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In Wrath's Shadow
The death of a good friend

Session Summary

24 Gozran (April) 4708 through 1 Desnus (May) 4708

The group decides to travel to Hollow Mountain via the aid of Eashen’s magic. He summons five great phantom steeds to carry the party across the Varisian gulf, following the chain of islands until finally reaching Rivenrake Island several days later. After exploring the island, the group stumbles upon a small camp of nervous laborers. Raynar heads out to greet them and discovers that they are the remnants of an archaeological expedition sponsored by a group of Pathfinders, but something has gone terribly wrong. One of their number, Shadaq, returned to camp several days ago with wounds so grievous that he eventually died from them. The remainder of the expedition has not been heard from since.

Eashen teleports the group to Magnimar, but on the way back miscalculates and ends up in the middle of the Varisian Gulf. He manages to spend the night in a rope trick before returning to the campsite the following morning.

2 Desnus (May) 4708 – Fireday (Friday)

With Eashen returned, the group heads up toward the dig site. They discover a tunnel, marked with evidence of some clawed bipedal creatures, leading them into the side of a mountain and an enormous cavern. Within this cavern is an enormous dig site, rock having been pulled away to reveal an eerie and disturbing stone building – a Temple of Yamasoth. Even more disturbing are the scattered corpses around the entrance – all long dead from weapon, bite, and claw wounds.

The group enters the temple: a great hall with a beautiful mosaic floor displaying a seven pointed star and bearing a huge statue of Yamasoth. After fending off an attack from a pack of harpies, they discover a shaft leading down into the depths below.

Descending into the depths, the group enters a room decorated with murals of torture and self-flagellation, depicting many rituals associated with Yamaosth worship. Further exploring the underground structure, they come across a larger room, filled with sinspawn – mindless creatures of wrath and anger; relics of Thassilonian days gone by. The creatures attack, but are quickly dispatched by the group. Searching the room, they discover the charred and burnt bodies of several of the missing laborers, as well as two pathfinders. Much later, after securing the rest of the catacombs, they discover that once of these deceased was their old friend Tobin Everheart.

Continuing their exploration, the group comes across a door. Listening intently, Raynar hears a strange chanting coming from the other side – one that grows louder and louder until suddenly it stops. Wasting no time, the group bursts into the room to see a great monstrous qlippoth devour the torso of a bound sacrificial victim: yet another missing member of the archaeological expedition.

Demarek furiously charges the beast, and the group joins in the battle, defeating it and it’s summoner: an undead priest of Yamosoth.


Searching the room, the group discovers a secret passage, long abandoned and unused. AS they investigate, they discover the long dead remains of a human, clothed in robes. His backpack appears to have been looted, but within it the group finds the useless remnants of a spellbook and spell component pouch.

Before the man, stands a shimmering blue field which blocks the remainder of the hallway. After inspecting the field, the group discovers a small black hole, like a keyhole. On a hunch, Eashen attempts to insert his father’s amulet into the hole, and it quickly absorbs the blue field like a sponge before falling, blackened, upon the floor.

The way before them now cleared, the group heads forward to the sound of battle. There they encounter another qlippoth beast engaged in a battle with a giant bear. Combining their forces, they defeat the qlippoth creature, and in the aftermath discover that the bear was instead, a shoanti man. Through the man only spoke Thassilonian, the group is able to communicate via shared knowledge of the language of giants, and they discover that he was captured by Thasslionian priests for sacrifice. They are able to deduce that he had been frozen in time for millenia.

3 Desnus (May) 4708 through 5 Desnus (May) 4708

Together with their newfound companion, the group returns to Magnimar, returning the lost wayfinders to the Pathfinder Lodge there. Investigating the records, Eashen is able to learn a little more about Tobin’s fateful expedition ears ago. From the scrolls, (paraphrased):

The expedition went wonderfully, until we discovered the final room: three shoanti bound and chained to the floor there, preserved by some unholy power – alive, but sleeping for untold ages. A young pathfinder candidate, Alton, curiously approached an open text lying before a runic circle of silver dust, when the ghastly priest jumped out, clawing and scratching. He ripped Alton’s throat out before we could blink…. I cannot recall why I was so enamored with the book, but I watched as the blood poured into it; getting soaked up like a sponge. Many years later it occurred to me that blood must have been the final component – blood that the priest could not provide.

