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The Skinsaw Murders, Chapter 2 Part 6
Tracking the Brothers of the Seven


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Pre Session Notes

  • Dalaldriel gains level, gets hero point.
  • Question: What is the tallest structure in Magnimar? (Answer in comments below, first correct answer will gain something)
    • Winner: Josh. Reward: Bonus XP 1150.
  • Event: Late evening on 9th of Abadius, Orik stumbles into your tavern. Breathing heavily, he informs you that the night after your departure for Magnimar, a group of men dressed in black, infiltrated the manor. They were sneaking about the groups quarters, and fled when Orik appeared. As far as he could tell, nothing was stolen. He came immediately to notify you of the event.

Post Session Summary

Date: 10 Abadius (January) 4708 – Fireday (Friday)
The group spends the day investigating Magnimar, attempting to track down the location of the mysterious Brothers of the Seven. Their efforts prove largely fruitless until they decide to inspect Seven’s Sawmill on Kyver’s Islet in the Ordellia District. There, they meet with a laborer who promises they can discuss a lumber purchasing contract with the manager of the mill later that day.

To kill time during the remainder of the day, Eashen and Demarek visit the home of The Heidmarchs – the local Pathfinder Society Lodge. There they submit for research the letter written to Aldern Foxglove from the mysterious Xanesha, as well as inquire as to the appropriate steps to take for initiation as members of the society.

In the meantime, Abhishek visits the House of Lords, seeking to find additional clues as to the whereabouts of the Brothers of the Seven. She then visits the town guards and discovers some information about the recent murders in town. The bodies – all marked with the bloody seven-pointed star – were nearly always found within the Underbridge District, and most of them were known to frequent the many gambling houses and brothels in Magnimar, although a few of them were also known thieves and criminals.

Navi and Dalaldriel venture into the Underbridge district, asking questions of the commoners and poor. They uncover nothing but a rumor of a massive snake wandering around the old clock tower in the center of the district. On a whim, the duo decide to enter and explore the clock tower. Much to their surprise, they are ambushed by a massive, fleshy monstrosity who quickly slays Navi with a huge scythe. Daladriel, unable to confront such a monster, flees the scene.


After meeting up with the rest of the group, Daladriel, Eashen, Demarek, Abhishsek, and Orik venture back to the clock tower that evening. Upon entering, they are attacked by the huge creature – a flesh golem – who falls before the combined assault of the party. Ascending the tower, they narrowly avoid being crushed by a falling bell before reaching the top of the tower where they are met by a vicious half woman, half snake creature: a lamia matriarch. A furious battle ensues, and they manage to kill her.


In her nest, they discover a small treasure trove, a list of names (some crossed out) labeled Sihedron Sacrifices , as well as the following letter:


The group spends the night at the top of the clock tower.

Date: 11 Abadius (January) 4708 – Starday(Saturday)

Rising early, the group departs the clock tower and heads to Seven’s sawmill. While no one seems to be present, the group sneaks into the building via a small trapdoor on the roof. Dalaldrel, hidden by an invisibility spell, sneaks down to the first floor to open the main door for her companion. To her surprise, the main door is open, and standing there is Chief Justice Ironbriar shouting orders to the mill workers: Load everything up! They’ve killed her – we must flee immediately!


That voice – Dalaldriel immediately recognizes the voice as that of her old lover and nemesis: Magoon Ra. While Ironbriar’s appearance was different, his unmistakable voice shook Dalaldriel to the core: Could it really be him? Why was he here? Does he still have the crown!?!? Dalaldriel runs out to retrieve the rest of the party and together, they storm the sawmill, culminating in a furious fight on the top floor.


All of the Norgerber cultists are slain during the battle, and Ironbriar escapes; vanishing in a cloud of smoke. Before departing, however, Ironbriar is able to use his crown of domination on Dalaldriel, ordering her to kill herself, which she attempts once before being subdued by Demarek. In addition to some valuable treasure, the party is able to loot an interesting ledger – encoded in some cryptic cypher – from Ironbriars office. They also manage to save a young lady – Marilis Akehurst, a cleric of Desna – from certain death a the hands of the cult. As the sawmil burns to the ground, consumed in flames form several fireballs cast during the battle, they are left to wonder: Where did Ironbriar go? And, perhaps more importantly, when will he be back?


Defeating Scarecrow, the awakened flesh golem: 3,200
Bypassing the Falling Bell trap: 1,200
Defeating the Faceless stalker lookout: 1,200
Slaying Xanesha, the lamia matriarch: 6,400
Discovering the plot to kill Lord Mayor Gobaras: 4,800

Defeating the cultists at Seven’s Sawmill: 600 × 13 = 7,800
Defeating Ironbriar / Maugoon Ra: 3,200
Saving Marilis Akehurst: 3,000

Total party XP: 30,800

Josh / Eashen: XP: +7310/ 26,925 (total) LEVEL 6
Jim / Demarek: XP: +6160/ 28,575 (total) LEVEL 6
Angela / Abhishek: XP: +6160/ 28,175(total) LEVEL 6
Marcus / Daladriel: XP: +6160/ 29,325 (total) LEVEL 6
Evan /Navi: Deceased
NPC / Orik: +6160 / 17,160 (total) LEVEL 5
Experience required for Level 7: 35,000


From Scarecrow, the awakened flesh golem

  • + 1 Scythe (large creature size)
  • Cloak of Elvenkind
  • 125 gp,
  • 309 sp
  • silver ring (75 gp)
  • Silver mirror (50 gp)

From the Faceless stalker lookout:

  • leather armor
  • Heavy Crossbow
  • Longsword

From Xanesha:

  • 33,000 cp
  • 8100 sp
  • 900 gp
  • 100 pp
  • 4200 gp worth of gems and jewels
  • 4x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • + 2 Kukuri ( small)
  • Ring of Jumping
  • Golembane Scarab
  • Impaler of Thorns
    • This ancient weapon is very likely a Thassilonian artifact.
    • It functions as a Longspear + 1, though successful critical hits are accompanied by an unsettling screech.
    • 1x day as it strikes a foe, the wielder may cause it ( as a free action) to unleash a 30’ burst of dispair that affects all creatures not wielding an Impaler of Thorns. Creatures affected must save vs. DC 16 Will or be overwhelmed with sadness and dispair, suffering a – 2 to attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage for 6 minutes. The target struck must succeed against a second DC 16 Will or be nauseated for 1 round.
  • Medusa Mask
    • This intricate mask of gold plated iron has several writhing snake tales radiating from a gemstone upon the brow, similar to the hair of a medusa.
    • Grants the wearer a +4 bonus to all saving thwos against visual effects, including gaze attacks and sight based illusions.
    • 1x day as a standard action, the wearer may target a single creature within 30’, who must save vs. DC 15 fortitude or be petrified for 1 minute, as if by flesh to stone.
  • Sihedron Medallion
    • Identical to the one Dalaldriel already wears.
    • + 1 bonus to all saves
    • 1x day, may be commanded to bestow upon the user the effects of False Life spell
    • If placed on the neck of a dead body, it preserves the body indefinitely via a gentle repose effect.
  • Snakeskin tunic
    • Note: This is a shirt, and may be worn with armor.

From the Sawmill Cultists:

  • 13x Leather Armor
  • 13x Hand Crossbow
  • 130 crossbow bolts
  • 13x Masterwork War Razor
  • 260 gp
  • 13x Skinsaw Mask
    • This hideous mask resembles a patchwork, deformed face with a single bulbous eye.
    • When worn, this mask grants wearers a + 2 competence bonus to perception vs. creatures who are not immune to fear, and a + 1 profane bonus to damage with slashing weapons.
    • Wearing the mask leaves mental scars; the wearer takes 1 point of charisma damage when the mask is donned.
    • No merchant will purchase these. However, any good-aligned church will gladly reward 750gp for each mask so that they may destroy them.
  • 20 Skinsaw Cult outfits ( no value)

From Ironbriar’s Office:

  • Assorted maps, charts, books and tomes ( 100gp )
  • A particularly curious map marking something called The Pit in the Devils Platter area of the Sandpoint Hinterlands. Notes scrawled on the map make reference to Kabriri, The carrion-stenched demon lord.
  • Pamphlets and documents referencing a long lost school of magic called Alchymic (complete drivel to any true spellcaster)
  • A fine painting of a city carved in a vast, frozen waterfall. (200 gp)
  • A spellbook containing the following spells: Blink, Cat’s Grace, Chill touch, Enlarge Person, Fox’s Cunning, Grease, Haste, Lighting Bolt, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Scorching Ray, Shocking Gasp, Shrink Item, Spider Climb, and Web.
  • A Beautiful Tome: The Syrpents Tane: Fairy Tales of the Eldest. An extremely fine and rare tome, worth 500 gp.
  • A slim journal/ledger. Clearly coded in some cypher, you are able to tease out some elvish and some draconic characters and words, though many more are still strange to you. Some work will be required to decipher this.
The Skinsaw Murders, Chapter 2 Part 5
The Truth About Aldern


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Pre Session Notes

  • Dalaldriel feels slightly feverish.
  • Navi feels slightly feverish.
  • Eashen feels slightly feverish.
  • Everyone achieves 5th Level; Gains + 1 Hero Point
  • Question: What are the two mountain ranges that flank the Storval Deep? (Answer in comments below, first correct answer will gain something)
    • Winner: Marcus
    • Reward: 1150 XP

Post Session Summary

Date: 6 Abadius (January) 4708 – Moonday (Monday)

The party continues to explore the caverns beneath the Foxglove manor, stumbling upon and slaying a pack of ghouls and a pack of goblin ghasts before they finally come to a locked stone door, which they open with the small copper manor key.


