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The Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3 Part 3, Session 3
The fall of Jaagrath


6-27-2015: Added Post Session summary

Pre Session Notes

  • Raynar and Eashen both suffer from 1 permanent negative levels ( this means – 5 hitpoints from their max, – 1 to pretty much every roll, and – 1 to all caster level dependent variables).

Post Session Summary

Date: 16 Pharast (March) 4708 – Sunday ( Sunday)

After Demarek’s arrival back in Turtleback Ferry, he describes the encounter with Old Senneck in Sanos Forest. Eashen helps him determine that the walnut given to him has been enchanted with healing magics ( as Heal Spell, CL 17).

Eashen, Raynar, Demarek, Orik, and Marillis purchase horses in town, and set off for Fort Rannick once again. On the way they spy a wandering band of Ogres. As they investigate, they determine that one of the ogres is Berk! Berk appears friendly enough, informing Eashen that he is taking a friend and their female companions to a cave in the nearby Valley of Broken Trees to start a new clan. He happily invites Eashen and his companions to come feast with them, and proudly shows off a sack of semi-spoiled ogre meat taken from the slain at Fort Rannick.

The group continues to the fort, flying high above it to the eagle aerie, and moving into the courtyard from the tunnel there. On the way, they spy Jakardros creeping across the roof of the fort and quickly move to join him. The fort courtyard is strangely absent of ogres.


Sneaking into the second floor of the fort, the group discovers the ogre chief – Jaagrath – and the ogre magic user – Dorella – resting in separate rooms. Using some magical silence provided by Marillis, they surprise Jaagrath and a furious battle breaks out. Jaagrath, in his fury, lands a potentially fatal blow on Demarek, but the paladin’s faith and handy Aegis Charm save him from a brutal demise. The group rallies, slaying the raging ogre, and then quickly dispatches Dorella and her lover, Harlock Kreeg, by trapping them in their room.


The remaining ogres, still wounded from the previous battle, turn upon each other with the help of Eashen’s persuasive magic. With the dismissal of the last ogre, the Fort is finally reclaimed.

Scouring the fort, the party finds little more than filth, blood, and debris. A brief message addressed to Jaagrath from someone named Barl indicates that the ogre chief was instructed to send a party of ogres to weaken the dam. The group also reclaims the star medallions, lost on the bodies of Abhishek and Dalaldriel but apparently claimed by Jaagrath and Dorella. Further investigation leads to a spectre haunting the Fort’s crypt, but it is dealt with swiftly.

The group rests the night within the keep. Jakardros is notably despondent.

Date: 17 Pharast (March) 4708 – Moonday( Monday)

The next day, the group rides for Hook Mountain. Jakardros offers to come along, seeing vengeance for his slain kin. Armed with information about the location of the mountain stronghold – obtained by questioning several ogres – the group climbs the mountain via several little-known animal trails. They arrive at the entrance to an enormous cave in little over three hours – a far cry from what it would have taken to climb the 10,000 foot mountain. This high up, the air is frigid, and snow has replaced the rain falling on the valley below.

The group passes a spear placed near the path, upon which rests the head of Mammy Graul – gruesome in death as she was in life, her dead eyes gaze into nothingness; a clear warning to any who approach.

The entrance to the mammoth cave is guarded by two ogres, which the party surprises, rushing up to attack them quickly. Though they manage to slay one, the other escapes, and the group gives chase into the cavern complex.

They pass a gigantic 40’ tall statue, adorned with armor and a great seven pointed star necklace. Eashen, on a whim, removes the necklace and the great towering beast crumbles to ashes – an ancient mummified corpse turned to dust. The armor, however, clatters to the ground, raising quite a ruckus.

Farther in, the group is waylayed by three ogres and a hill giant, who they dispatch but not before the giant raises an alarm – banging on the wall and shouting INTRUDERS! The clamor echos throughout the caverns and the sounds of more enemies approach. Eashen, ever fond of his fireballs, decimates the rush of minor ogres, and manages to charm the last one, who points out the direction of the stone giant Barl’s lair, informs them that he apparently has a stone giant bodyguard, and reveals that he is afraid of the witches in a third room. Eashen instructs him to flee and stay out of the way, and the ogre quickly obliges.

Wounded and spent, the party retreats back down the mountain to settle in Fort Rannick for the night.


Fort Rannick
Jaagrath: 9600xp
Dorella: 9600xp
Harlock Kreeg: 4800xp
Jolly Kreeg: 4800xp
Mucknick Kreeg: 4800xp
Spectre of Lorgus Fenker: 3200 xp
Storyline: Reclaiming Fort Rannick ( 5000xp per surviving black arrow) : 5000xp

Hook Mountian
Elite Ogres (5 × 4800) : 24,000
Hill Giant: 4800
Ogres ( 10 × 800): 8000

Total party XP: 78,600 xp

Josh / Eashen (level 8): + 16,147/ 71,939 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 8): + 16,147 / 72,359 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 7): + 17,897/ 68,325 (total) LEVEL 8
NPC / Orik (level 5): + 15,080/ 32,240 (total) LEVEL 6
NPC / Marilis (level 3): + 15,080/ 22,080 (total) LEVEL 5

Experience required for Level 6: 23,000
Experience required for Level 7: 35,000
Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000


Fort Rannick

  • Jaagrath
    • 2x Cure Serious Wounds Potions
    • Hide Armor + 1 (Large)
    • + 1 Human Bane Ogre Hook (Large)
    • Belt of Giant Strength + 2
    • Seven pointed star medallion
  • Dorella
    • Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
    • Wand of Acid ARrow ( 43 charges)
    • Dagger
    • Amulet of Natural Armor
    • Headband of Alluring Charisma + 2
    • Ring of Protection + 1
    • Seven pointed star medallion
  • Elite Ogres ( 2)
    • 2x Hide Armor + 1 (Large)
    • 2x Ogre Hook + 1 (Large)
  • Misc
    • Daladrial’s Snakeskin Tunic

Hook Mountain
My assumption here is that you fled before any more creatures appeared, leaving the slain and their equipment behind.

The Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3 Part 3, Session 2
No rest for the weary


6-21-2015: Updated with events for 13 Pharast.
6-23-2015: Updated with events for 14 Pharast.

Downtime Summary

Date: 13 Pharast (March) 4708 – Oathday ( Thursday)

The survivors from the debacle at Fort Rannick awake, finding themselves at the Turtle’s Parlor in Turtleback Ferry. Eashen spends part of the day crafting a snapleaf, and then heads out with Demarek to scout the fort. Flying high above the structure on Eashen’s magic, they make a gruesome discovery. Perched within the rocks and cliffs above the fort are enormous eagle nests, where the remains of a dozen of the majestic creatures lie bloated and rotting among several ogre bodies and smashed eggs.

The fort itself is eerily silent. Nothing moves within the yard, and the bodies of the burnt and frozen ogres lie where they fell in the courtyard before the keep. The only notable change from the day before are the keep’s main gates – propped up and barely covering the mountain of debris piled high before the entrance. The two fly around and observe what they can before Eashen’s magics fade, then speed back to Turtleback Ferry on two magically conjured steeds, arriving late that evening.

