eashen’s familiar in tow, encouraging stragglers to seek shelter or stay indoors. Making his way around town, he comes to the Old Light. He searches the area ( Perception, Detect Magic), but discovers nothing out of the ordinary. That evening, on the way back to meet the others, he encounters Naffer Vosk, who happily agrees to aid the town by ringing the Cathedral bells when danger comes.

Meanwhile, Raynar seeks out Jubrayl Vhiski, the local Sczarni boss. As expected, he is found drinking in the Fatmans Feedbag, surrounded by about a dozen rough-looking men. Raynar enters, looking to speak with Jubrayl, and the din of the room quickly quiets down. ( Jubrayl detects as Neutral Evil ) The two have a brief conversation, where Raynar suggests that Jubrayl participate in the front line defense of the town ( Diplomacy, opposed).

I don’t know who you are, but you got chutzpah waltzing in here like that. If you think we’re going to go toe to toe with some giants, you’re bat-shit crazy. But I ain’t about to let some pea-brained rock-sucking giant come and push me off of my turf. Me an’ my boys will lend a hand, but it’s gotta be on our terms. (No lies detected)

After securing Jubrayl’s aid, Raynar patrols the town, eyeballing any guards and stragglers he finds ( the overwhelming majority register as Chaotic Good or Neutral Good).

Overnight, half of the town guards stand lookout, keeping an eye out for any impending attack. ( they will be considered Fatigued if used during the following day).

Date: 3 Gozran (April) 4708 – Toilday(Tuesday)

Waking early the next morning, before the sunrise (~6am), Eashen heads out side for a prayer to Sarenrae. As the sun rose over the horizon, the tension within the town broke with the crash of stone against stone. Shalelu burst from the woods northeast of town, shouting a warning Stone Giants!, she yelled. The raid had begun.

The adventurers found themselves out of position, having stayed the night at their manor on the south side of the harbor. At the north gate, giants threw rock after rock at the wall, killing the few guards stationed there and forcing Shalelu to give ground and flee.

At the south gate, the appearance of Randon Mandeveras complicated matters as two ogres streamed over the southern bridge. Ameiko and her companion Kassandra aided the guards there, holding them off until Demarek, Raynar, and Orik arrived on horesback to slay the creatures.

Swooping in form the west, a large red dragon attacked the Sandpoint garrison, incinerating a guard and setting part of the building on fire. His terror was short lived, however, as Eashen unleashed several exploding balls of freezing ice, slaying the creature almost instantly.

East of town, more stone giants and dire bears crossed Tanner’s bridge, and forded the river by the Scarnetti Sawmill. They engaged in melee with Demarek, Orik, Marillis, and Raynar, who had unknowingly come up against the raid’s leader, a fearsome stone giant named Teraktinus , who wielded twin pickackes.

While the battle with Teraktinus raged on, five more stone giants crossed over the southern bridge to Sandpoint, killing the town guards stationed there. Though Jubrayl and his thugs came to join the fray, they fled quickly at the first sight of bloodshed. The giants quickly overwhelmed the defenses there, routing Randon and Kassandra, and slaying Ameiko. The continued up main street, destroying buildings as they moveddeeper into the heart of town.

Amidst all this chaos, Mayor Deverin, Sabyl Sorn, and Ilsoardi Gandethus, at significant risk to themselves, managed to track down a missing child, Gwent, and return him to safety. Balor Hemlock safely guided Father Zantos to the Sandpoint Cathedral to retrieve a forgotten holy tome.

The battle by the sawmill was furious, with Raynar falling but not slain, before the final defeat of Teraktinus at the hands of an enormous dinosaur summoned by Eashen. With his dying gasp, the stone giant was able to blow his war horn, sounding the retreat. The surviving giants fled the town, but were not pursued.

In the aftermath, the group learns that many of the town guards were killed ( 5/12 remain). Ameiko perished, though her companion Kassandra lives. Raynar and Randon are reunited. The Sandpoint garrison suffered some moderate dragonfire damage. Many buildings along main street east of the southern bridge suffered considerable damage form rampaging giants, as did many buildigns near tanners bridge.

Still, the early evacuation and warning saved countless lives, and the emerging Sanpoint populace cheer their Heroes of Sandpoint once again.


North Gate Giants (3x 4800) = 14,400
Tanner’s Bridge Giants ( 2x 4800 ) = 9600
Tanner’s Bridge Dire Bears ( 3x 3200)= 9600
Red Dragon, Longtooth = 12,800
Teraktinus = 9600
Teraktinus’ Giant Escort (2x 4800) = 9600
Southern Bridge Ogres (2x 800) = 1600
Southern Bridge Giants (5x no credit) = 0

Father Zantos Objective: retrieve holy text: 4000
Father Zantos Secondary Objective: rescue wounded: FAILED
Sheriff Hemlock Objective: stay alive: 4000
Sheriff Hemlock secondary objective: keep half (6/12) guards alive: FAILED
Shalelu Objective: Stay Alive: 4000
Shalelu Secondary Objective: Prevent Giants from breaching her defensive point(north gate): FAILED
Ameiko & Kassandra Objective: Prevent Rusty Dragon from being destroyed: FAILED
Ameiko & Kassandra Secondary Objective: Keep Kassandra alive: 8000
Randon Objective: Stay Alive: 4000
Randon Secondary Objective: Keep Wine Filled Wagon intact: 8000
Sabyl Sorn, Mayor Deverin, and Ilsoari Gandethus Objective: Safely rescue Gwent: 4000
Sabyl Sorn, Mayor Deverin, and Ilsoari Gandethus sEcondary Objective: All three survive: 8000

Total party XP: 111,200 xp

Josh / Eashen (level 9): + 27,800 / 119,339 (total) LEVEL 10
Jim / Demarek (level 9): + 27,800 / 119,759 (total) LEVEL 10
Mike / Raynar (level 9): + 27,800 / 113,825 (total) LEVEL 10
Cohort/ Orik (level 7): 27800 * 7/9 = + 21,622 / 69,596 (total) LEVEL 8
NPC / Marilis (level 7): + 27,800 / 69,480 (total) LEVEL 8

Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000
Experience required for Level 11:155,000


Amulet of Mighty Fists +1
+ 1 Dwarf Bane Heavy Pick ( large size)
+ 1 Light Pick ( Large size)
+ 2 Hide Armor(Large Size)
Teraktinus’ War Horn ( nonmagical, large size)

Many, Many large sized greatclubs ( not really worth anything but perhaps useful for building material)



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