Inside the room, they encounter a vile creature – once Aldern foxglove, now become something akin to a ghast. Clearly suffering from some psychotic disorder, the poor soul quickly reveals many personalities – angry and cruel, weak and sobbing, and malignant and vindictive. Upon hearing Eashen’s voice, he proclaims You live! Well and good, for now I shall have the reward of tasting your heart while it is yet warm.. before throwing himself upon the group, violently attacking in a vain effort to reach Eashen. The party kills him swiftly, and explores the room, finding many sketches of Eashen, and an odd letter:


The group returns to Sandpoint, but on the way spy a burning wwagon on the road – it’s horses and driver slain. They spot a strange creature, horselike and winged, flying away from the scene. Arriving in Sandpoint, they head to see Father Zantos, who heals them and promises to help cleanse the Manor house on the morrow.

Date: 7 Abadius (January) 4708 – Toilday (Tuesday)

The group returns to Foxglove Manor with Father Zantos and proceeds to cleanse the house from evil spirits. Afterwards, they continue to travel to Magnimar. Upon reaching the town, they head to the Temple of Iodemae and heal Dalaldriel of his diseases.

That night, the group settles in at a tavern and rests. During dinner, they hear frequent townfolk gossip about various slayings, how the bodies are disfigured, how the guards are always too late to do anything, how some of the bodies are carved up – with a seven pointed star.

Date 8, Abdius (January) 4708 – Wealday (Wednesday)

The Eashen returns to the temple of Iodemae to heal himself of ghouls fever, and then proceeds to venture through town to sell the unusable party treasure. The group splits the wealth and spends some time purchasing various necessities.

Dalaldriel, Demarek, and Abhishek venture off to visit the Foxglove townhouse in Magnimar. There, they stumble upon Iesha and Aldern Foxglove, who turn out to be faceless stalkers in disguise. After a brief fight, they are slain. While Demarek is busy with the town guard, Dalaldriel and Abhishek search the house and find a hidden compartment with some treasure and various documents of note.

The first item of note is a small ledger, mostly of uninteresting entries, save for a few dozen, recent , weekly entries. All are payments of 200 gp, labeled as Iesha’s trip to Absolom, and indicating drop offs were made to a place called Seven’s Sawmill.

The second item appears to be a legal paper:

Date 9 Abdius (January) 4708 – Oathday (Thursday)

Navi is able to shake off the effects of ghouls fever. Eashen and Demarek visit the halls of the Magnimarian High Courts and presents his case for the body of Shaz Redshiv Bilger. After meeting with High Justice Ironbriar and presenting the body, they receive approval for the bounty, and are able to collect from the justice clerk.

Dalaldriel obtains a nicely decorated box, secures 120gp inside, and pays a messenger to deliver it to Habe’s Sanatorium.


Magnimar, City of Monuments – general info on Magnimar
Foxglove Manor – A map of Foxglove Manor
Foxglove Townhouse – A Map of foxglove Townhouse


Yellow Mold: 2,400 XP
Defeating Ghouls (5): 2,000 XP
Defeating Goblin Ghasts (4): 2,400 XP
Defeating Aldern Foxglove / The Skinsaw Man: 3, 200 XP
Exercising Vorel Foxglove’s Spirit from the Manor: 3,200 XP
Group Total: 13,200xp

Demarek, Dalaldriel, and Abhishek: Defeating the Faceless Stalkers (2) : 2400 XP

Josh / Eashen: XP: +2640/ 19,615 (total)
Jim / Demarek: XP: +3440/ 22,415 (total)
Angela / Abhishek: XP: +3440/ 22,015(total)
Marcus / Daladriel: XP: + 4590/ 23,165 (total) LEVEL UP 6th!

Evan /Navi:
Lorel’s Legacy Haunt: 800 XP
XP: +3440/ 18,915 (total)


+ 1 Heavy Pick

From The Skinsaw Man:
Leather Armor + 1
War Razor + 1
Ring of Jumping
Ring of Protection + 1
Nobles outfit – 200 gp
Locket with Eashens picture inside – 100gp
Painting of Isesha – 200gp
Chime of Opening ( 5 charges)
Keys to foxglove townhouse

From Foxglove Townhouse:
200 pp

The Skinsaw Murders, Chapter 2 Part 4
The Misgivings


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Pre Session Notes

  • Dalaldriel feels slightly feverish.
  • Question: What is the name of the geographical feature that separates the lowlands and highlands of Varisia?
    • Reward: A clue, given to Josh.
  • Information discovered about Foxglove Manor
    • Foxglove Manor is over 80 years old, and has been the seat of the Foxglove family the whole time. Some sort of tragedy struck the family a few decades ago, and no one’s lived there since. Common rumor holds that the place is haunted.
    • Foxglove Manor is known as the “Misgivings” by some locals, particularly by Varisians. It certainly has a bad reputation—sightings of strange lights in the attic windows, muffled sounds of screaming from above and below, and even rumors of a huge bat-winged devil living in the caves below the manor are but a few of the tales told about the place.
    • The Foxglove family lived there as recently as 2 decades ago, but then a fire burned down the servants’ building, Cyralie Foxglove was found dead—burnt and dashed on the rocks below the cliffs behind the house—and Traver Foxglove was found in his bedroom, dead by his own hand.
    • Cryalie & Traver’s children, including young Aldern Foxglove, were sent away to be raised in Korvosa by distant relations.
    • Aldern Foxglove recently returned to live in the manor, but he had a hell of a time hiring locals to aid him in the reconstruction and repair of the old building.
    • Until Aldern moved back in, the place was cared for by a man named Rogors Craesby (a retired innkeeper who lost an ear in a bar fight many years ago) who came in 3 days a week from Sandpoint to air the place out, check for squatters, and make minor repairs.
    • Foxglove Manor was built decades ago by Vorel Foxglove, a merchant prince from Magnimar.
    • Vorel Foxglove and his family lived at Foxglove Manor for 20 years before the entire family perished from disease.

Post Session Summary

Date: 5 Abadius (January) 4708
That night, Dalaldriel notices something has spooked the horses. She and the others check on the animals to find that Eashen’s saddlebags have been rifled through. Strangely enough, while a few personal effects are missing, all items of value remain. Dalaldriel is able to track some footprints that appear to head towards the old Foxglove manor, but as it is late at night, the group returns to the farmstead to rest.

Date: 6 Abadius (January) 4708


The next morning, the party heads to Foxglove Manor. They enter the manor and find that it is dark, musty, and filled with mold and mildew. Exploring the upper floors, they are accosted by the spirits of the former residents of the home, causing them to see visions, flee in terror, or even take their own life. In the attic, they discover Iesha Foxglove – now a Revenant, a creature obsessed with revenge – whom they slay. They also notice the strange stained-glass windows on four floor of the house depicting various scenes relating to necromancy and the transformation of Vorel Foxglove into a Lich.


They find paintings of the family through generations: Vorel and Kasanda Foxglove, and their daughter Lorey. Traver and Cyralie Foxglove, and their children Aldern, Sendeli and Zeeva. And in the destroyed bedroom was a painting of Iesha Foxglove.


They find some strange birdcages containing dead rats and marked with the guildmark Pug’s Contraptions, Magnimar.

Traveling to the basement, they discover that the foundation has been excavated to reveal an ancient staircase winding down to some deep underground tunnels. Exploring these tunnels, they come across a Skaveling – an undead bat – who attacks the party.