Meanwhile, Raynar searches the town for their departed gnomish friend, finding him passed out in a drunken stupor behind the local tavern Bottom’s Up. Though barely able to function, Salmin nevertheless is able to inform Raynar that he needs several thousand gold pieces’ worth of diamond dust in order to remove the affliction affecting Raynar and Eashen.

Raynar spends the rest of the day speaking to the handful of merchants and traders in town, selling some of the treasure taken over the past few days, purchasing some supplies for himself, and scrounging up enough diamond dust to allow Salmin to cast his healing spell a single time.

Date: 14 Pharast (March) 4708 – Fireday ( Friday)

The group awakens to yet more rain, falling steadily upon the town. A quick glance at the shoreline is enough to tell that it continues to rise steadily – about a half foot overnight – as the lake swells from the water draining from Storvol Deep.

Eashen first visits Salmin. With the diamond dust gathered by Raynar, Salmin casts Restoration upon the wizard, who immediately feels much better. Next, Eashen stops in on Tillia Henkenson, who may be found in her schoolhouse teaching, and she still seems nervous. Some quiet words with her reveal that news of the recent deaths of Daladriel and Abhishek has spread like wildfire through the town. Many residents are frightened, and there has been much discussion of fleeing before ogres descend on the town itself.

Eashen then crafts another snapleaf, and returns to scout Fort Rannick. He finds the fort as he left it on the previous day: quiet and deserted with the entrance to the keep barricaded by rubble. Flying up to the eagle’s aerie, Eashen discovers a well-worn tunnel leading into the mountain. The tunnel heads downward and is mostly a steep path with occasional sets of stairs carved into the stone, ending in a pile of rock and debris. Summoning an earth elemental to pass through the mound, Eashen discovers that the mound blocks the entrance to the courtyard on the east side of Fort Rannick. ( The Map of Fort Rannick has been updated to reflect your current observations )

Meanwhile, Raynar spends some time visiting the handful of merchants in town; selling some wares and purchasing supplies including a magical shield and an empty journal. ( The Map of Turtleback Ferry has been updated to reflect your exploration )

Raynar also speaks with Mayor Shreed, who is obviously nervous about the ogres residing at Fort Rannick. The mayor informs him that he is considering evacuating the town due to the Ogre threat and is concerned that many more will die. If the ogres are strong enough to kill two of your companions, then what chance to simple fisherman have?

Raynar then seeks out Jakardros, but is unable to find the Black Arrow anywhere in Turtleback Ferry. Asking around, ( DIplomacy 8+7 = 15 vs. DC 15) he discovers that the ranger was spotted leaving town in the wee hours of the morning, headed in the direction of Fort Rannick.

During the late morning, Raynar and Demarek wander through the town, stopping in the local watering hole, looking for recruits. While they find a half dozen villagers eager to join the cause, (Diplomacy: 12+7 raynar +2 aid another = 21 vs. DC 25 ) no one of any measurable skill approaches the two to offer aid.

In the afternoon, Demarek rides into the Sanos Forest to seek out Old Senneck. He arrives late that evening and camps under the trees, ready to start his search the following day. ( It’s about 25 miles to the edge of Sanos Forest from Turtleback Ferry, but the forest itself is very large and will take some time to search).

That evening, Raynar and Eashen gather at Bottom’s Up to discuss their findings and future plans.

Date: 15 Pharast (March) 4708 – Starday ( Saturday)

Eashen crafts a third snapleaf, then goes with Raynar to speak to Mayor Shreed.They spend some time trying to ease the mayor’s concerns, discussing the group’s plans to deal with the fort and mountain. ( Diplomacy: 17+ 3 + 2 aid another = 22 vs. DC 15) The mayor seems quite relieved to hear the plans, going as far as to offer a small cache of potions (3x Cure Moderate Wounds)

Swinging by the schoolhouse, Eashen pops in to say hello to the attractive schoolteacher Tillia (CHA 13), much to the amusement of her students. oooOoOooOh! Teacher has a boooooooooyfriend! Giggles Despite his best efforts, she still seems quite apprehensive about the entire situation ( Diplomacy 4+ 3 + 2 prestidigitation =9 vs DC 10). Finally, Eashen locates a seamstress in town. She is eager for work.

Raynar heads to the ferries and inquires as to news. He discovers that the lake water has again risen several inches, and that business has been brisk. Many of the woods folk in the surrounding area are fleeing, headed towards safer locales. Then he prays at the local Church of Erastil ( Religion 15 + 10=25 vs DC 20). As he is leaving, Raynar spots a white stag watching him from the tree line on the outskirts of town. Following the creature, Raynar finds that the stag leads him to a large tree with a pronounced hole in the trunk. Peering inside, he finds a small pack of berries loosely wrapped in some leaves. Glancing around, Raynar finds that the stag has disappeared, leaving no tracks nor smell. He then notices the tree’s trunk is now smooth and unmarred by gouge or hole. Shaking his head, he takes the berries and heads back to the inn.

Meanwhile, Demarek searches through Sanos Forest, looking for Old Senneck. Late that afternoon, just as he is about to give up searching for the day, the paladin stumbles upon a small camp in a hidden clearing ( Survival: 19 + 1 = 20 vs DC 20). After quietly observing the empty camp for a few minutes, Demarek is suddenly suprised as a small chipmunk suddenly grows larger, turning into a grizzled, old man. The old man says not a word, as Demarek speaks of the ogres at the fort, Black Magga at the dam, the unknown threat at the Mountain, and his fallen comrades. Then he asks for help. After a long silence, Old Senneck replies (Diplomacy 12 + 8 = 20 vs DC 20):

Men come to the forest to take what they will. They hunt for food and sport. They take the trees for shelter and for profit. They take the herbs and flowers to make their medicines and decorate their houses. They destroy what nature has given, and give nothing back. Here again comes man, asking to take form the forest.

But I can see you are an honorable sort, and you speak the truth about an impending evil that has grown hidden for ages, threatening both man and beast. So I say this to you: There is a swamp east of here, tinted with a spirit which cannot find rest. A friend of mine who cannot let go of the past. Help her find peace, and you will receive my favor.

The old man coughs roughly then slowly sits upon a log, leaning on a nearby tree as he does so. I am old, and cannot accompany you. But take this - The old man hands you a walnut. When you are stricken and dying, eat it and regain the will to carry on.

Date: 16 Pharast (March) 4708 – Sunday ( Sunday)

Eashen spends the day crafting some scrolls. ( Fly x3, Summon Monster II x 2, Haste, Invisibility, Spider Climb x2)

Raynar takes a satisfying shit.

Around noon, Demarek rides into Turtleback Ferry, returning from his exploration of Sanos Forest.

The Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3 Part 3
Retaking Rannick


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Pre Session Notes

  • Question: What are the six nations that share land borders with Varisia? (Answer in comments below, first correct answer will gain something)
    • Winner: Jim. Demarek gains an bonus Skill Point. ( this is a permanent skill point that may be added to your character immediately)
  • Dalaldriel and Eashen both suffer from 2 permanent negative levels ( this means – 10 hitpoints from their max, – 2 to pretty much every roll, and – 2 to all caster level dependent variables).
  • Raynar is suffering for a negative level, and needs to roll to see if it becomes permanent.
  • Eashen, Dalaldriel, Abhishek, and Demarek all gain 1 hero point each.

