thac0hNo's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Burnt Offerings, Chapter 1, Part 2
Rescuing Ameiko

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23rd of Rova, 4707

Accepting Sherrif Hemlock’s request for assistance to investigate the disturbed crypt, the party heads off with the sheriff to the Cathedral where they meet Father Zantus. During their investigation, they discover that there are tracks leading away from the crypt – many goblin tracks and a single set of human or humanoid tracks. The humanoid tracks seem to end at a tree near the northers wall surrounding Sandpoint. Upon entering the desecrated crypt, the group is attacked by two skeletons, which are easily dispatched. Inside, they find an open and empty sarcophagus, as well as a cloak lying in the corner of the crypt. The cloak held residual traces of magic, and was of fine craftsmanship. Further discussion with Father Zantus revealed that the crypt was that of Father Ezakien Tobyn. Father Tobyn, the previous priest of the shrine, perished in a great fire which burnt the shrine to the ground ( and was subsequently replaced with the newly built cathedral).

Seeking more information on the death of Father Tobyn, the group spoke to Maname Mvashti, who informed them that the late priest was well liked and respected in the town. During his time here, he raised a daughter of great beauty, who fell into an illicit affair with a nobleman and became pregnant. Shortly after the miscarriage of the child, and around the same time as the shrine fire which killed her father, the distraught daughter left Sandpoint and was never seen again.

Following that, the group headed over to the Turandarok Academy to speak with headmaster Ilsoari Gandethus. While turning up little about Father Tobyn, Eashen discussed the finer points of magick with the headmaster, and learned of his research on nearby magical lines of power – ley lines – and the possible location of a nexus of these lines in nearby Tickwood forest.

24th of Rova, 4707

Demarek, Eashen, and Navi set out with Aldern Foxglove to go boar hunting in nearby Tickwood forest. Though the hunt was largely unsuccessful, they did uncover a strange circle of stones. Eashen takes an interest in the strange circle, and Aldern provides a map of its location to aid the group in returning to it at a later date.

Returning to town, the group is immediately summoned to the garrison by the Sheriff, who takes them to the Town Hall. There they are introduced to Mayor Deverin and a new face – an elf named Shalelu Andosana. They learn that though she lives in the Sandpoint Hinterlands , she often aids the town of Sandpoint by providing them with information on events in the region. Though she often encounters goblins in the wilderness, their recent activity has given her cause for concern, and she has come to Sandpoint to warn the town that something may be afoot.


From Shalelu, the group learns of five nearby goblin tribes:

  • The Birdcruncher Goblins of western Devils Platter
  • the Licktoad goblins of Brinestump Marsh
  • The Seven Tooth Goblins of Shank’s Wood
  • The Mosswood goblins of the Mosswood
  • The Thisletop goblins of the Nettlewood

Shalelu points out that the goblins seem to be working together, which is odd, since goblin tribes normally do not.She believes this is an indication of a more powerful person or group who is directing the tribes.

Sheriff Hemlock then informs the group that he is headed south to Magnimar to request additional support and soldiers to help Sandpoint in the event of another attack. Since the town has largely taken a liking to the goblin-slayers, he asks that the group maintain a visible presence in the town during his absence, thinking it may help.

25th of Rova, 4707

The next morning, the group returns to visit Ilsoari Gandethus at the Turandarok Academy. They explain to him their findings about the circle, and he takes them to visit the town sage and historian, Brodert Quink. Brodert theorizes that the circle, dispite no longer being magical, may have been a ruin or artifact from an ancient time. The party learns about ancient Thassilon during this time. Brodert offers significant compensation for any Thassilonian artifacts the party can bring to him.

Upon returning to the Rusty Dragon, they are approached by a plump halfling waitress, Bethana Corwin. She asks for the groups help in a strange disappearance of Ameiko – the owner of the Rusty Dragon. Typically up and working in the kitchen early every morning, Ameiko was nowhere to be found when Bethana came to work. Concerned, she snuck into Ameiko’s quarters, where she found the following letter:


Bethana explains that Content Not Found: tsuto-kaijitsu is Ameiko’s bastard half-brother, and tells the group what she knows about his past ( see link).

The group heads off to the Glassworks to search for Ameiko. Inside, they are confronted by a large group of goblins. Most are slain but some flee. They also discover the body of Ameiko & Tsuto’s father – Lonjiku Kajitsu, mutilated and quite, quite dead. Chasing after the fleeing goblins, the party encounters Tsuto in the basement, and after a brief clash, Tsuto is able to escape down a dark tunnel. Searching the basement, they discover a nearly-dead Ameiko, heal her, and take her to Father Zantus for additional care.