[To be continued here]


Collapsing Floor (Trap): 400 XP
The Stricken Family Haunt ( fungus/painting room): 1200 XP
Iesha Foxglove (Revenant) : 2400 XP
2 Rat Swarms: 1200 XP
Skaveling: 1600
Group Total: 6800 xp

Josh / Eashen:
Bonus Round 1 Misgivings Information: +200xp
Bonus Round 2 Misgivings Information: +400xp
Frightened Child Haunt: 800 XP
Ghoulish Uprising Haunt: 1200 XP
XP: +3960/ 16,975 (total) ( LEVEL 5)

Evan /Navi:
Mysogynistic Rage Haunt (Kill females): 1600 XP
XP: +2960 / 15,475 (total) (LEVEL 5)

Jim / Demarek:
Bonus Round 1 Misgivings Information: +200xp
Bonus Round 2 Misgivings Information: +400xp
Haunted Manticore: 1200 XP
Plummeting Inferno Haunt: 1600 XP
XP: + 4760/ 18,975 (total)( LEVEL 5)

Angela / Abhishek:
Bonus Round 1 Misgivings Information: +200xp
Bonus Round 2 Misgivings Information: +400xp
Worried Wife Haunt: 1200 XP
Dance of Ruin Haunt: 800 XP
Iesha’s Vengance Haunt ( Scarf): 1600 XP
XP: +5560/ 18,575(total)( LEVEL 5)

Marcus / Daladriel:
Bonus Round 1 Misgivings Information: +200xp
Bonus Round 2 Misgivings Information: +400xp
Suicide Compulsion: 1600 XP
Unfulfilled Glories Haunt (map room): 800 XP
Origins of Lichdom Haunt: 1200 XP
XP: + 5560/ 18,575 (total)( LEVEL 5)


Monkey Head

  • Magical Item: Hungry Decapitant, pulling rope emits monkey shriek similar to an alarm spell. 500gp value

From Attic Study:

  • Various old issues of the Pathfinder Chronicles
  • 3 scrollcases
  • 13 maps of various places in Golarion
  • Painting: Throwdown in Swynetown ( 600gp)
  • 20 pp
  • Copper key ( to locked basement room)
  • Scroll of Lightning Bolt
  • scroll of keen edge

From Kitchen:

  • Silver dinner set (1000gp)

Wine Cellar:

  • 8x bottles of wine frmo Vigardeis vineyard in Chelaix ( 100gp each)

From Skaveling Den:

  • Body of Shaz “Redshiv” Bilger, an infamous Varisian bandit, wanted in Magnimar???
  • Pearl ring ( 300 gp)
  • Longsword, Adamantine
  • Hat of Disguise
  • 56gp
The Skinsaw Murders, Chapter 2 Parts 1-3
The murder, the sanatorium, and the farmstead


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2-21-2015: Added Post session summary

Pre Session Notes

  • Review Downtime summary.
  • Review Hero Point Change
  • First person who can tell me the name of the great arch in Riddleport gets a secret bonus!
    • Marcus wins, bonus item: 1 bonus hero point.
  • The Wager
  • The Magic Shoppe

Post Session Summary

Date: 5 Abadius (January) 4708

Early morning of the 5th after a late night of rowdiness at the Rusty Dragon, a knock at the manor door wakes the party. The visitor is Sheriff Hemlock, delivering dire news about a gruesome murder at the local sawmill. He asks the party to assist in the investigation.

Hemlock believes that this is the work of a serial killer. A few days prior, the Sheriff’s guards came upon a sole survivor of a triple murder at a nearby farm. The survivor had been driven insane and was taken to a nearby Sanatorium. The victims, however, had been terribly disfigured, killed, and left to rot with a strange seven-pointed star carved into their chest. The three victims were known con-men and scoundrels. Found among these victims was a note:


One of the victims at the sawmill bears the same seven-pointed star carved in blood on his chest. However – and perhaps more disturbingly, the guards found a note pinned to the body with a bloody wooden splinter. The note, addressed to Eashen, reads:


The group agrees to assist in the investigation and heads off into the cold to visit the sawmill. At the sawmill, they pass a strange halfling wearing an odd, familiar-looking wig. He nods at them as they enter the sawmill, and then disappears.

The sawmill s a sturdy structure, and examining it reveals the following details:

  • Muddy human footprints are visible emerging from the river, going down the pier and entering the building.
  • The body of one victim is Katrine Vinder, the daughter of a local shopkeeper. She appears to have somehow fallen into the log splitter inside the sawmill and nearly cut in half. She was known to be promiscuous.
  • The other victim is the body of Banny Harker, a known employee at the mill. His body is disturbingly mutilated, hanging from the wall with hooks, and scarred on the chest with the seven pointed star.
  • There is a strange, lingering smell of rotten meat in the sawmill.

The group heads to the Garrison to speak some more with the Sheriff and his prisoners. Ven Vinder, a suspect and father of one of the victims, is emotionally distraught and unable to provide useful information. Ibor Thorn, a coworker at the mill and first person to discover the gruesome scene, tells the group little more than what they already know.

The party then obtains a letter from the Sheriff granting permission to interrogate the sole survivor of the first murders several days ago. They head to the sanatorium, stopping by the Bradley farm on the way to examine the crime scene.


At the sanatorium, the group meets the head doctor, Erin Habe, who is clearly uncomfortable at their presence. They persuade Dr. Tabe to let them examine the survivor, Grayst Sevilla. Upon meeting Grayst, his white eyes, gangrenous skin, and odor reveal the fact that he is very ill and near death. As soon as he sees Eashen, he whispers:

He said. He said you would visit me. His Lordship. The one that unmade me said so. He has a place for you. A precious place. I’m so jealous… He has a message for you. He made me remember it. I hope I haven’t forgotten. The master wouldn’t approve if I forgot. Let me see…. He said you should come to the Misgivings soon, to meet the Pack, for they have something wonderful to show you.


Upon delivering his message Grayst slumps, unconscious, for a few moments before abruptly flying into a rage – tearing off his straitjacket and attacking Eashen. The group quickly slays the poor soul.

Eashen is able to identify the mention of Misgivings as a reference to an old, abandoned manor many miles south of Sandpoint. It has a reputation for being cursed or haunted, depending on the story. So the party heads there to investigate.


On the way, they encounter an old man, out of breath and running for his life to Sandpoint. He tells of maniacal scarecrows at the Hamby farm who attacked a small group of farmers (including himself) who went there to investigate after hearing strange noises at night coming from the place. Sending him on to Sandpoint, the group heads to the farm to find that it is overrun with ghouls. They slay the ghoul infestation and find another victim (marked with the seven pointed star) and a note in the farmhouse.


The group rests inside the bloody farmhouse for the night.


Investigation of the sawmill, discovering the river approach: 400 xp
Investigation of the sawmill, discovering the possibility of an undead creature: 600 xp
Investigation of the First Murder (barn), discovering the possibility of an undead creature: 400 xp
Investigation of the Sanatorium, gaining access to interrogate Grayst Sevilla without violence: 600 xp
Defeating Grayst: 600 xp
Hamby Farm, 19 ghouls: 7600 xp
Hamby Farm, 1 ghast: 600 xp

Total: 10,800 xp

Josh / Eashen: XP: +2160/ 13,015(total)
Evan /Navi: XP: +2160 / 12,515(total)
Jim / Demarek: XP: + 2160/ 14,215 (total)
Angela / Abhishek: XP: +2160/ 13,015(total)
Marcus / Daladriel: XP: + 2160/ 13,015 (total)


Stolen From Erin Habe’s room at the sanitorium: A small chest. ( contents unknown)

Hamby farm, wooden coffer underneath floorboards: 3400 sp

Burnt Offerings, Downtime
Wintering in Sandpoint

This will track downtime activities chronologically.