Date: 11 Pharast (March) 4708 – Toilday ( Tuessday)

At the crack of dawn. Jakardros departs from the dam after saying goodbyes. Eashen provides him with a magical mount to aid in his journey. He indicates that he is headed to Turtleback Ferry to resupply, then to Ft. Rannick to see if he can find any survivors. Shortly after, Raynar departs on a summoned mount, to head out scouting. The rain is still falling heavily, and visibility is very poor. He returns late that evening. (see facebook discussions for in-character depiction of what was discovered.)

Date: 12 Pharast (March) 4708 – Wealday ( Wednesday)

Early that morning, the group rises. Salmin is able to dispel the magical circle trapping Dalaldriel long enough to let her escape, and then the party leaves Skull’s Crossing. Emerging from the dam, you see that the water is gushing out from all five skulls on the face of the dam. The Skull River is very swollen, but not completely overflowing. The water pouring over the top of the dam has stopped, and indeed is significantly lower than when you entered the dam three days ago. A light rain falls, running across the saturated ground.

At the base of the dam, the party finds their mounts who have scattered somewhat – seeking cover from the driving rain. They head south, to where the trail branches.

Salmin, suffering withdrawals from a distinct lack of alcohol, decides to head back to Turtleback Ferry, promising to return. The remainder of the group heads northwest, towards Fort Rannick.

Post Session Summary

Date: 12 Pharast (March) 4708 – Wealday ( Wednesday)

The remaining group members – Abhishek, Eashen, Dalaldriel, Demarek, and Raynar – head to Fort Rannick, where they sneak into the tunnels via the as-of-yet undiscovered entrance behind the nearby waterfall. After appeasing the nest of shocker lizards by providing them with venison for a meal, the group uses the secret entrance into the basement of the fort, but finds that the door to the main floor cannot be opened – something large prevents the door from opening on the other side.

Moving back into the caves, the group decides to leverage some of the intelligence gained by Raynar’s scouting mission and enter the courtyard of the fort via a second secret door located behind the barracks. From there, Dalaldriel scouts out the entire courtyard area after drinking an invisibility potion, discovering several clusters of ogres.

Then, under the cover of Abhishek’s invisibility spell, the group sneaks through the battered front door of the fort. Inside, it is dark and foreboding – blood and grime cover everything and it is eerily quiet. Dalaldriel scouts fourther around the first floor of Fort Rannick, discovering some ogres in a large room. Abhhishek surprises them, flinging open a door and dancing so majestically that the three ogres inside become entranced by the performance. He weaves a subtle suggestion into his performance, making them believe that the ogres outside in the barracks are keeping a mountain of food all for themselves. This causes the ogres to become enraged, flying out of the keep to confront their greedy brethren. A fourth ogre, asleep and unaffected by her mesmerizing dance, awakes, and battle begins.

The sound of battle draws the attention of another nearby ogre. This one, covered in red pustules and sporting backwards-bending knees, joins the fray and a battle ensues. Demarek, Raynar, Abhishek, and Dalaldriel fight the two ogres as Eashen watches the front door and spies a massive ogre brawl unfolding within the courtyard.


Taking advantage of the chaos, Eashen flings two fireballs into the fray, obliterating the horde of ogres arguing and fighting in front of the barracks. The massive explosion draws the remainder of the ogres in the courtyard, and they come running to the keep, angry and ready for a fight.

Eashen creates a magical pit by the front door, and many of the clumsy ogres fall in, unable to escape. While the rest of the party dispatches the two ogres inside the keep, Eashen launches a third fireball into the pit, incinerating many of the ogres who had fallen in, scorching the walls near the entrance, and rocking the keep with a deafening boom. Dalaldriel accidentally gets too close to the pit and falls in, becoming embroiled in a brutal, close quarters fight with the two living ogres who survived the recent fireball blast.


The noise draws the attention of foes on the second floor, and two more ogres – a giant, hulking brute, and a female ogre – join the battle a few minutes later. The brute, seeing Eashen, launches into a wild rage of anger and fury, but Eashen teleports to safety causeing the brute to turn his fury on Demarek, nearly cutting him down in a single blow. They battle, but it is clear Demarek will not likely survive.


By now, the pit vanishes, and the party realize they are in grave danger ( is there any other kind?) and begin to slowly retreat. Eashen conjures a wall of ice, giving Demarek enough time to escape melee with the giant, brute ogre. Raynar and Eashen also disengage, heading for a narrow stairwell leading to one of the corner guardtowers on the keep.

Dalaldriel, however, becomes trapped between two ogres, and is cut down as she attempts to tumble past one of the ogres to safety.

The remaining ogres turn on Abhishek, who has fallen behind the rest of the group. The ogre female magically confounds Abhishek, and he becomes confused long enough to become surrounded by the remaining four ogres. They viciously cut him to pieces.

Demarek, Eashen, and Raynar flee to the roof of the keep and from there Eashen casts featherfall to allow them to drift to the ground. They make much haste to exit the keep, fleeing to the woods where the party’s horses had been hidden, and begin to head towards Turtleback Ferry.

On the way, they encounter Jakardros, Orik, and Marillis, who they convince should return with them to the town. Very late that night, the group arrives in Turtleback Ferry, bruised, beaten, and missing two of their own.


Ogre ( 20 @ 800 ) = 16,000 XP
Karly-Lopp Kreeg = 4,800 XP

Total party XP: 20,800

Josh / Eashen (level 8): +4160/ 55,792 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 8): +2080 (not in attendance) / 56212 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 7):
Bonus: 1000 XP for solo exploration of Ft. Rannick
+5160/ 50,428 (total)

Angela / Abhishek (level 8): Deceased
Marcus / Daladriel (level 8): Deceased
NPC / Orik (level 5): +0 / 17,160 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 3): +0 / 7000 (total)

Experience required for Level 4: 9,000
Experience required for Level 5: 15,000
Experience required for Level 6: 23,000
Experience required for Level 7: 35,000
Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000



The Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3 Part 2, Session 3
Skull's Crossing


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5-20-2015: Added Trivia
5-31-2015: Added Post Session Summary
6-1-2015: Forgot to add some treasure & bonus XP intended for original post-session summary.

Pre Session Notes

  • Question: What is the name of the big boss up on Hook Mountain? (This is a hard one! Answer in comments below, first correct answer will gain something)
    • Winner: Josh. Eashen gains an bonus Skill Point. ( this is a permanent skill point that may be added to your character immediately)

Post Session Summary

Date: 8 Pharast (March) 4708 – Starday(Saturday)

The group continues the exploration of Skull’s Crossing, entering the top level of the building in the center of the great dam. As they explore, they encounter a tribe of aggressive trolls who attack without warning. Afer a quick fight and a few fireballs, the trolls are dispatched easily. The group then passes through a set of doors bearing graffiti that reads BELOW DWELLS WET PAPA GRAZUUL. ALL HAIL WET PAPA GRAZUUL! Beyond the doors lies a staircase that descends down into the bowels of the dam.