In an instant, the circle sprung to life, and the tentacled creature burst forth. Landris held it off as long as he could, but the beast was too powerful , consuming the chained woman. We grabbed the child and fled for our lives, and Landris sealed the room with his magics as we heard a powerful roar echo through the hallway. I dd not know he had been struck until it was too late. The poison working its way through his bloodstream faster than any I had ever encountered. I literally watched the flesh melt off his bones.

I grabbed some of his things before we were attacked again. That damned priest somehow managed to flee the room before we could seal it. We fled for our lives.

Venture Captain Heidmarch sheds some light on the second trip to Hollow Mountain.

I had my doubts. Riemme Batelle was a pathfinder I did not know well, having recently arrived from Cheliax. He brought news of some strange activities near Hollow Mountain. I was skeptical, but with the recent debacle with the Swords of Sin, the mess here in Magnimar with the Clock Tower, as well as various other incidents across Varisia, I thought it best to investigate. Tobin knew the area well, and despite his protests, I sent them. I should have listened….

Demarek is able to contact the crafter he previously met, and enchantment of his armor begins.

Marillis reveals some surprising news: She is pregnant!

Raynar spends some time around Magnimar, visiting his old stomping grounds and favorite establishments. He visits his family, spending some extra time with his brother Randon talking about his exploits and the rising danger of Mokmurian and the stone giants of the Storvol Plateau.

Raynar also speaks with Orik about Marillis and his new found fatherhood. The two of them decide that perhaps Orik should settle into a less dangerous career, and Orik reluctantly agrees.

6 Desnus (May) 4708

Orik and Marillis get married in a quiet ceremony at the shrine to Desna. Shortly after, they depart for Sandpoint. Marillis addresses the group:

We’ve decided to settle down in Sandpoint. Orik can work for Sheriff Hemlock as a town guard, and I bet Father Zantos could use some help around the Cathedral. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us. Should you ever need anything, you need only ask. Please visit anytime.

Enchantment of Demarek’s armor is completed.

Randon approaches Raynar and agrees to accompany him on his journeys to stop Mokmurian.


Fiendish Harpy ( 5x 1600) = 8000
Sinspawn Barbarians ( 5x 1600) = 8000
Thorist, Ghast cleric of Yamasoth = 2400
Qlippoth, Nyogoth = 9600
Qlippoth, Chernobue = 19,200
Rescuing Tobin: 0
Rescuing Riemme Batelle: 0
Rescuing the Camp survivors: 5000


Josh / Eashen (level 10): + 12,090 / 143,229 (total)
Josh / Trithereon (level 10) + 3840 / 108,840 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 10): + 12,090 / 143,649 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 10): + 12,090 / 137,715 (total)
Cohort/ Orik (level 8): 12,090 * 8/10 = + 9672 / 74,999 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 9): + 12,090 / 93,370 (total)

Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000
Experience required for Level 11:155,000


Sinspawn Room:
2x Wayfinder
Morningstar + 2
Longsword + 1
Amulet of Natural Armor + 1
Ring of Protection + 1

Summoning room:
+ 2 Mithral shirt
amulet of natural armor + 1
ring of protection + 1

The Sandpoint Devil
Into The Pit

Session Summary

18 Gozran (April) 4708 – Wealday (Wednesday)

The group heads to the Devil’s Platter in the Sandpooint Hinterlands to investigate the Pit. Eashen had long ago discovered a map of the area indicating something was at the pit, and the letter found at Hook Mountain also suggested that Barl Breakbones had an interest in the area. That was enough to convince the adventurers to check it out.

Arriving at the Pit via teleport, the group discovers a gruesome scene. The blackened and charred remains of a work camp of sorts lie scattered across the rough ground here. Among the remains of shovels, tents, pickaxes, and various other camping and digging equipment, Raynar discovers a partially burnt journal. Much of it’s contents have been burnt or ruined by the weather, but bits and pieces are still legible

…. bring back a good stone, roughly the size of a human head should suffice…
… if we find it, Mokmurian will reward us well….
…. waste of time. The entire work party burned to a….
…. no sign of ruins so far. That damned beast prevents us from getting further into the pit…

Heading down into the pit they realize that it is much deeper than it seems. The opening, nearly 100feet wide at the top, descends nearly 300 feet into the core of Devil’s Platter. At the bottom, they discover two passages: a small, narrow one heading east, and a larger tunnel heading north.