Week 1: 6 Lamashan (October), 4707

  • Event 6th – Ascendance Day (Iomedae Holiday)
  • Eashen
    • Morning discussions with Orik.
    • Morning visit to Goblin meeting point. You find nothing.
    • Meeting with Mayor Deverin.
      • You learn from this that while Sandpoint is financially stable, it is in no position to invest heavily in significant defensive improvements. The wall on the north side of town is a fairly good structure, but there isnt funds to build a more extensive one. They rely on the river to protect the east and SE sides of the town. Unfortunately, that means exposing the manors on the south bank.
      • The only thing she can recommend is placing several gates on the tunnel underneath the Glassworks – she sees the practical benefit of leaving it accessible as an escape route in case of emergency. She doesn’t know what to do with the catacombs of wrath there. Brodert has requested they remain open for study.
    • Meeting with Ameiko
      • Ameiko introduces you to Kassandra, who appears to be a capable warrior and mage, even if her focus is more combat oriented. Kassandra is polite, if a little unfriendly. She appears interested in the events at Thistletop.
      • Ameiko describes the escort job. It will require several weeks of time escorting master craftsmen from Korvosa to Sandpoint. She wishes to restart production at the Glassworks, as it employed many citizens here in town.
      • You pay Ameiko the next three months of payments for the Manor house. (-3300gp for Neth, Kuthona, and Abadius. Remaining balance: 1100 gp)
    • The Goblin squash Stables inquiry indicates that there are no unique mounts available. Just riding horses and work horses.
      • You engage the services of the stablemaster to train Shadowmist (Cost 100 gp)
    • You spend one day adventuring through the nearby slopes of Devil’s Platter. You encounter a few aggressive beasts as well as discover numerous caves and abandoned mines. ( +400 XP )
  • Demarek
    • Speak with Shalelu regarding helping her hunt goblins; she politely declines. With the big threat gone, she can go back to being a loner – which is how she likes things.
    • Spend a few days helping Father Zantos with the few remaining Sandpoint injured. (Skill: Heal)
  • Navi
    • Trip to Magnimar week 1 – 3 days travel walking,
      • Visit temple of Desna and have Tetanus Removed ( cost 150 gp), rest and recover remaining Dex damage form disease
      • Shopping: Purchase Raiper + 1 (2320gp) , wand of cure light wounds (750gp) , 2x Potion of Invisibility (600gp)
  • Daladriel
    • Trip to Magnimar week 1 – 3 days travel walking.
      • Shopping: Mithril Shirt (1100 gp), 2x potion of darkness (600gp), Potion of Spider Climb (300gp), Potion of Cat’s Grace (300gp), Enchantment of MW short sword already in posession (2000gp)
  • Abhishek
    • Purchase a riding pony: 75gp
    • Travel to Magnimar
      • Spend some time finding an agent. Put him to work booking gigs. (Skill: Diplomacy, per leadership rules, search failed. )
      • Shopping Shortbow +1 (2000gp), Potion of Invisibility x2 (600gp) :
    • Search for a booking agent.

Week 2: 13 Lamashan (October), 4707

  • Event Shalelu leaves Sandpoint to return to the wilderness.
  • Eashen
    • Morning discussions with Orik.
    • Morning visit to Goblin meeting point. You find nothing.
    • Escort Brodert Quink to Thistletop so he can explore the Thassilonian structure. Kassandra accepts your invitation to join. For your services ( cook, laborer, scribe and cataloger) you are paid 25gp for the week.
  • Demarek
    • Trip to Thistletop to dismantle the Chapel to Lamashtu there. Father Zanto’s accompanies to cast Consecrate on the site and remove its unholy aura. In doing so, you discover the half-burnt remains of the former priest, father Tobyn. You return them to the Sandpoint Cemetery. For your efforts, Father Zantos rewards you with a small magical brooch – an Aegis of Recovery.
  • Navi
    • Trip to Magnimar week 2
      • Random Thievery: Successful week, gained 83gp from random targets that “look like they are bad people” (Skill: Sleight of Hand)
  • Daladriel
    • Trip to Magnimar week 2
    • Gain work cleaning out the sewers under Magnimar of some nasty dire rats that have been attacking citizens at night.The soldier offering the job smugly pays 10/gp per rat head. Dal heads to the sewers and finds some dire rats… and a wererat, too. She’s lucky she doesnt contract the disease. Rewards: 1600 XP, 100gp
      • During this effort, Dal stumbles upon an old side sewer tunnel that seems familiar.After following it for a time, she realizes that she had stumbled upon one of the secret entrances to the old Demor Trika gang hideout.Clearly abandoned for some time, the old rooms have a heavy, lingering smell to accompany the harsh memories.
      • Investigating further, Dal discovers an old back room, locked and barred from the outside, containing a number of skeletal , elven remains. One such skeleton appears to be wearing a hauntingly familiar iron necklace… one that Anari used to wear…
  • Abhishek
    • Find booking agent. (Skill: Diplomacy, per leadership rules, search succeeded. )
      • Karin Leaflight, Halfling Aristocrat 1. Key skills: Diplomacy (1), Perform: Oratory (1), Appraise(1). Agent fees: 25% of revenues.
    • Leaves Magnimar and adventures across the countryside. Outside of a few scuffles with some bandits, the trip is otherwise uneventful. (1500XP, 31 gp from bandit loot)
    • Returns to Sandpoint

Week 3: 20 Lamashan (October), 4707

  • Eashen
    • Morning discussions with Orik.
    • Morning visit to Goblin meeting point. You find nothing.
    • Helping Brodert Quink @ Thistletop. For your services ( cook, laborer, scribe and cataloger) you are paid 25gp for the week.
  • Demarek
    • Return to the tunnels under Sandpoint, deactivate the minor runewell there using the instructions in Nualia’s notes. Bonus XP for eliminating the Runewell threat: 1200 XP. Mayor Deverin keeps the keys.
  • Navi
    • Trip to Magnimar week 3
      • Random Thievery: Failed week! Almost got caught by local guards after your mark caught you in the act, 0 gp gained this week. (Skill: Sleight of Hand )
  • Daladriel
    • Trip to Magnimar week 3
      • Find weaponsmaster to help train Dal in the fine art of the whip. One candidate agrees – for 100 gp/week.
  • Abhishek
    • Join Eashen, Brodert, and Kassandra at Thistletop for research and investigation. you are paid 25gp for the week.

Week 4: 27 Lamashan (October), 4707

  • Eashen
    • Orik repents; becomes a follower of Sarenrae.
    • Morning visit to Goblin meeting point. You find nothing.
    • Helping Brodert Quink @ Thistletop. For your services ( cook, laborer, scribe and cataloger) you are paid 25gp for the week.
  • Demarek
    • Recruitment of Squire ( DC: 17, Diplomacy roll: 19+6=25, success)
      • Galen Redwall Human Warrior 3: Str 13 / Dex 11 / Con 12 / Int 11 / Wis 10 / Cha 8. Feats: Mounted Combat, Shield Focus. Skills: Ride(1), Handle Animal (3), Swim (1), Climb (1)
  • Navi
    • Trip to Magnimar (Returning to Sandpoint, 3 days travel – walking)
  • Daladriel
    • Search for Maugoon Ra; search turns up nothing, as if he had vanished without a trace. (Skill: Survival/Perception)
  • Abhishek
    • Join Eashen, Brodert, and Kassandra at Thistletop for research and investigation. you are paid 25gp for the week.

Week 5: 3 Neth (November), 4707

  • Event
    • Fen has not returned to the Rusty Dragon after leaving on a hunting trip into the Tickwood several weeks ago. Ameiko is concerned. Rolfe heads out to search for him.
  • Eashen
    • Helping Brodert Quink @ Thistletop. For your services ( cook, laborer, scribe and cataloger) you are paid 25gp for the week.
  • Demarek
    • Help Sheriff Hemlock with additional training for the Sandpoint guards.
  • Navi
    • Spend week recruiting construction crew for building of workshop. (Skill: Diplomacy)
  • Daladriel
    • Remain in Magnimar. Cremate the remains of Anari. While doing so, you notice the other remains are mixed skeletons of elven men, women, and children – the families of the old Demor Trika members, perhaps?
    • Researching arcane books about magic crowns and study ancient artifact knowledge. Try to learn the origin of the crown that Maugoon Ra has. Unfortunately, this effort proves futile. Your lack of arcane knowledge renders most of the writing you are able to access intelligible, and undoubtedly, the public library at Magnimar is not known for keeping arcane secrets. (Skill: Knowledge Arcana)
  • Abhishek
    • Join Eashen, Brodert, and Kassandra at Thistletop for research and investigation. you are paid 25gp for the week

Week 6: 10 Neth (November), 4707

  • Eashen
    • You spend the week Investigating Chopper’s Isle, and The Thassilonian ruin in the Nettlewood.
  • Demarek
    • Help Sheriff Hemlock with additional training for the Sandpoint guards.
  • Navi
    • Workshop construction started. (5/20 days)
  • Daladriel
    • Do more adventuring around Magnimar: you wander around and accomplish little. It appears to be a boring week (max XP already achieved).
    • Have Anari’s amulet identified: It is a mundane iron amulet in the shape of a sacred elven leaf.
  • Abhishek
    • Recruits members for her new band – Gnome More Mr. Nice Guy from friends at the Sandpoint Theatre. Practice, practice, practice. Establishes set list. (Skill: Diplomacy)
    • TODO: identify band members.