After descending the stair, the group comes to a large room with a pool of water in the middle. There, they find the home of the aforementioned Grazuul – a scrag troll – and his brood of troll females. Though Grazuul is a fearsome foe with his magical trident, the group manages to overcome the creature.


After dispatching Grazuul, the group explores further. They find a room to the west containing a second pool of water. This room has an underwater tunnel that leads out into the Storvol Deep. They discover a room to the east containing an intimidating scorpion like creature which appears to be guarding a miniature model of the entire dam structure. And finally, they find a room to the north that contains two rune-inscribed circles, one containing a fearsome (if emaciated) devil – a pit fiend.


The pit fiend pleads with the group to free him in exchange for information on how to restore the dam’s function. They secure his agreement to a contract which protects themselves form future harm and prevents him from returning, and Eashen is able to dispel the magic upon the circle long enough to allow the creature to escape.

The dam is powered by life force. Two creatures of sufficient life force standing in the circles will power the dam, and it should take care of the rest. The devil then teleports away to some fiery destination.

Eashen volunteers to stand inside the first circle, and upon doing so he becomes trapped. The dam, however, does not respond until Daladriel enters the second circle in an attempt to retrieve the flaming whip left by the circle’s previous owner. As she enters, she also becomes trapped and the two of them are drained of their live energy while the dam rumbles awake. While standing inside the circles, the two of them can almost feel the extent of the pressure upon the dam, and the flow of a great amount of water through it starting.


The remainder of the party enters the room containing the scorpoin like construct to confront it. A great battle breaks out, and the creature nearly slays Demarek before Abhishek, in a last-ditch effort, manages to petrify the creature. The group fiddles with what appear to be controls on the dam – raising and lowering levers – before they depart. Eashen and Dalaldriel feel the water through the dam stopping, and the energies drain from them as the dam attempts to reopen the water flow.

Date: 9, 10, and 11 Pharast (March) 4708 – Sunday through Toilday ( Sunday – Tuesday)

The group rests several times so that Salmin is able to pray and eventually dispel the magic around the circles trapping Eashen and Dalaldriel, freeing them.

Misc Notes

  • Dalaldriel and Eashen both suffer from 2 permanent negative levels ( this means – 10 hitpoints from their max, – 2 to pretty much every roll, and – 2 to all caster level dependent variables).
  • Emerging from the dam, you see that the water is gushing out from all five skulls on the face of the dam. The Skull river is very swollen, but not completely overflowing. The water pouring over the top of the dam has stopped, and indeed is significantly lower than when you entered the dam three days ago.
  • The rain is still falling steadily.


Skulltaker Trolls (6 @ 1600 each) = 9600
Wet Papa Grazuul = 9600
Grazuul’s harem ( 3 @ 1600 each) = 4800
Opening the Skull’s Crossing Floodgates = 9600
Opening the Skull’s Crossing Floodgates without resorting to killing anyone = 4800
Getting your ass kicked by the Skull Ripper = 0

Total party XP: 38,400

Josh / Eashen (level 8):
Bonus: +1000 (volunteering to enter the circle)
+7400/ 51,632 (total) LEVEL

Jim / Demarek (level 8): +6400/ 54,132 (total) LEVEL
Angela / Abhishek (level 8): +6400/ 51,882(total) LEVEL

Marcus / Daladriel (level 8):
Bonus: +1000 (volunteering to enter the circle)
+7400/ 54,032 (total) LEVEL

Evan / Salmin (level 7) +6400/ 45,268 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 7): +6400/ 45,268 (total)

NPC / Orik (level 5): +0 / 17,160 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 3): +0 / 7000 (total)

Experience required for Level 4: 9,000
Experience required for Level 5: 15,000
Experience required for Level 6: 23,000
Experience required for Level 7: 35,000
Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000


Skulltaker Toll nests:

  • Cracked Emerald (400gp)
  • Golden Behir comb ( 850gp)
  • Lacy Pink Gloves of Swimming and Climbing

Grazuul’s Posessions:

  • + 1 Vicious Adamantine Trident ( Large size)

Long-Dead Pit fiend:

  • + 2 Flaming Whip

Dam Control Room:

  • Pale Lavender ellipsoid ioun stone
The Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3 Part 2, Session 2
Down Comes the Rain


5-2-2015: Added Template
5-7-2015: Added Question
5-16-2015: Added post-session summary

Pre Session Notes

  • Michael Cribbs will be joining us as a permanent 6th party member. Character TBD.
  • Question: What is the name of the sole trading post in Demarek’s hometown of Bitter Hollow? (Answer in comments below, first correct answer will gain something)
    • Winner: Josh. Reward: Eashen gains + 1 permanent HP. ( aka, this will increase your max HP by 1)
  • Hero Point Distribution:
    • Eashen, Abhishek, Demarek, and Dalaldriel all get 1 hero point for leveling last session
    • Raynar and Salmin get 1 hero point to start the game

Post Session Summary

Date: 6 Pharast (March) 4708 – Oathday (Thursday)

As the party finishes their furious battle with the Ogres, they attract the attention of two survivors hiding out in the fort. Salmin Whisslespinner and Raynar Mandeveras, who have spent the better part of the past month hiding from and evading the horde of ogres, manage to sneak out of their hiding place and stumble upon the group. Together, the party retreats to the caves behind Fort Rannick and rests, placating the nest of shocker lizards with delicious ogre meat.

In talking with Berk, the group realizes that the fort is full of numerous ogres, but many of them are far superior fighters. In addition, they learn that the ogre chieftain, Jaagrath Kreeg, has sent a work party to Skull’s Crossing, the ancient Thassilonian dam that holds back the waters of Storvol Deep.


Date: 7 Pharast (March) 4708 – Firesday(Friday)

After resting, the group departs the ogre-infested Fort Rannick, and heads to the dam through a torrent of rain. Arriving at the base of the dam, they begin a long, wet ascent along a giant-sized staircase built into the side of the ravine. About halfway up, they enter a cave that turns out to be the home of a hostile Ettin. After defeating the beast, the group continues to the top of the dam where they discover the group of ogres sent by Jaagrath. While engaging them in combat, the waters of the Storvol Deep broil, and out emerges Black Magga! The creature swiftly destroys the ogre patrol while the group flees for safety.


Date: 8 Pharast (March) 4708 – Starday(Saturday)

After resting in the Ettin cave so Eashen can prepare some specific spells, the group returns to the dam and climbs over to a small collapsed opening on the side of a building perched in the center of the dam structure. Inside, they discover some graffiti written in giant that states: BELOW DWELLS WET PAPA GRAZUUL. ALL HAIL WET PAPA GRAZUUL!