First exploring eastward, the group comes upon a large cavern filled with tiny alcoves fashioned into homes. Strangely, they have no signs of residents. Headed south, the group follows a tunnel passage for several hundred yards before discovering an exit out into the rolling grasslands of the Sanpoint Hinterlands. There, they discover the remains of an armored warrior. Curiously, they discover an eyepatch on him.

Headed back into the cavern city, they discoer that the north end of the cavern ends in a set of stairs leading to a large set of stone doors. Around the doors, they discern the markings of the god Kabriri – the patron god of ghouls. Opening the door to the temple, Raynar spots a great horde of ghouls, numbering over two dozen, as they turn and peer at him. He quickly shuts the door and explains what he can see to the group.

They decide to deal with the threat such a temple presents, and open the doors once more – to be faced with a wall of fog. After a short debate, Eashen dispels the fog to reveal five ghul priests of Kabriri, and the battle ensues. They quickly dispacth the priests, and the ghoul congregation which had circled around to attack them from behind.

Headed back over to the bottom of the Pit, the group continues north from there through the large tunnel. They uncover the den of the notorious Sandpoint devil, which they quickly realize is a mated pair of devil steeds! A furious battle ensues until orik slays one of the beasts, and Eashen’s summoned beast lays the final blow upon the other.


Searching the den, they find the burnt remains of numerous cattle and the occasional humanoid. Upon one corpse, they discover a blackened and charred holy symbol of Erastil.

The group returns to Sandpont that evening.

Post Session Activities

19 Gozran (April) 4708 – Oathday (Thursday)

The following day, Raynar and Orik return to the Pit to search the area (Perception). They spend the entire day crawling through various side tunnels, looking for magical or peculiar stones, but find nothing of note. They camp outside of the entrance that night, and other than a brief encounter with a lone, wandering bugbear, nothing of note occurs.

Eashen teleports down to Magnimar, seeking audience with Maester Toth Bhreacher at the Golemworks to apologize for his absence on the 16th of Gozran (Diplomacy) He is greeted by the Keeper of Scheduling, Aton Williamswright, who escorts him to a small waiting room, where Eashen waits patiently for much of the day. Late that evening, Aton returns, informing Eashen that business has kept Master Bhreacher busy for the day, and that perhaps he should return some other day. Eashen teleports back to Sandpoint that evening.

20 Gozran (April) 4708 – Fireday (Friday)

Eashen heads over to Brodert Quink’s home, searching for clues as to his whereabouts. Dust has gathered on much of his belongings, and no significant clues are uncovered ( Perception). Using some personal effects, Eashen attempts to scry on the old sage, and is successful. He manages to observe the old man wandering through a shadowy, dark area somewhat like a forest – only wispy, almost ethereal. For several minutes, Eashen observes the man walking around, as if lost and looking for a familiar landmark.

Later, Eashen travels east of town on Shadowmist and summons enough stone to create an imposing watchtower. Then returns home for the day.

Meanwhile, Orik and Raynar continue searching through the tunnels underneath Devils Platter, discovering nothing of note (Perception).

21 Gozran (April) 4708 – Starday (Saturday)

Eashen travels south of town on Shadowmist, summoning enough stone to create an imposing watchtower. Afterwards, he returns to town to meet with Sheriff Balor and Mayor Deverin to apologize for Damage done to the town during the raid (Diplomacy). He discusses the watchtowers, and while Sheriff Balor agrees that they are a good idea and will help protect Sandpoint as well as the Lost Coast Road, he is concerned that he does not have enough guardsmen to protect the town and man both watchtowers.

Eashen also discusses the use of Chopper’s Isle. The Mayor does not object, granting Eashen permission to build upon it. _ A wizard’s tower, right? Isn’t that what you do? As long as there are no dungeons beneath it!_ she quips.

Orik and Raynar, coming to the conclusion that their search for a magical, ‘good’ stone is futile, give up and head home.

22 Gozran (April) 4708 – Sunday (Sunday)

Eashen heads out into the forest east of Sandpoint to find and awaken two large oak trees. The awakened trees listen quietly to Eashen’s proposal to become guardians of the town. After pondering the proposal for a long while, they agree but have one condition: That Eashen and Sandpoint provide a human caretaker of the wood who would watch over their tree brethren Sandpoint and prevent the human loggers from irreparably damaging the wood.