Week 7: 17 Neth (November), 4707

  • Eashen
    • Shadowmist training for general purpose combat completed. See Handle Animal skill for further details on available tricks as a result of this training.
    • Week 1 of Magnimar trip.
      • You manage to find Foxglove’s home, but no one answers the door (even for repeated visits).
      • Shopping: Horse barding (chain shirt) 400gp, Muleback cords (500gp) scroll of expeditious retreat (25gp), scroll of feather fall (25gp), scroll of windy escape (25gp), scroll of levitate (150gp), scroll of Dust of Twilight (150gp), Selective metamagic rod- lesser (1500 gp)
  • Demarek
    • Week 1 of Magnimar Trip with Eashen.
      • Shopping: Heavy Horse, combat trained ( 300gp)
  • Navi
    • Workshop construction continued. (10/20 days)
  • Daladriel
    • Train with whip master (cost 100 gp)
  • Abhishek
    • Recieves message from booking agent about gigs in Magmimar and surrounding towns. Gets the band together & rehearsals

Week 8: 24 Neth (November), 4707

  • Event Rolfe has not yet returned to the Rusty Dragon. Neither has Fen. Ameiko is worried.
  • Eashen
    • Assist Tobin Everheart in his detailed chronicling of the Catacombs of Wrath below Sandpoint.
  • Demarek
    • In Magnimar:
      • Recruit Cleric Cohort ( DC 11, Diplomacy roll 2+6=8, Failure) No suitable cohort found.
  • Navi
    • Workshop construction continued. (15/20 days)
  • Daladriel
    • Train with whip master (cost 100 gp)
  • Abhishek
    • Starts 1 month road tour for Gnome More Mr. Nice Guy You play a dive bar in a little thorp south of sandpoint. It sucks, but the handful of patrons seem to like your music. (Skill: Perform)

Week 9: 1 Kuthona (December), 4707

  • Eashen
    • Assist Tobin Everheart in his detailed chronicling of the Catacombs of Wrath below Sandpoint.
  • Demarek
    • Help Sheriff Hemlock with additional training for the Sandpoint guards.
  • Navi
    • Workshop construction continued – delays due to weather. (17/20 days)
  • Daladriel
    • Finish training. Go adventuring to practice whip training. you wander around and accomplish little. It appears to be a boring week (max XP already achieved).
  • Abhishek
    • 1 month road tour for Gnome More Mr. Nice Guy week 2. You play a third rate restaurant in a village east of Magnimar. It sucks, but the food is free. (Skill: Perform)

Week 10: 8 Kuthona (December), 4707

  • Eashen
    • Assist Tobin Everheart in his detailed chronicling of the Catacombs of Wrath below Sandpoint.
  • Demarek
    • Help Sheriff Hemlock with additional training for the Sandpoint guards.
  • Navi
    • Workshop construction complete. (20/20 days) Cost: 360 gp.
  • Daladriel
    • Return to Thistletop in disguise (Skill: Disguise. roll 9 + 6 = 15), try to stay mostly out of sight.
    • Investigate Thistletop for 7 pointed star symbol on the wall. Several locations in the fort (statues, carvings, paintings) have the seven pointed star, but the star always seems to accompany a bald headed, fierce looking man clutching a book and glaive. Typically, the star appears on the exterior of the book, but occasionally you see it on clothing. Unfortunately, you do not speak or read any of the (very little) text discovered, and cannot discern much else. (Skill: Perception)
  • Abhishek
    • 1 month road tour for Gnome More Mr. Nice Guy week 3. You play a dangerous looking tavern in the undercroft of Magnimar. It’s lucky you got out without being robbed. Not your best performance. (Skill: Perform)

Week 11: 15 Kuthona (December), 4707

  • Eashen
  • Demarek
    • Search for Rolfe and Fen. (Survival – 8+ 1 + 1 [ navi ] = 9). You are unsuccessful in discovering any signs of their whereabouts.
    • Sell Banded Mail + 1 (700gp)
  • Navi
    • Assist Daladriel in observing Fatman’s Feedbag, Assist Demarek in searching for Rolfe & Fen.
  • Daladriel
    • Return to Sandpoint in disguise. Secretly observe movements of the Scarzni house. (Skill: Perception/Diplomacy)
      • The building is a two story building, mostly stucco on the exterior, with a sign outside that reads The Fatman’s Feedbag – the first floor appears to be a pub/tavern. In a back alley, there is a set of cellar doors (locked), and a rear entrance where the cook/waitresses are seen taking out trash.
        • During the week, you observe about 2 dozen regular patrons, and about a dozen more occasional visitors.
        • As is Typical for a pub, it appears busier in the evening than any other time of the day, and less busy during the night and morning – although there are always people there.
        • Also during the week, you spot Jubrayl Vhiski only once, speaking to two other men – a large, burly human, and a smaller halfling. He appears to be giving them instructions or commands. Outside of this instance, you never see him come and go.
        • At least three times this week, the Sheriff and his guards have had to some down to break up a fight or drag off an unruly patron.
    • Unable to find Shalelu. She has left Sandpoint and ventured into the Hinterlands. You are not skilled enough to track her down. (Skill: Survival, DC 100+ )
    • The Rusty Dragon does not display signs of Sczarni involvement. (Skill: Perception/Diplomacy)
    • Enjoy Abisheck’s show.
  • Abhishek
    • 1 month road tour for Gnome More Mr. Nice Guy week 4. You finish the tour playing in your home town of Sandpoint, and the crowd loves it. You come out for three encores. (Skill: Perform)

Week 12: 22 Kuthona (December), 4707

  • Event 21st – Ritual of Stardust (Desna)
    • No activities, preparation/celebration of the winter solstice. Rest for all.

Week 13: 29 Kuthona (December), 4707

  • Event Abadius 1 – New Year!
    • No activities, preparation/celebration of the new year: 4708. Rest for all.

Week 14: 5 Abadius (January) 4708

  • Event This will be our starting point for the next session!
  • Eashen
    • As a gift for your assistance in investigating Thistletop, Brodert gives you a bound tome containing a copy of all of his notes and theories. This tome provides a +2 bonus ( akin to a masterwork tool) on all Knowledge: History checks pertaining to Thassilonian lore, provided that the user has time to appropriately reference the tome.
    • Total gp spent: 6175gp
    • Total gp earned: 100 gp
    • Items Gained: Horse barding (chain shirt) , Muleback cords, scroll of expeditious retreat, scroll of feather fall, scroll of windy escape , scroll of levitate, scroll of Dust of Twilight, Selective metamagic rod- lesser
    • Stuff from Tobin.
  • Demarek
    • Your training of the Sandpoint guards pays off. They are now Warrior (3).
    • Das Korvut has completed your Masterwork Full Plate Armor. Once you pay the remaining balance, it is yours.
    • Total gp spent: 1085
    • Total gp earned 700gp
    • Items Gained: Aegis of Recovery, Combat trained Heavy Horse
  • Navi
    • Total gp spent: 4030gp
    • Total gp earned 83gp
    • Items Gained: Raiper + 1, wand of cure light wounds, 2x Potion of Invisibility
    • Rope workshop construction completed near group Manor ( formerly Kaijitsu manor)
  • Daladriel
    • Items Gained: Mithril Shirt, 2x potion of darkness, Potion of Spider Climb, Potion of Cat’s Grace, Short Sword + 1
    • Total gp spent: 4600gp
    • Total gp earned 100gp
    • Whip training received
  • Abhishek
    • Total gp spent: 2675gp
    • Total gp earned 75gp (brodert) + 76gp ( band tour, less agent fees) = 151gp.
    • Items gained: riding horse, shortbow + 1, 2x potion of invisibility.
    • Formed Band Gnome More Mr. Nice Guy

Josh / Eashen
XP: +400 / 10,855(total)

Evan /Navi
XP: +0 / 10,355(total)

Jim / Demarek
XP: + 1200/ 12,055 (total)

Angela / Abhishek
XP: +1500/ 10,855(total)

Marcus / Daladriel
XP: + 1600/ 10,855 (total)

Burnt Offerings, Chapter 1 Part 4, Session 4
The helm and the prisoner

2/7/2015 – added pictures, mentioned transition of orik to Sandpoint jail.


1st of Lamashan, 4707

The group decides to rest in the depths of Thistletop, and although they are not disturbed, their sleep is troubled with strange dreams and eerie whisperings. The next morning, they interrogate Orik Vancascarkin, who claims to be merely a mercenary hired by Nualia. After questioning him about some possible ties to Riddleport, he claims to have killed a man in self defense. Demarek doesn’t believe him, detecting the hint of deception in his story – though how much he is not certain. Orik professes to be merely a man at arms, and hints that he may be bought by the party . A man in my profession is loyal to the coin, he remarks.