Two Ogres on second floor: 1600 XP
Ettin: 2400 XP
Surviving Black Magga: 19,200 XP

Total party XP: 23,200

Josh / Eashen (level 7): +3867/ 44,232 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 7): +3867/ 47,732 (total)
Angela / Abhishek (level 7): +3867/ 45,482 (total)
Marcus / Daladriel (level 7): +3867/ 46,632 (total)
Evan / Salmin (level 7) +3867 / 38,868 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 7): +3867 / 38,868 (total)

NPC / Orik (level 5): +0 / 17,160 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 3): +0 / 7000 (total)

Experience required for Level 4: 9,000
Experience required for Level 5: 15,000
Experience required for Level 6: 23,000
Experience required for Level 7: 35,000
Experience required for Level 8: 51,000


From Secret Armory in Fort Rannick Caves:

  • 24x longswords, shortswords, daggers, composite longbows all preserved for long term storage and marked in crates bearing the Black Arrow insignia
  • 6x + 2 shocking burst arrows

From Ettin’s Cave:

  • 20 gp
  • 32 sp
  • Phylactery of Positive Channeling
  • Large Steel Shield + 2 of Fortification (light) bearing the insignia of house Braynard
  • Scroll tube with the following scrolls:
    • Cone of Cold
    • Hold Monster
    • Telekinesis
The Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3 Part 2
Retaking Rannick


4-19-2015: Added template
5-2-2015: Added Session notes

Pre Session Notes

  • We will have a guest player joining us for the session: Michael Cribbs
  • Question: What is the Shoanti word for tribe? (Answer in comments below, first correct answer will gain something)
    • Winner: Jim. Reward:Demarek gains + 1 permanent HP. ( aka, this will increase your max HP by 1)

Post Session Summary

Date: 5 Pharast (March) 4708 – Wealday (Wednesday)


The group continues to explore the Graul farmstead, looking to eliminate the threat of the ogrekin. They discover the mutilated bodies of several dead Black Arrow Rangers, their skins peeled off of their corpses. Eventually, they burst into Mammy Graul’s room where a vicious fight ensues. Crowfoot Graul is there but perishes, and Mammy escapes the house by casting a Dimension Door spell. Her significant girth is later seen flying toward Hook Mountain. Having made the farmstead (relatively) safe, the group rests that night in the old barn with the three Black Arrow rangers they rescued.

Date: 6 Pharast (March) 4708 – Oathday (Thursday)

The group rises to a veritable downpour of rain. Steady rain makes traveling the remainder of the way to Ft. Rannick a miserable experience, but covers their tracks and masks their approach. Jakardros and Dalaldriel sneak over to the Fort to investigate a secret passage behind the waterfall, and quickly the group enters the caves snaking through the mountainside. they run into a pack of shocker lizards, but are able to negotiate their way past the clutch.

Vale and Jakardros show them to a secret entrance leading to the basement of the fort. There they discover a woman who introduces herself as Lucretia. She tries to persuade the party to come meet her friend Mokmurian and to join his army to conquer the world, but does not seem terribly disappointed when they refuse. Disturbingly, she is also aware of the party, knowing them by name, and hints that an elven acquaintance of theirs passed through recently. She also calls Kaven out as a traitor. The group, having heard enough, battle with the creature, but she flees after being wounded. Kaven, his intentions suspect, turns on the group but is slain. Jakardros’ animal companion, Kibb, is slain.


Continuing up into the main floor of the keep, the group is beset by a band of ogres living in the fort. A fierce battle ensues, whereupon Vale and Thrash are slain by powerful blows from an elite ogre warrior. The party manages to defeat the ogres, but barely…


Defeating Crowfood Graul: 3200 XP
Defeating Mammy Graul: 4800 XP
Defeating the Ogrekin Zombies (3): 600 XP
Surviving the Trapped Chest in the Attic of the Graul Farm: 1600 XP
Bypassing the Shocker Lizards (14): 8400 XP
Defeating Lucretia: 9600 XP
Defeating Kaven Windstrike: 2400 XP

Defeating the ogres in Ft. Rannick, 1st Floor (8): 6,400XP
Defeating the Elite Ogres in Ft Rannick, 1st Floor (2): 9,600

Total party XP: 46,600

Josh / Eashen (level 7): +9320/ 40,365 (total) LEVEL 7
Jim / Demarek (level 7): +9320/ 43,865 (total) LEVEL 7
Angela / Abhishek (level 7): +9320/ 41,615 (total) LEVEL 7
Marcus / Daladriel (level 7): +9320/ 42,765 (total) LEVEL 7
Evan / Thrash: Deceased
NPC / Orik (level 5): +0 / 17,160 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 3): +0 / 7000 (total)

Experience required for Level 4: 9,000
Experience required for Level 5: 15,000
Experience required for Level 6: 23,000
Experience required for Level 7: 35,000
Experience required for Level 8: 51,000


Old Crowfood:

  • Potion of Cure Serios Wounds x2 (already distributed)
  • Ogre Hook + 1 (medium size)
  • Amulet of natural armor + 1 (given to Demarek)
  • Ring of Protection + 1

Mammy Graul’s Bedroom:

  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds ( already consumed, I believe)
  • Wand of Magic Missile, CL3, 44 charges
  • Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement, CL1, 28 charges
  • Wand of Vampiric Touch, CL5, 33 charges
  • Necromantic spellbook, bound in human skin. Written with… is that blood?
    • Level 4 Spells: Bestow Curse, Contagion, Dimension Door,
    • Level 3 Spells: Displacement, Fly, Ray of Exhaustion, Slow, Vampiric Touch, Animate Dead, (lesser) Gentle Repose
    • Level 2 Spells: Blind/Deaf, False Life, Ghoul Touch, Mirror Image, Spectral Hand, Touch of Bloodletting
    • Level 1 Spells: Chill touch, Grease, Mage Armor, Reduce Person, True strike, Ray of Enfeeblement, Magic Missile, Cause Fear

Rest of Graul Farmstead Treasure:

  • 233 gp
  • 562 sp
  • 229 cp
  • Gold Ring (50gp)
  • Necklace of emeralds and silver (350gp)
  • Leather gloves of Arrow Snaring
  • Ruby inlaid dragon clasp (600gp)

Vale Temeros’ Equipment of note (all medium size):

  • Chainmail
  • Battleaxe + 1
  • Handaxe + 1
  • Composite Longbow (+4 strength), 20 arrows

Kaven Windstrike’s Equipment of note ( all medium size)

  • Rapier + 1
  • MW Dagger
  • Longbow, 20 arrows
  • Ring of Protection + 1

Thrash was hit so hard his equipment was destroyed.

1st Floor Ft. Rannick Ogre Battle ( all equipment Large size)

  • 2x Hide armor + 1
  • 2x Ogre Hook + 1
  • 20 Javelins
  • 8x Hide Armor
  • 8x Greatclub
The Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3 Part 1
In the Hook's Shadow


4-13-2015: Added template
4-19-2015: Added post session summary

Pre Session Notes

  • Eashen, Demarek, and Abhishek get hero points for leveling last session.
  • Thrash starts with 1 hero point.
  • Everyone gets a hero point for completing Chapter 2: The Skinsaw Murders.
  • Event: After spending a cold, dull week on the river ferry, the party finally docks in Turtleback Ferry. This village is bustling with activity, as residents go about their lives despite the overcast sky and cold drizzle falling on their heads. You notice that many of them nervously glance up the mountain as they walk.
  • Question: What is the name of the ancient mystic living in Sanos Forest? (Answer in comments below, first correct answer will gain something)
    • Winner: Jim. Reward: Bonus XP 1750.