Asking around, Eashen learns that there are no known gemstone mines in the area. Devils Platter is known to have iron and copper, but most of it has been left untouched, as the area is known to be infested with goblins, bugbears, ghouls, and worse.

Raynar spends some time asking around about transportation to Hollow Mountain, but most of the simple fishermen at the docks in Sandpoint merely look at him like he is crazy. Through his conversations, Raynar discovers that the mountain lies on an island on the far side of the Varisian Bay, and that it would be a treacherous four day journey for the small fishing boats found in Sandpoint. Furthermore, raynar gets the distinct feeling that the island is a place best avoided, and no fisherman in Sandpoint is willing to undergo the journey no matter how much gold is offered.

23 Gozran (April) 4708 – Moonday(Monday)

The group teleports down to Magnimar.

Raynar heads off to the Dockway district to try and find a ship willing to transport them to Hollow Mountain. After an exhaustive day of searching, he stumbles upon a ship captain who is willing to take them – for a price (Diplomacy). Haerla Skolet, captain of the Winking Wyvern, is willing to transport the party, at a cost of 1000gp per passenger.

Went there last month, I did, takin’ some o’ dem Pathfinders. Tis’ a dangerous place, I warn ye. Nearly lost me ship twice on the way back – once to harpies flyin off the mountain, and once to some black serpent swimmin’ in the waters. If I’m to risk me livelihood like that, you better make it worth me time. Should take about three days, if we have fair weather. You’ve never heard of the Winking Wyvern?…It’s the ship that made the Castle Run in less than twelve cycles…. Lemme know when you’re ready to depart, the sooner the better. Me boys are gettin’ restless and they’ve nearly spent all their gold on booze.

Meanwhile, Demarek searches through the various enchanters and armorsmiths, before finding one capable and willing to enhance his plate mail (Diplomacy). It will cost 3000gp and take three days to complete.


Ghul High Priest of Kabriri – (4800 × 4) = 19200
Ghul Priest of Kabriri – 9600
Ghouls (30 × 400) = 12000
Sandpoint Devil, Male – 9600
Sandpoint Devil, FEmale – 4800
Bonus: Discovering the body of Fen the Cleric: 800
Bonus: Discovering the body of Rolfe One-Eye: 800

Total party XP = 47,200

Josh / Eashen (level 10): + 11,800 / 131,139 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 10): + 11,800 / 131,559 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 10): + 11,800 / 125,625 (total)
Cohort/ Orik (level 8): 11,800 * 8/10 = + 9440 / 74,999 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 9): + 11,800 / 81,280 (total) LEVEL UP! 9th

Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000
Experience required for Level 11:155,000


None of note.

Fortress of the Stone Giants, Chapter 4 Part 1, Downtime
Aftermath of the Raid

Downtime Summary

Date: 3 Gozran (April) 4708 – Toilday(Toilday)

The Sandpoint survivors begin to emerge from their hiding spots. Though many are dismayed at the damage done to the town, most are happy to have survived. Some begin referring to the group as Giantslayer or Dragonslayer . The death of Ameiko Kaijitsu casts a gloom over the many in the town.

The town celebrates that evening, setting off fireworks and sharing dragon steaks.

Date: 4 Gozran (April) 4708 – Wealday(Wednesday)

Waking this morning, Marillis attempts to speak with the dead Giant Leader, Teraktinus, but he resists the spell. The red dragon, Longtooth, also resists. A stone giant, however, is more amenable to conversation:

Defeated by nosy little humans…. I never thought this would happen to the Plateau People. Well, I can tell you this: My Lord is the mighty Mokmurian, one of the dark giants of old come again. His magic… the things he has made… He has convinced the tribes that they will rule the lowlands again, down to the sea. He has mastered the ancient arts. He will certainly kill you all, run rough over your tiny homes with the army he has gathered. The fortunate few will become his slaves. You defeated us today, but you won’t succeed when there are a hundred or a thousand of the Plateau People marching together. Lord Mokmurian will make that happen.
Teraktinus, he was the leader of our raiding party. He convinced us that you would be easy pickings and we would all be rich. He obviously underestimated you, and we paid for his mistake.

Question: what were you trying to accomplish in raiding Sandpoint?

Teraktinus was to retrieve a stone from the tower ruin and return it to Lord Mokmurian. For what, I cannot say, but my people’s elders have ways of prying secrets from the stones. As for the rest of your little town, it was of no consequence. We were permitted to do with it what we wished.