Additionally, they find a small room which likely served as Tsuto’s quarters. Within, they discover his journal:


Defeating the Skeletons left in the Crypt: 270
Discovering part of the History of Ancient Thassilon: 400
Discovering the history of Father Tobyn: 400
Defeating the Goblins in the Sandpoint Glassworks: 1350
Defeating Tsuto: 800
Rescuing Ameiko (alive): 1200

Josh / Eashen
Bonus! Character pic: +100 XP
XP: +984 / 2674 (total)

Evan /Navi
Bonus! Character pic: +100 XP
XP: +984/ 2574 (total)

Jim / Demarek
Bonus! Character pic: +100 XP
XP: +984 / 2574 (total)

Angela / Abhishek
Bonus! Character pic: +100 XP
XP: +984 / 1474 (total)

Marcus / Daladriel
XP: +884/ 1474 (total)


Eashen, Demarek, and NAvi: 50 gp each from Aldern Foxglove

From the Glassworks:
10x sets of goblin armor ( worthless)
10x dogslicers
Tsuto’s Shortbow – Composite Shortbow <notextile>+1</notextile>
Potion of Cure light wounds
Tsuto’s Journal
MW Thieve’s Tools
MW Lute
6 pouches of gold dust worth 50 gp each.
8 pouches of silver dust worth 5gp each
10 pp

Burnt Offerings, Chapter 1, Part 1, Session 2
The Aftermath of the Raid

22nd of Rova, 4707

Late that evening, with most of the chaos from the raid having died down, the party returns to the Rusty Dragon Inn to retire for the day. Upon entering, they are met by a visibly tired Ameiko Kaijitsu, the owner of the establishment. She is so impressed by the groups selflessness and bravery while fighting the goblin raid, that she offers them free room and board for a week as a token of gratitude.


23rd of Rova, 4707

The next morning, as everyone is busy eating breakfast, a well-dressed, heavily perfumed man enters the inn and immediately heads up to the group. The group recognizes him as the citizen they saved from the dog-riding goblin during the raid, and he introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove. He is uncomfortably gracious as he thanks the group for saving his life, and insists that they accompany him on a boar hunt tomorrow morning in nearby Tickwood forest. Do you accept the invitation?


Shortly after the departure of Aldern Foxglove, an armed & armored man enters the inn and, after intently scanning the room, approaches your table. Introducing himself as Sheriff Balor Hemlock, he requests that you accompany him to the Cemetery behind the new cathedral. The sheriff explains that Father Zantus contacted him this morning after noticing an old vault had been disturbed. He was hoping that the party of skilled goblin-slayers would accompany him, in case some goblins remained from the previous day’s raid. Do you help the sheriff?

Burnt Offerings, Chapter 1, Part 1
The Swallowtail Festival

21st of Rova, 4707

Gathered back in the sole tavern in Whisperwood, Damerek, Eashen, and Navi examine the recovered letter when they are interrupted by the appearance of Abhishek and Daladriel. The two introduce themselves as associates of Tobin and have come at his request, having received a similar letter. Together, the five solve the riddle and discover the hidden message.

I must apologize for not meeting you in person. It appears I have made a grave miscalculation, and fear my life is in danger. I must flee before they catch me here. If you would still aid me in my cause, go to Sandpoint; watch with a keen eye and seek suspicious activity. I carelessly dwelt there too long and have become too recognizable, but I am certain there is trouble brewing underfoot. Make no mention of me. Act with caution. I shall contact you when it is safe to do so.

The group sets off for Sandpoint , and arrive near midday to a town bustling with activity. Settling in at the Rusty Dragon Inn , they procure rooms for the night, and then explore the town. They discover that tomorrow is the annual Swallowtail festival , and that the town is preparing for the celebration. In addition, this extra special festival will be capped off by the consecration of the new cathedral, recently rebuilt after a disastrous fire.

22nd of Rova, 4707
After breakfast, the group heads out to the greenspace before the cathedral to witness the opening ceremonies for the festival. Mayor Kendra Deverin provides some opening speeches, and Sheriff Balor Hemlock provide some safety tips, and then the festival begins. The group spends the day playing festival games, watches the swallowtail release at noon, then gathers for the closing ceremony at the cathedral.


Just as Father Zantus tossed out a thunderstone to mark the beginning of his ceremony, a great raid of goblins swarmed the town. The group was able to fight off several waves of goblins, and defeat them, helping to turn the tide and thwart the raid. However, the citizens of sand point remain very shaken, and much of the city is in disarray.

The group managed to capture a goblin, and through some coercion, are able to discover that the goblins were led in their raid by some longshanks, a slang term they use to refer to humans.