Post Session Summary

Date: 3 Pharast (March) 4708 – Moonday (Monday)

The group arrives in Turtleback Ferry on a rainy and dreary day, and quickly meets with the village Mayor and priest of Erastil, Maelin Shreed. At first, he mistakes them for military aid sent by Magnimar, but is nevertheless happy to hear that they have heard rumors of problems at Fort Rannick and wish to investigate. The mayor provides them with what little information he knows.


That evening, they investigate a rumor of some pixie begging for help near the Shimmerglens. Searching over by the Wicker Walk, just southwest of Bitter Hollow, they discover a distraught little Pixie by the name of Yap who pleads for them to help his mistress who has some sort of affliction. Yap leads them through a blighted swamp which grows ever more eerie as they approach the center grove called Whitewillow. There, they meet Myriana, a ghost of a dead nymph. Her beauty blinds them all, but they promise to find and return her lover – Lamatar Bayden, lost somewhere up the slopes of Hook Mountain.

Date: 4 Pharast (March) 4708 – Toilday (Tuesday)

Maelin Shreed manages to cure several of the party members of their blindness, but since he is unable to cure all of them, the group spends a day wandering the town seeking to learn of the area. They discover the following rumors from various townsfolk:

  • Black Magga, the monster of the Storval Deep, doesn’t stay in that lake. Underwater tunnels connect it to Claybottom Lake, and she comes down here to eat fishermen now and then! I’m sure that’s what happened to the Paradise—Black Magga came down and gobbled up all those filthy sinners
  • Heard a few months ago, before all these rains started, that some of the hunters who brave the Valley of Broken Trees for boar found a bunch of enormous footprints. Giant-sized footprints! It’s bad enough we’ve got ogres, but if a giant’s moved into the valley, I sure hope the Black Arrows take care of it soon!
  • Been some weird lights across the lake in the Shimmerglens lately. They don’t show up all the time, but now and then you can see them in the early dawn hours, movin’ around like they was a bunch of people over there carryin’ around lanterns and dancin’ and stuff. Place is haunted, I tells ya
  • No one believes me, but that leader of the Black Arrows—Bayden’s his name, I think—he’s got something going on over across the lake. I seen him comin’ and goin’ from Whitewillow, and so’s my friends. I’m pretty sure he’s up to no good. Nothing friendly lives in swamps, after all

They also discover that a tragedy recently struck a river barge, named Paradise, which had been docked on the pier. The barge was known for its gambling and liquor, and was quite popular among the townsfolk. It appears that the barge caught fire and sunk quickly, trapping a half dozen patrons inside, including the owner – a lady by the name of Lucretia. Furthermore, Abhishek stumbled on a few townsfolk who bore a small tattoo in the shape of the seven-pointed star. Approaching one, he discovered that the owner received it for use on the Paradise – apparently he had been asked if he wanted to become a gold-star member, giving him sizable discounts on food and drinks, as well as a free starting credit for gambling. The star was just proof of membership – but not to tell his wife, who disapproved of such things.

Date: 5 Pharast (March) 4708 – Wealday (Wednesday)

Maelin Shreed returns, curing more of the party of their blindness. As Orik remains blind, the group asks Marilis to care for him and departs to investigate Fort Rannick through a steady, cold spring rain.

Soon after they cross the skull river, the group hears the sound of an animal in agony. They quickly find a firepelt cougar, trapped in a bear trap. As they attempt to free the animal, a pack of hunting dogs and a large ogrekin burst from the undergrowth to attack them. A quick battle ensues, but the ogrekin flees after being wounded.


After freeing the cougar, they discover it has a name – Kibb – and is the companion of a Black Arrow ranger. Kibb tells them that they were away from the Fort when it was attacked by ogres, and during their attempts to take it back were themselves ambushed by ogrekin and captured. Kibb leads the group to a large farmstead – the home of an inbred clan of ogrekin- the Grauls.

The group sneaks up to the farmstead, entering the barn where they battle Rukus and three smaller ogrekin. In the rear of the barn, they find – and slay- an enormous ogre spider as it guarded a cage containing some surviving Black Arrows. The three Black Arrows, beaten and barely able to walk introduce themselves as Vale Temeros, Kaven Windstrike, and Jakardos Sovrak. Jakardos is (was) the second-in-command of the Black Arrows. The group gives them some spears and heads into the farmhouse to clear the area of ogrekin.




After finding the front porch trapped, the group enters via a side door into the kitchen. They begin to explore the house, finding all manner of vie and disgusting filth – from human skin made leather, to bone ornaments, to rotten and maggot infested human meat. Just the sight of it makes Abhishek retch.

In what might be viewed as a family room, the group accidentally springs a pit trap, causing Demarek to fall into a basement area occupied by a great plant creature – a Tendriculous. The others quickly join him, as does another ogrekin, for a great battle in which Eashen is nearly eaten alive by the plant.


  • Rukus Graul (fighter/rogue ogrekin): 3200 XP
    • and his dogs (5): 2000XP
  • Rescuing Kibb (alive): 1000 XP
  • Rukus ( barn), Hograth, Jeppo, and Sugar Graul: 2400 XP
  • Biggin’ ( the ogre spider): 1600 XP
  • Bypassing the porch sawblade trap: 800 XP
  • Dining room Scythe Traps (3): 2400XP
  • Couch Pit trap: 1600 XP
  • Muck Graul ( Tendriculous) : 2400 XP
  • Hucker Graul (barbarian/rogue ogrekin): 3200 XP

Total party XP: 20,600 XP

Josh / Eashen (level 6): +4120/ 31,045 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 6): +5870/ 34,545 (total)
Angela / Abhishek (level 6): +4120/ 32,295(total)
Marcus / Daladriel (level 6): +4120/ 33,445 (total)
Evan / Thrash (level 4): +4120 / 13,120 (total)
NPC / Orik (level 5): +0 / 17,160 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 3): +0 / 7000 (total)

Experience required for Level 4: 9,000
Experience required for Level 5: 15,000
Experience required for Level 6: 23,000
Experience required for Level 7: 35,000


Rukus Graul:

  • Belt of Giant Strength + 2


  • 3 spears (given to Black Arrows)
  • bottle of Ogre Spider venom, taken by Dalaldriel.

Hucker Graul:

  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • Hide Armor + 1
  • Ogre Hook + 1
  • Amulet of Natural Armor + 1
  • 235 gp
The Skinsaw Murders, Downtime Weeks 4 through 8
Downtime Weeks 4 through 8

Downtime week of 2 Calistril (February) 4708


  • Demarek, Dalaldriel, and Abhishek rest.


  • Retraining Spell Focus: Evocation feat for Improved Initiative feat. (5 days)
  • 2 Days of crafting + 4 days of evening work: ( 6.6 / 11 complete on headband of intellect)
  • Spend one evening out shopping, buy the scroll of Darkness

Downtime week of 9 Calistril (February) 4708


  • Demarek and Abhishek rest.