Question: Where is Mokmurian’s fortress?

Mokmurian has claimed a place taboo to my people: The Valley of the Black Tower in the Iron Peaks. He calls his fortress Jorgenfist, after the name of the fortress that guards the gates to the afterlife. Taking such a name is blasphemous, but Mokmurian is powerful enough not to fear blasphemy

Question: What forces does Mokmurian command, both physically and magically?

Mokmurian has gathered together at least seven tribes of the Plateau People, each numbering in the dozens. More flock to his banner with every passing week. The number of lesser kin he has conscripted – ogres, ettins, trolls, hill giants – easily triple the tribes in number. He also enjoys the support of several lamias; degenerate supporters of the Mother of Monsters. His closest allies remain inside Jorgenfist, which I have never entered. Who knows what else resides within

Question: When does Mokmurian plan to attack his next targets?

I am not sure. My band was but one of several scouting parties sent into these lowlands to gather intelligence before the invasion. He will be angered to hear news of our defeat, and that will hasten his preparations. Still, moving such an army would take weeks unless Mokmurian possessed some other, more powerful, magical means to transport them all

Downtime Week 1: 4 Gozran (April) 4708 – Wealday(Wednesday) through 10 Gozran (April) 4708 – Toilday (Tuesday)

The adventurers help Sandpoint return to some semblance of normal. Demarek and his trusty steed Starlight along with Eashen, through the aid of his magics, assist the town in clearing the rubble and repairing the damaged northeastern gate. After a few days of backbreaking labor, much of the damage is cleared, and the town begins rebuilding the damaged structures. During this time, more citizens trickle in from the forest and the sea, though a few residences remain empty. Many of the commonfolk speculate if their owners will return at all.

Raynar seeks out Jubrayl to confront him about the rogue’s cowardice during the raid, but is unable to find the man. No one seems to know where Jubrayl has gone, and even his thug appear to be telling the truth on the matter (detect lies).

Raynar and Eashen then examine the Old Light, searching for strange or magical stones, and finds nothing. (Perception, Detect Magic).

The group travels to Magnimar for a few days. Eashen visits a few merchants, looking for some better equipment for his friend Orik. Eashen is able to sell the remaining treasure leftover from the exploration of Tirana’s hideout. Demarek visits the temple of Iodemae and has Ameiko brought back from the dead (using the scroll of raise dead). Marillis later assists Ameiko with the weakness she has after being returned to life (2000gp)

Downtime Week 2: 11 Gozran (April) 4708 – Wealday(Wednesday) through 17 Gozran (April) 4708 – Toilday (Tuesday)

Eashen Sandpoint, and spends time crafting a cloak of resistance +3 ( 3 days), then scouts Thistletop. The fort seems to be abandoned, save for wildlife. (1 day).

Demarek spends some time improving his diplomacy, with the aid of Ameiko, who is happy to help free of charge in light of her recent experience. ( 5 days)

Raynar and Orik return to Sandpoint from Magnimar.


Total party XP: 0 xp

Josh / Eashen (level 10): + 27,800 / 119,339 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 10): + 27,800 / 119,759 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 10): + 27,800 / 113,825 (total)
Cohort/ Orik (level 8): 27800 * 7/9 = + 21,622 / 69,596 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 8): + 27,800 / 69,480 (total)

Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000
Experience required for Level 11:155,000


Fortress of the Stone Giants, Chapter 4 Part 1
Raid on Sandpoint

Pre Session Notes

  • Eashen and Raynar have been cured of their negative levels.
  • See Secrets Section for important notes.
  • Please bring a clipboard to next session.

Post Session Summary

Date: 1 Gozran (April) 4708 – Sunday (Sunday)

The group speaks to Mayor Deverin and Sherrif Hemlock, who both agree that safeguarding the citizens below sandpoint is a wise idea. They point out, however, that the tunnels and catacombs below the city will be insufficient to house all of the town residents.

The evacuation, though chaotic, goes well – a handful of men escort the majority of the town’s women and children down to the safety of the tunnels. A fair number of residents decide to flee the town, streaming out on wagon, horseback, ship, and on foot. Yet many still remain in their homes, stubbornly refusing to abandon them despite the impending attack. For many, it is all they have.