The group lock Orik in the thistletop jail, and continue to explore the remainder of the dungeon. They find a burial room of sorts, where three ancient spectres set upon them. Though weakened in the battle, the five adventurers manage to defeat the spirits.

A search of the burial room reveals a secret passage to a partially submerged room – home to a giant hermit crab who does not take kindly to such intrusion into it’s home. Though some quick thinking and smooth talking, Abhishek manages to convince the crab that the party meant no harm, and in doing so, saves the lives of Navi and Daladriel. The group later returns en force to kill the crab and take the treasures scattered about.


Finally, the group manages to make their way through an odd door of carved stacks of coins – by sliding two gold coins into slots on either side of the door – revealing a passageway to three chambers.

In the first chamber, a faded illusion of a man speaks over an over in the Thassilonain tongue: is upon us, but I command you to remain. Witness my power, how Alaznist’s petty wrath is but a flash compared to my strength. Take my final work to your graves, and let its memory be the last thing you…

In the second, a gruesome stack of bones lies in on a table, surrounded by a set of fine surgical implements. Hidden amongst these tools is a small key – shaped like a seven pointed star, which opened the door to…

The third room, lit with dozens of small magical candles. Smelling of fire and burnt hair, the group encounters a small goblin, who claims to have been imprisoned by the Runelords ages ago. Demarek senses the evil oozing from the creature, and the group attacks. The goblin quickly reveals its true form – a Greater Barghest – and a great battle ensues. The group slays the demon within Thistletop, and ends the threat it presents.


2nd of Lamashan, 4707

It takes nearly a full day to transport the giant hermit crab’s helmet back to Sandpoint, but the group manages to do so without incident. When they arrive, they are greeted by Sheriff Balor Hemlock – back from Magnimar with word that the magistrates have decided to launch an official investigation on the threat to Sandpoint. An investigator will arrive within the next few weeks to determine if additional soldiers should be dispatched to aid in Sandpoint’s defenses. Although Balor is clearly irritated at the outcome, he is happy to hear of the adventurer’s success in Thistletop, but warns that a goblin attack may still be eminent. He begins to discuss plans for defense of the town before being interrupted by the arrival of Shalelu, who informs everyone that sometime yesterday, the goblin tribes suddenly reverted to their typical disorganized, squabbling behavior. By yesterday afternoon anything resembling a march to Thistletop was lost – as goblins scattered in all directions; likely headed back to their tribal homes. Clearly puzzled, Balor and Shalelu turn to the adventurers for an explanation.

Balor accepts Orik as a prisoner, although he raises an eyebrow when you tell him he’s wanted in Riddleport. I’ll keep him until you decide what to do, he says, but if it’s justice you want – ain’t no findin’ it there. Best set him in front of the high justices in Magnimar, I say. They’ll know what to do.

The end of a long day – long week, even – results in a drink at the Rusty Dragon for the five Heroes of Sandpoint. While chatting about their next steps, an old man hobbles up to the table and takes a seat with them. The group exchanges strange looks until, with a wink and a smile, the old man pulls down the beard from his chin to reveal a familiar face – that of Tobin Everheart.


  • Arcobolt can be found drinking at the Hagfish ( one of the most popular bars in town).
  • Riding Horses, or work horses are available for purchase at the Goblin Squash Stables ( no warhorses, though)
  • I will likely have a follow up post to this for any questions you ask prior to downtime.

Defeating the Shadows in the Burial Room: 2400XP
Defeating the Hermit Crab in the Treasure Room: 1600XP
Defeating the Imprisoned Barghest, Malfeshnekor: 3200XP
Stopping the threat of Thistletop and saving Sandpoint: 2000XP

Total: 9,200XP

Josh / Eashen
XP: +1840 / 10,455(total)
Level Up! 4th

Evan /Navi
XP: +1840 / 10,355(total)
Level Up! 4th

Jim / Demarek
XP: + 1840 / 10,855 (total)

Angela / Abhishek
XP: +1840 / 9355(total)
Level Up! 4th

Marcus / Daladriel
XP: + 1840 / 9255 (total)
Level Up! 4th

All gear is Medium size unless otherwise noted.

From the Treasury (with the Crab)
3500 sp
630 gp
40 precious stones ( 10 gp ea.)
Jade Amulet of Natural Armor + 1
Ancient gold & bronze Helmet – Giant size. – 3000gp ( note: when sold, do not reduce this value by half – this is worth the full 3000 gp, as it is valuable as a collectors/art item more so than an actual piece of armor. However, it must be taken to a large city to be sold. No one in Sandpoint has the wealth or desire to purchase it. )

From the Torture Room:
MW surgical tools – 100gp

From Malfeshnekor’s Prison:
60 eternal candles ( 25gp each)
Ornate coffer ( 100 gp)
Ring of Force Shield -
This ring generates a shield-sized (and shield-shaped) wall of force that stays with the ring and can be wielded by the wearer as if it were a heavy shield (+2 AC). This special creation has no armor check penalty or arcane spell failure chance since it is weightless and encumbrance-free. It can be activated and deactivated at will as a free action.

Some things to note about this item:

  • You must have the Shield Proficiency to use effectively.
  • When you are using a shield with which you are not proficient, you take the shield’s armor check penalty on attack rolls and on all skill checks that involve moving. For this shield the penalty would be 0.
  • This is still a wielded as a shield, which precludes you from using two handed weapons.
Burnt Offerings, Chapter 1 Part 4, Session 3
Beauty and Madness

1/19/2015 – Added notes on what happened with Arcobolt. Fixed typos.


30th of Rova, 4707

After brief introductions with Ameiko’s friends, the party has a quick discussion with Shalelu. She warns them again that the Goblin tribes are on the move. She then heads back out into the Hinterlands, hoping to slow down the Goblin tribes and buy the adventurers some time to find what is drawing them to Thistletop – and stop it.

The group reaches the island later that morning, and despite finding the entrance barred from the inside, manage to regain access to the fort. They quickly scout the first floor, but find only the bodies of the slain goblins from the day before.

Heading down some stairs, they progress to the basement of the fort. Exploring the basement they discover:

  • An old prison / torture room, where they free a beaten and hung-over gnome named Arcobolt Wisslespinner.
  • An eerie Chapel to Lamashtu, where they are attacked by two Yeth Hounds. Inside, they discover the half-burned remains of a human skeleton – part of what looked to be some bizarre ritual – at the feet of a grand statue of the evil goddess.
  • A small network of natural caves leading out to the ocean, where they are attacked by a lurking Tentamort.
  • Bedchambers of some non-human residents
  • A war room with evidence that the raid on Sandpoint was planned here.

After discovering a secret door with another stairwell leading down, the group descends into a room where they battle a small group of non-goblins:

  • Lyrie, a wizard of some sort
  • Bruthazmus, a bugbear who apparently hates elves
  • Orik, a human fighter who they manage to capture
  • Tsuto, a half elf monk who managed to escape from their previous encounter in the Sandpoint Glassworks
  • Nualia, a beautiful assimar/demon who apparently had strong ties to Lamashtu.


After the fight with Nualia, the group is able to search through the room from which she emerged. This room is well lit, bathed in light that emanates from four burning skulls evenly spaced on a red marble ledge running almost the entire length of the wall of this circular room. The ledge is covered with books, scrolls, teeth, bones, scrimshaw artwork, jars of deformed creatures soaking in brine, taxidermied animals, and other strange objects. To the north, large round fountain bubbles with frothy blue water and fills the room with the gentle sound of bubbling.

As best you can determine, most of the items in this room are holy texts and relics sacred to the worship of Lamashtu. However, a small, plain-looking book catches your eye, and closer examination reveals what appears to be a personal journal of some sort. Reading further, it becomes clear that this is the journal of Nualia herself.

The journal tells a sad story of an outcast child, ostracized by the common folk of Sandpoint for her unearthly beauty. It tells of an affair with a local youth – Delek, one forbidden by her adoptive father, Ezakian Tobyn – the local Priest – and his overbearing insistence that she remain pure for life at a convent. When she became pregnant, her lover ridiculed her as a harlot and fled Sandpoint. Her father’s anger and condemnation turned her fear and embarrassment into rage. Months later, when she miscarried a monstrous, deformed child, she fell into a coma from the shock.