  • Retraining Spell Specialization feat for Scholar feat. (5 days)
  • 2 Days of crafting + 5 days of evening work: ( 10 / 11 complete on headband of intellect)


  • (DC 15, Diplomacy: 14+2 = 16) You search for , find, and have one whip enchanted to + 1. Cost: 2000 gp.

Downtime week of 16 Calistril (February) 4708


  • Demarek, Abhishek, and Dalaldriel rest.


  • 1 Day of crafting (11/ 11 Headband of Intellect + 4 Completed)
  • 1 Day of crafting (1/1 Hat of Disguise Completed)
  • 2 Days of crafting ( 2 / 2 Belt of Giant Strength + 2 Completed)
  • 1 Day of Crafting ( 1/1 on Snapleaf)
  • 1 Day of Crafting ( 1/1 on Snapleaf)
  • 1 Day of Crafting ( 1/8 on Belt of Giant Strength + 4)

Downtime week of 23 Calistril (February) 4708


  • Demarek, Abhishek, and Dalaldriel rest.


  • 7 Days of Crafting ( 8/8 on Belt of Giant Strength + 4 Completed)


  • Goes shopping, buys 2x Masterwork Lucerne Hammers, 30 Mastwork Arrows and Potion of Touch of the Sea.
  • Goes shopping for 100gp worth of food, liquor, and toys to ship to Turtleback Ferry.

Downtime week of 2 Pharast (March) 4708


  • The spring thaw has begun! Although still chilly, the icy waters of the Yonsabakari and Skull rivers have broken enough to allow passage via river boat.


  • Eashen discusses the upcoming expedition with Marilis and Orik, and invites them to come along.
    • Marilis and Orik both accept the invitation, on one condition: They receive a fair share of any treasure gained.
  • Through Demarek’s and Dalaldriel’s efforts, the party has secured a river barge traveling to Turtleback Ferry.
    • Passenger Fees: 50gp per cabined passenger
    • Animal Fees: 100gp per mount
    • Shipping Expenses (for Dalaldriel’s supplies): 50gp
  • Just as the group is boarding the ferry to depart Magnimar, a very stout Shoanti comes running up to them. After inquiring if they were the Heroes of Sandpoint and receiving Demarek’s response, he Introduces himself as Thrash Bear-krom. Thrash indicates that Sherrif Hemlock suggested he seek out the Heroes of Sandpoint to assist in their investigation of some recent murders. Without skipping a beat, the barbarian warrior jumps on the ferry just as it casts off from the pier and asks, Now where’s the crazy elf Balor warned me about?
The Skinsaw Murders, Downtime Week 3
Downtime Week 3

Downtime week of 26 Abadius (January) 4708


  • You notice that gossip regarding the Sihedron-marked ritual murders is notably absent amongst the tavern and common folk of Magnimar this week. It appears that there hasn’t been a murder of this sort in several weeks.


  • Retraining Spell Focus: Conjuration feat for Spell Mastery feat. (5 days)
  • 1 Day of crafting + 3 days of evening work: ( 3.6 / 11 complete on headband of intellect)
  • Spend one evening out shopping, buy the scroll of Beastshape II
  • (Tiered DC 10/15/20, Diplomacy: 13+3 = 16) Spend one evening exploring the city. You notice that it is common to see Magnimar citizens performing small rituals and prayer before it’s many monuments. Intricate dances, meditations, reciting some brief phrases, lighting candles… the specific ritual appears to be different for each Monument. While you can perceive no difference for most of these offerings, occasionally one will walk away with a glint in her eye or a spring in her step.
  • You spend on evening finding and speaking with Marilis. She is in the process of gathering her things and shares with you that Desna has granted her some guidance. She is convinced that a long journey is in her future, but does not know where it will lead, nor where she should go.
  • You send a letter to Brodert, and a few days layer receive his response: Travel is difficult on these old bones, and the flash of a big city no longer holds the same sway as it did when I was young. Come find me in a month, I will undoubtedly still be here, cataloguing all of your wonderful Thassilonian finds.
  • You send a letter home.


  • Enjoys some R&R at the tavern and other locations of entertainment in Magnimar. (Bonus XP for making it easy on me this week! 100 XP)
  • Note that since you are from Bitter Hollow in the Turtleback Ferry region, here’s some stuff you would know. See Turtleback Ferry Region


  • Begins playing evening shows at the tavern.
  • (DC 10, Diplomacy: 12+10 = 22) Spends one day visiting the Varisian Council. You find that they are largely symbolic, petitioning the other political arms in Magnimar to enact laws to protect native Varisians and Shoanti. They inform you that the best way to speak with the Lord Mayor is to request an audience at this office.
  • (Tiered DC: 10/15/20, Knowledge: Local 17+ 11 + 5(homeland) + 2 (Dalaldriel help) = 35) Spends one day gathering information on Fort Rannick, Turtleback Ferry. Note that since you are from the Sanos forest in this region, you already know most of this information. See Turtleback Ferry Region
  • Spend an evening discussing things with Dalaldriel.


  • You send a message to Magnimar City Guard Dormorn Ellith.
    • Have you gotten any closer to solving those terrible murders? Send me a message if you get redeployed. Let me know where you end up so I can come and visit. You were the best I have ever had. XOXOXO
  • You commission Eashen to create a hat of disguise.
  • You spread rumors about The Heroes of Sandpoint in the Dockway District.
  • You spend a day at the Serpent’s run.
  • You assist Abhishek in gathering information on Fort Rannick.
    • (DC 10, Diplomacy: 7+2 = 9, Failure. ) You are unable to uncover any connection between Magnimar Nobles and Ft. Rannick.
  • You speak with Abishek about your sordid past. On Facebook.
  • You send a message to Brodert Quink, but receive no response.
    • How is translation of stone work and Thassalonian mural in Thistletop coming along? What story does the partially submerged room tell?
  • You spend an evening shopping, and purchase Silversheen, Elixir of Hiding, Potion of Displacement.
  • (DC: 20, Diplomacy: 19+2 = 21) You visit Caret’s Camp and attempt to speak with the Wreckwash Blades. Surprisingly, you convince them to grant you audience and answer some of your questions.
    • They tell you that the Brothers of the Seven are just a front for Nobles wishing to turn a profit by loaning money to less reputable endeavors. The actual nobles are pretty uninteresting outside of their penchant for greed and outrageous interest rates. Lately, however, the group seems to have fallen off – loaning money less often.
    • They have never heard of anyone called Xanesha.
    • They recognize the Foxglove Family name, but not Vorel specifically. They hold the opinion that the Foxglove family is basically just a bunch of washed-up crazies who end up killing themselves eventually.
    • Ironbriar they know and hate – he’s sentenced many of their gang to prison – The Hells – and they couldn’t be happier at his disappearance. They have it form a reliable source that Ironbriar has fled Magnimar, but don’t know where he has gone.
    • Magoon Who?
    • The Blades inform you that this information is not free, and you are now in their debt. One day they will come to collect. The way they say this comes with a heavy implication that denying their request would not be wise.
  • You spend a day wandering Beacon’s Point spreading rumors about the Heroes of Sandpoint, but do not uncover any new information.