Defeating the Sandpoint devil ( festival game) : 50xp
Winning the Goblin Toss ( festival game): 50 xp
Defeating the Goblin raid: 2150xp
Bonus: Saving wounded citizen of sandpoint: 200xp

Josh / Eashen
XP: +490 / 1790 (total)

Evan /Navi
XP: +490 / 1590 (total)

Jim / Demarek
XP: +490 / 1590 (total)

Angela / Abhishek
XP: +490 / 490 (total)

Marcus / Daladriel
Bonus! Solving the riddle of Tobin’s letter: 100 XP
XP: +590 / 590 (total)


Goblin studded leather ( worthless)
Masterwork Horsechopper
Shortbow, 13 arrows
Potion of Cure Moderate wounds

Prelude, Part 3
The Riddle

21st of Rova, 4707

Opening the scrollcase revealed a letter inside. Virtually all blank, the parchment had a tiny script which read:

No legs have I to dance, No lungs have I to breathe, No life have I to live or die And yet I do all three

Upon closer examination, you note that the scrollcase containing the scroll with the riddle did bear an insignia matching the wax seal on the original letter from Tobin you received.

What do you do?

Prelude, Part 2
The Adventure Begins

20th of Rova, 4707

The three adventurers gathered in the small hamlet of Whisperwood on the day mentioned in Tobin’s letter.
The day passed, with no sign of their friend. A discussion with the barkeep revealed that Tobin had been there the day before, but left in the night. He had asked the barkeep to pass along a letter to the three, but the barkeep mistakenly handed it over to a pair of travelers who arrived that morning looking for Tobin – a dark cloaked man and a surly looking tiefling.

Pursuing the mysterious duo into the night, the group traveled south where they met Jeb, a pig farmer who was recently robbed of a pig by a familiar sounding tiefling and companion. Following Jebs advice, the group raced eastwards to an old abandoned and decaying tower, often used by bandits and highwaymen.

Upon reaching the tower, they discovered a human, meeting the description of the cloaked figure, who had fallen victim to a giant poisonous spider. Deeper inside the tower, they discovered a small group of aggressive troglodytes who had taken residence in the old structure. The party fought through the creatures, eventualy discovering the body of a tiefling who had apparently been taken captive. Hidden upon the tielfing’s person the group recovered a scrollcase bearing Tobin’s crest, and a small holy symbol of lamashtu.

The group explored the remainder of the tower, slaying the troglodyte leader, a crazed druid named Tasskar.

On the way back to Whisperwood, the group returned Jeb’s pig, and broke bread with him. They also opened the scrollcase to read the letter inside. Virtually all blank, the parchment had a tiny script which read:

No legs have I to dance, No lungs have I to breathe, No life have I to live or die And yet I do all three


Encounter experience: 3000 XP
Bonus quest: Save the swine! : 300 XP

Josh / Eashen
XP: +1100 / 1300 (total)

Evan /Navi
XP: +1100 / 1100 (total)

Jim / Demarek
XP: +1100 / 1100 (total)


(dark cloaked man in spiders nest)
Short Sword
shortbow, 12 arrows
dagger x2
adventurers outfit

(armory room)
MW silver dagger ( needs appraised)
MW light steel shield ( needs appraised)
Band of Phoenix Banner ( worth 100gp, needs appraised)
4 poor quality javelins
2 clubs

(barracks / braizer room / tiefling cell areas)
4 poor quality javelins
3 clubs
MW studded leather (needs appraised)
MW buckler ( needs appraised)
MW Rapier
scroll of cure moderate wounds
scroll of invisibility
climbing kit

(tasskar’s hoard)
MW short sword (needs appraised)
15 cold iron shurikens ( needs appraised)
2x flask of acid (needs appraised)
potion of cat’s grace
potion of lesser restoration
wand of magic missile ( CL1, 15 charges)
amethyst ( 100 gp , needs appraised)
247 gp


- Josh to secure location for next session.
- Josh & Evan – additional player possibility.

Prelude, Part 1
A strange letter

Sometime in late Arodus, 4707:

Twas a fine day, a day like any other.

Nothing out of the ordinary to speak of.

At least, that’s how it had been up until a few minutes ago. A strange hooded man approached you from the shadows, confirmed your name, handed you a small scroll case, and vanished. It all seemed rather surreal.

Glancing around, looking at the passersby, it appears that no one else took notice of the transaction. Almost as if it had never happened. But sure enough, there it was – a tiny scroll case in your hand.

Opening the tube released a faint flash of blue light – certainly magical, but apparently harmless.

Inside, a small scroll which read:

I apologize for the impersonal nature of this letter, but I hope that you will understand. I am in need of your assistance, in a matter most urgent. Let us meet in the hamlet of Whisperwood, south of Sandpoint in Varisia, on the 20th of Rova, and I shall answer your questions.
~ Tobin


Josh / Eashen
XP: 200 (completion of character w/ requested backstory, 1st character completed)

Evan /Navi
XP: 0

Jim / Demarek
XP: 0


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