When she awoke several days later, she would recall dark dreams and visions of demons and monstrous, deformed creatures. In a fit of madness, she wedged her father’s door shut and set fire to the chapel in which they lived. Fleeing Sandpoint, she would find out much later that Father Tobyn perished in the blaze that burned the cathedral to the ground.

It mattered little, as her anger led her to Magnimar, where she gained the aid of a group of Norberger-worshiping killers calling themselves the Skinsaw Cult. With their aid, she tracked down her former lover Delek and murdered him.

Soon after, her dreams and visions returned, guiding her back to Sandpoint and leading her to the Catacombs of Wrath, the shrine to Lamashtu and the runewell within, and her soon to be ally, Elyrium the Quasit. Under Elryium’s tutelage, she became a powerful believer and follower of Lamashtu. Lamashtu then granted her a great vision: one that showed her transformation to her rightful demonic form – a purging of her celestial taint – all while she stood in he chaos of Sandpoint burning to the ground.

To complete the destruction of Sandpoint, she was told to perform a ritual that would grant her a great boon and then seek a powerful ally – a creature named Malfeshnekor – buried deep within Thistletop. To her surprise and pleasure, the ritual of burning her father’s bones began her demonic transformation by changing her left arm a fearsome clawed appendage.

The last page of the journal noted that although she could hear Malfeshnekor’s whisperings, she had been unable to find him. One thing was clear, however – Nualia wanted to become one of Lamashtu’s children now. She wanted to become a monster herself.


  • Updated Maps of Thistletop
  • Arcobolt is nowhere to be found. After being overcome with fear during the Yeth hound fight in the cathedral, he fled, and has not been seen since.
  • I am assuming you are holing up in the room where you fought Nualia and her cronies. If this is all you do, then you have enough time to identify the magical items from the treasure as well as read through the notes and papers form Nualia’s room ( past the battle room) and the room with the secret doors.
  • I’d like to play through the interrogation of Orik during next session.
  • Also in Nualia’s notes and papers you find the following information on minor runewells:
    • the death of wrathful souls near the runewell fuels its power
      • it is clear that Nualia believes the death of so many goblins in an attack on Sandpoint will fill the runewell to an immense level of power.
    • entering a runewell can cause you to become overwhelmed with wrath, or even kill you. She notes that it may be interesting to torture her enemies in this way.
    • by allowing a few drops of ones own fresh blood to fall into the pool, a person can summon sinspawn (twisted, vile creatures) to do their bidding. Doing so drains the runewell of some of its power
      • The notes caution not to summon too many sinspawn, as completely draining the runewell will cause it to deactivate, and the rituals to reactivate such pools have long been lost.

Rescuing Arcobolt Wisslespinner: 400xp
Yeth Hounds in Chapel (2) : 1600XP
Tentamort: 1200 XP
Lyrie: 800XP
Orik: 800XP
Bruthazmus: 800XP
Tsuto: 800XP
Nualia: 1600 XP
Nualia’s Yeth Hound: 800 XP
Total: 8800 XP

Josh / Eashen
XP: +1760 / 8615(total)

Evan /Navi
XP: +1760 / 8515(total)

Jim / Demarek
XP: + 1760 / 9015 (total)
Level Up! 4th

Angela / Abhishek
XP: +1760 / 7515(total)

Marcus / Daladriel
XP: + 1760 / 7415(total)

This list excludes the mundane goblin equipment which would be largely worthless. All gear is Medium size unless otherwise noted.

From : Tsuto
Ring of Protection + 1

From Secret Door room:
20 stone artifacts of Thassilonian origin. ( Runes, tablets, parts of statues, etc…)

From Bruthazmus:
4x + 1 elf bane arrows
Potion of Cure Moderate wounds
Studded leather
Heavy Flail
Masterwork Composite Longbow (+4 strength required)
4 pp

From Orik:
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
+ 1 Banded Mail Armor
MW Heavy Steel shield
Composite Longbow (+3 strength required)
MW Bastard Sword

From Tentamort Lair:
+ 1 Hide Armor, small size

From Lyrie
Potion of Cure light wounds
Scroll of Comprehend Languages
Scroll of Minor Image
Scroll of See invisibility
Scroll of Sleep
Scroll of whispering wind
Wand of Magic Missile ( 37 charges)
Cloak of Resistance + 1
Silver comb (25 gp)
Fine Silk gown (60 gp)
Everburning torch
Pearl earring (50gp)
278 gp
1 Spellbook with the following spells:
Invisibility, Mirror Image, shatter, Burning Hands, Grease, Mage Armor, Ray of Enfeeblement, comprehend languages, floating disc, detect secret doors, identify, locate object, minor image, obscuring mist, see invisibility, sleep, spider climb, 0th – all

From Nualia
+ 1 Breastplate armor
+ 1 bastard sword
MW Composite Longbow ( +2 strength required)
Gold holy symbol of Lamashtu ( 100gp)
Magical medallion (shaped like a 7 pointed star) – This medallion grants the following:

  • + 1 bonus to all saving throws (fort/Ref/Will)
  • 1x a day, it allows the wearer to gain the effects equivalent to that of a false life spell ( assume Caster Level 5)
  • If placed on the neck of a dead body, it preserves the body infinitely via a gentle repose effect.
Burnt Offerings, Chapter 1 Part 4, Session 2
Assault on Thistletop

1/7 @ 16:00 – Clarified Treasure sizes.
1/10 @ 00:30 – Added Friends of Ameiko


28th of Rova, 4707

Eashen visits his wizard friend, Ilsoari Gandethus, and studies another spell per their agreement. He is also able to convince Ilsoari to create him a scroll of Animate Rope, as well as scribe a scroll of his own.

The party spends time equipping themselves, and acquiring a wand of cure light wounds from Vorvashalli Voon at the Feathered Serpent.

Abhishek, Navi, and Dal’aldriel scout the island of Thistletop using a fisherman’s boat. They discover an eastern cave entrance, and the hint of an underwater cave or tunnel on the west side of the island.

29th of Rova, 4707

The group is confronted by Jubrayl Vhiski in the Rusty Dragon early in the morning. He barters a trade of Navi’s magical sword for a ring of protection +1. Navi agrees, though he does not know why Jubrayl is so interested in the weapon.

The group heads off to Thistletop. After a fierce battle to cross the rope bridge, the party wins the gates. They explore the topmost level of the fortress, freeing a half-starved horse, Shadowmist. Eventually, they break through into Warchief Ripnugget’s throne room, where a fierce battle ensues with the Warchief, Gogmurt the druid, and the remaining tribe members.


Afterwards, they return to Sandpoint with Shadowmist to heal and recover. Upon arrival, they run into Shalelu, who informs them that she has been out scouting, and brings dire news.

It appears the goblin tribes are on the move, and they seem to be converging on Thistletop – like something is drawing them to the island. I fear this is a bad omen.

When you finally settle back in the Rusty Dragon common room, the presence of three new faces sitting together at a table grabs your attention. The first is a one-eyed, grim looking human warrior sporting sword and shield. The second: a talkative, smiling, and laughing human male carrying a longbow and wearing a holy symbol of Erastil. The third : a quiet tiefling female carrying a scimitar. Ameiko eventually drops you a clue: Old friends of mine, she says, from my more… adventurous days.

Some things of note:

  • Sheriff Hemlock has not returned.
  • Assuming you visit the Cathedral, Father Zantos cures you of your wounds, and has four cure light wounds potions for sale ( 50gp each)


Crossing the trapped rope bridge: 1200
Defeating the Nest of Goblin archers (6): 810
Defeating the goblin dog riders (4) : 2140
Saving Shadowmist: 600
Surviving the chest trap: 800

Defeating the Throne Room
Warchief Ripnugget: 1200
Stickfoot: 400
Gogmurt: 1200
Goblin Commandos (3): 600
Goblin Warchanter: 200
Goblin Dog Riders(3): 1605

Total: 10755

Josh / Eashen
XP: +2151 / 6855 (total)

Evan /Navi
XP: +2151/ 6755(total)

Jim / Demarek
XP: +2151 / 7255(total)

Angela / Abhishek
XP: +2151 / 5755 (total)

Marcus / Daladriel
XP: +2151 / 5655 (total)

This list excludes the mundane goblin equipment which would be largely worthless.