Josh / Eashen: XP: +0/ 26,925 (total)
Jim / Demarek: XP: +100/ 28,675 (total)
Angela / Abhishek: XP: +0/ 28,175(total)
Marcus / Daladriel: XP: +0/ 29,325 (total)
Evan / - :
NPC / Orik: +0 / 17,160 (total)

Experience required for Level 6: 23,000
Experience required for Level 7: 35,000

The Skinsaw Murders, Downtime Week 2
Downtime Week 2

Downtime week of 19 Abadius (January) 4708


  • While the common folk of Magnimar continue to gossip about recent events, word has spread about the disappearance of Chief Justice Ironbriar. The predominant word on the street is that he may have been abducted, though some suspect he is already dead and are merely waiting for the body to turn up. Regardless, The City Watch is offering a substantial reward for his safe return.


  • Retraining Extend Spell feat for Persistant Spell feat. (5 days)
  • 1 Day of crafting: ( 2/8 complete on headband of intellect)
  • Shopping to buy the scroll of greater invisibility, magic weapon.
  • Discuss stealth mode stuff with Dalaldriel
  • Meet with party and disperse treasure shares.
  • Visit temple: Abadar, Erastil, Desna: (DC: 5, Diplomacy: 12+3 = 15) No tasks/jobs/quests of interest discovered.
    • There is a temple to Sarenrae, but it is presently abandoned.
    • No Temples to Gozreh or Shelyn exist.


  • You return to the Temple of Iodemae and speak again to Chaplain Tira Ronnova about the stolen sword. You offer to help, and she provides the following information:
    • The theft occurred at the home of wealthy merchant, Viorian Dekanti, in Riddleport. The thief fled Riddleport by sea and was located in Magnimar shortly afterward. Tira Ronnova’s informants were able to verify that the thief has since Magnimar, and was last spotted in Kaer Maga. That is where the trail goes cold.
    • The thief apparently killed two skilled house guardsmen, and the house adviser, himself an accomplished sorcerer, during the theft of the sword.
    • Despite other valuable items on display in the room with the sword, nothing else was stolen.
  • You send a message to Sheriff Hemlock regarding the home invasion, and his response arrives several days later indicating that he has had no other reports of unusual break-ins, but he will beef up patrols around the Manor just in case.
  • You send a message to Sandpoint for Tobin, but the messenger returns indicating he could not be found.
  • Orik was not planning on heading back to Sandpoint soon, but will gladly keep an eye on the manor when he does.
  • You learn sign language.
  • (DC: 15, Knowledge Religion: 16+5 = 21) You investigate the cult. The clothing and strange masks, as well as the ritualistic sacrifices all point to Norgorber, the god of thievery and assassination. Though many cults dedicated to his worship exist, the Skinsaw cult is one of the most vile, preferring to focus on brutal murder to appease their god. You do not believe there are any ties between Norgorber worship and ancient Thassilon, but are also quite certain that marking victims with the seven-pointed-star is not a known component of Norgorber ritual murder.


  • Early in the week, you reunite with the rest of your band.
    • You impress the owner of the tavern in which you are staying ( DC 15, Perform, 17+9 = 26) and he offers you a semi-permanent gig playing the common room for a small stipend plus room and board.
  • You go shopping and purchase the mithril shirt.
  • During off hours, your band members snoop around other local gathering places and discover little more than the common rumors and whispers mentioned in the Event section. ( DC 20 Diplomacy, 19+10 = 29).
  • You start to train messenger pigeons: ( See Train animal for general purpose: Servant. DC 20, Handle Animal: 9+ 5+ 2(speak with animals)=14 Failure) No progress made.
    • Note: you specified that you would have the pigeons follow your band mates to Sandpoint. I don’t see how this can happen, since travelling to Sandpont by foot takes several days and you specified that you wanted to have them perform in Magnimar as well as snoop around the city.
  • You chat with Dalaldriel (what she chooses to share is up to her).


  • You send a note to Father Zantos about posting a guard at the Foxglove mansion. A few days later you receive a reply indicating he has passed on your request to Sheriff Hemlock.
  • You discover an extravagant party ( DC 10 Diplomacy: 10+2 = 12) and are able to prepare to infiltrate the soiree.
    • Incidentally, the party neither occurs in the Capital District nor happens on Day 1 ( Sunday), but whatever.
    • You prepare your disguise: (Disguise: 17+6+2(kit)= 25) and sneak into the party: ( DC: 15, Stealth: 7+16 = 23). You socialize, feigning social graces ( DC 15, Bluff: 10+7 = 17), and manage to convince most of the partygoers that you are a courtesan. Unfortunately, your lack of high court knowledge (DC 15, Knowledge Nobility: 9+ 1 = 10) and unusual mixed breed racial heritage cause most of the crowd to politely ignore you, and The Lord Mayor’s personal guard do not let you approach at all.
    • After speaking with most of the partygoers, you settle on a half elf junior officer in the City Watch – Dormorn Ellith, the seventh bastard son of some minor noble house. After your late night tryst, the officer complains about his lot in life, and you are happy to listen: This is getting out of hand, sweetums. First it was the murders. I swear everyone thinks we don’t care about the victims – but we do! Between you and me, it seemed like every lead we got was tipped off to our arrival. Like we just missed them going out the back door as we came in the front. And now the Chief Justice! We’ve got every man scouring the city looking for that elf and nothing. It’s like he just vanished. The Captain will have my head if we don’t find him soon. And then this morning, I heard the Lord Mayor and the Captain talking about the outlying regions needing more men! We can barely handle whats going on in the city, and they want to send a platoon to go to some backwater place called Fort Rannick! Hell, I don’t even know where that is – why would I want to go there?
    • Following Dormorn the following day, you find nothing unusual as he is performing typical duties of the city guard.
  • You purchase Protection form Evil Potion, Shield of Faith Potion, Oil of Dispel Magic .
  • Seek someone to create Elixir of Truth, Silversheen, Elixir of Swimming and Hat of Disguise. ( DC 15, Diplomacy: 9+ 3 = 12, failure), but do not find any.
  • You spend a day searching through the sewers, and you find a significant amount of traffic ( DC: 10 Perception, 14 + 10 = 24). most of it, however, is indicative of scarzni operations or other poor, homeless sewer-dwellers. You find nothing indicating lamias or golems.
  • You spend a day spreading rumors in Lowcleft ( Bluff: 14 + 7 = 21) and trying to discover suspicious activity ( DC 10, Diplomacy: 19 + 3 = 22). You find all sorts of gambling, doublecrossing, swindling, and scheming, but nothing pertaining to the Skinsaw Cult, Justice Ironbriar, or Lamias.
  • You find a ship and arrange for mundane treasure to be delivered to Mansion at Sandpoint ( DC 10, Diplomacy: 17 + 3 = 22).
  • The following were not completed, as you did not have sufficient time:
    • Work with Abhishek and his band where ever they are and whatever they are doing.
    • Spy on the Gull but do not approach.

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