From Gogmurt:
Wand of Produce Flame ( 34 charges)
Wand of Tree Shape (4 charges)
Small Leather Armor +1
Small Sling
Resizable Cloak of Resistance +1

From the Trophy Hall:
Medium Dagger
Medium Pearl-inlaid Dagger ( 100gp)

Shadowmist, an Advanced Horse

From Warchief Ripnugget
Potion of Cure moderate Wounds x2
Small Masterwork Breastplate
Small Short sword +1
Dented Crown (20gp)
Thistletop key

From Throne room Commandos:
Potion Cure moderate wounds x3
Masterwork Horsechopper x3

From Throne room Warchanter:
Potion of Cure light wounds
Wand of silent image ( 5 charges)

From the Armory:
Masterwork Dogslicer

From the Treasure Chest:
7432 cp
2490 sp
89 gp
3 pp
34 gems worth 1 gp each
Medium chain shirt
Medium Masterwork scimitar
masterowk manacles
gold holy symbol of Saranrae ( 100gp)
jade necklace ( 60gp)
fine blue silk gown with silver trim ( 150gp)

Burnt Offerings, Chapter 1 Part 4
The Nettlewood

1/1 @ 17:30 – Bonus XP for Demarek.
12/20 @ 1630 – Added images, link to map of Thistletop(explored area).


27th of Rova, 4707

After the morning activities, Eashen goes off to spend some time studying, while NAvi, Demarek, Dal’aldriel and Abishek head down to Fatman’s Feedbag to meet with Jubrayl Vhiski. After meeting him, and having Demarek examine the fellow, they determine that he is evil and decide not to trade the magical sword. The group, uncomfortable as they are surrounded by rough looking patrons of the bar, decide to leave.

After discussing what to do next, the group decides to head up the North Coast Road to investigate Thistletop. On the way, they encounter a wounded merchant, who claims that he was attacked by goblins, and his companions killed. The group later stumbles on the remnants of the merchant’s wagon, where they find goblin tracks. They follow these tracks through the Nettlewood, until they come to a hidden entrance to a network of tunnels through the brush

Exploring these tunnels, they discover a hole leading to a water filled cavern below, where something dark lurks. They encounter and defeat a small group of 10 Birdcruncher goblins who claim they came to Thistletop after the raid on Sandpoint. After interrogating the survivors, they discover that a female ‘longshanks’ is directing the goblin tribes, and she is hiding inside the Thistletop fort.


Afterward, the group encounters Grogmurt, a goblin druid, and his companion, Tangletooth. After a furious fight, the group slays Tangletooth and drives off the goblin. Wounded and tired, the group spots Grogmurt fleeing over the rope bridge to Thistletop, but chooses not to pursue him.

They head back to Sandpoint to rest and heal their wounds.

Some things of note:

  • Shalelu is still nowhere to be found.
  • Sheriff Hemlock has not returned.
  • When you get back to the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko points out a rough looking individual in the corner and tells you he is one of Jubrayl’s gang.
  • Assuming you visit the Cathedral, Father Zantos cures you of your wounds, but currently has no potions for sale.


Healing and Arming the Merchant: 500
Defeating the ten Birdcruncher Goblins 1350
Defeating the Four Goblin Dogs: 1600
Defeating Grogmurt & Tangletooth: 1700

Josh / Eashen
XP: +1030/ 4704 (total)

Evan /Navi
XP: +1030/ 4604(total)

Jim / Demarek
Bonus! +500 XP for having a mistake-free character sheet.
XP: +1430 / 5104(total)

Angela / Abhishek
XP: +1030 / 3604 (total)

Marcus / Daladriel
XP: +1030/ 3504 (total)


Burnt Offerings, Chapter 1 Part 3
The Catacombs of Wrath

Updated 12/18 @ 2000 – Added Demarek commissioning of Armor.
Updated 12/16 @ 1300 – Added letter to Aldern, trip to Fatman’s Feedbag.
Updated 12/15 @ 1800 – Added info on Kaijitsu Manor House Purchase, extended log into 27th Rova


25th of Rova, 4707

After placing Amieko under Father Zantus’ care, the party visits the Sandpoint Barracks and instructs the town guard to place a watch around the Glassworks for the night. They speak with Shalelu, who offers to accompany them as they investigate the smugglers tunnel underneath the Glassworks tomorrow.

Dal’aldriel heads with some guards to investigate the Kaijitsu Manor, but uncovers nothing of note. Abhishek joins the Sandpoint Theatre for an impromtu play, and wins the crowd over with her singing. She spends an evening of revelry with the actors of the theatre. Demarek and Navi wander off to Fatman’s Feedbag.

26th of Rova, 4707

The next morning, the group investigate the remainder of the Glassworks, finding the murdered corpses of nine people, presumably workers there at the Glassworks. They then explore the smugglers tunnel, discovering the beach exit on the western side of Sandpoint, near the Old Light.

Following a side tunnel, the party uncovers the Catacombs of Wrath, an ancient, underground tunnel complex. They explore the ruins, finding a mysterious red marble statue, a shrine and cathedral to the Goddess Lamashtu, and a strange spherical room – among other things. Within the Cathedral, the party finds a strange pool, capable of summoning hideous humanoid monsters – one that looks eerily similar to the stone structure they found in the Tickwood forest. Investigation reveals that it is magical, and extremely powerful (artifact level), but its secrets remain a mystery (DC too high). They are able to vanquish the creatures in the catacombs, and return to the surface with their plunders.


Brodert Quink is ecstatic to receive the shredded papers from the caverns below, and gives you a small reward. Much more for intact relics!, he stammers. After describing the pool and its behaviors, Brodert suspects you have discovered a Minor Runewell – artifacts of power created by the ancient Runelords of Thassilon. He begs for more time to look though his books – he may be able to provide more advice.

Davieren at he Goblin Squash Stables pays you for the goblin ears.

You see Ameiko when you return to the Rusty Dragon inn. She approaches.
I suppose I owe you a great debt, coming to my rescue like that. I know its but a trifle, but you’re welcome at my inn anytime, free of charge. If there’s anything I can do to help…. [trails off]
Ah, well. Now I’ve got a damned mansion to deal with, a glass business to rebuild, and funeral to plan. Know anyone who wants ‘em? I sure as hell don’t.

27th of Rova, 4707

After haggling late into the previous night, Eashen and Ameiko agree on terms for the sale of the old Kaijitsu Manor house. Early the next morning, they meet up with Mayor Deverin to finalize the contract papers for the transaction.

You get the keys when I get the first payment! says Ameiko with a grin.

After returning to the Rusty Dragon late that morning, Eashen is able to find a merchant headed to Magnimar who will transport a letter to Aldern Foxglove. He charges a couple of gold, but promises to deliver it as soon as he arrives ( about 2 days from now).

While Eashen is busy signing papers, Navi heads down to Fatman’s Feedbag and asks about Jubrayl Vhiski. The gruff bartender laughs as he replies ‘tis before noon! He’s upstairs sleepin’ off a bender. Yer better off catching him this evenin’ – don’ worry. He’ll be here.

Also during this time, Demarek visits Das Korvut at the Red Dog Smithy to commission a fine set of full plate. Das agrees, throwing in a 10% discount for a Hero of Sandpoint – but only if he can advertise the purchase.
(1485g total, 700 up front, the rest on delivery. 31 weeks crafting time. )

Defeating the sinspawn in the prison room: 1800
Defeating Elyrium, the Quasit Cleric of Lamashtu: 1200
Defeating Koruvus, the mutant goblin: 1800
Defeating the sinspawn in the cathedral to Lamashtu: 1200

Note: Shalelu gets a cut of xp.

Josh / Eashen
XP: +1000 / 3674 (total)

Evan /Navi
XP: +1000/ 3574 (total)

Jim / Demarek
XP: +1000 / 3574 (total)

Angela / Abhishek
Bonus! Participating in the Sandpoint Theatre re-enactment of the great goblin raid: +100 XP
XP: +1100 / 2574 (total)
Level Up! 2

Marcus / Daladriel
XP: +1000/ 2474 (total)
Level Up! 2


Ancient Masterwork Ranseur from statue ( worth 400gp, Brodert will tell you it is Thassilonian if you show it to him. He wants it, as well, and will pay full price – not the typical half – for it)
Scroll of Flaming Sphere ( CL 5) from prison room

From Sphere Room:
Scroll of Burning Hands (CL 3)
Ancient Prayer Book to Lamashtu (100g)
Wand of Shocking Grasp ( 28 charges)

From Cathedral / Elyrium / Koruvus
Magical Longsword +1
Masterwork Handaxe
Masterwork Silver Dagger
Magical +1 Cold Iron Returning Dagger ( Tiny size)
Tiara (50gp, tiny size)
Fine Black Silk Gown ( 25gp, tiny size)
Obsidian unholy symbol of Lamashtu (10g, tiny size)

For Goblin Ears: 11g
From Brodert Quink for torn pages form Thassilonian Book: 100gp


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