Date: 2 Gozran (April) 4708 – Moonday(Monday)

The mass evacuation of Sandpoint continues throughout most of the morning. By noon, the town is eerily quiet, with many of the townsfolk hiding in the catacombs below sandpoint, or having fled town entirely. Still, a small portion of the town residents remain, perhaps around 100 or so, clinging to their homes and belongings, stubbornly refusing to leave.

Eashen finishes his lunch, then charms a few of the many seagulls flying around town, and asks them to scout the perimeter of the town to keep an eye out for giants approaching (Opposed Perception). He then heads over to the city wall, conjuring up stone to reinforce weak spots on the existing structure,

Swinging by Bordert’s place, Eashen peeks around the building. He notices nothing out of the ordinary, though the home has the distinct smell of rotten food (Perception).

Eashen then heads to the Glassworks, the main entrance the townsfolk are using to access the tunnels. Most of the town leadership is convening in the first floor of the building, and Eashen speaks to them here, providing a pep talk of sorts to boost morale (Diplomacy). They do not seem impressed. He attempts to seek out Madame Mvashti, but she is nowhere to be found. Her daughters believe she has gone for a walk in the woods nearby. Eashen does find Ilsoardi, and has a brief discussion with him, providing him with two spells the wizard transcribes later that night.

Eashen returns to his manor to tidy things up and secure valuables. He then heads to sleep early.

In the meantime, Demarek meets with the Sherrif Balor and the Town Guard. They greet him heartily, recalling the training they recieved from the Paladin several months ago. He gives them a bit of a pre battle pep talk (Diplomacy). They seem encouraged, but still very scared.

From there, Demarek finds Eashen, who gives him a potion of mage armor. After the brief exchange, Demarek patrolls the town with Eashen’s familiar in tow, encouraging stragglers to seek shelter or stay indoors. Making his way around town, he comes to the Old Light. He searches the area ( Perception, Detect Magic), but discovers nothing out of the ordinary. That evening, on the way back to meet the others, he encounters Naffer Vosk, who happily agrees to aid the town by ringing the Cathedral bells when danger comes.

Meanwhile, Raynar seeks out Jubrayl Vhiski, the local Sczarni boss. As expected, he is found drinking in the Fatmans Feedbag, surrounded by about a dozen rough-looking men. Raynar enters, looking to speak with Jubrayl, and the din of the room quickly quiets down. ( Jubrayl detects as Neutral Evil ) The two have a brief conversation, where Raynar suggests that Jubrayl participate in the front line defense of the town ( Diplomacy, opposed).

I don’t know who you are, but you got chutzpah waltzing in here like that. If you think we’re going to go toe to toe with some giants, you’re bat-shit crazy. But I ain’t about to let some pea-brained rock-sucking giant come and push me off of my turf. Me an’ my boys will lend a hand, but it’s gotta be on our terms. (No lies detected)

After securing Jubrayl’s aid, Raynar patrols the town, eyeballing any guards and stragglers he finds ( the overwhelming majority register as Chaotic Good or Neutral Good).

Overnight, half of the town guards stand lookout, keeping an eye out for any impending attack. ( they will be considered Fatigued if used during the following day).

Date: 3 Gozran (April) 4708 – Toilday(Tuesday)

Waking early the next morning, before the sunrise (~6am), Eashen heads out side for a prayer to Sarenrae. As the sun rose over the horizon, the tension within the town broke with the crash of stone against stone. Shalelu burst from the woods northeast of town, shouting a warning Stone Giants!, she yelled. The raid had begun.

The adventurers found themselves out of position, having stayed the night at their manor on the south side of the harbor. At the north gate, giants threw rock after rock at the wall, killing the few guards stationed there and forcing Shalelu to give ground and flee.

At the south gate, the appearance of Randon Mandeveras complicated matters as two ogres streamed over the southern bridge. Ameiko and her companion Kassandra aided the guards there, holding them off until Demarek, Raynar, and Orik arrived on horesback to slay the creatures.

Swooping in form the west, a large red dragon attacked the Sandpoint garrison, incinerating a guard and setting part of the building on fire. His terror was short lived, however, as Eashen unleashed several exploding balls of freezing ice, slaying the creature almost instantly.

East of town, more stone giants and dire bears crossed Tanner’s bridge, and forded the river by the Scarnetti Sawmill. They engaged in melee with Demarek, Orik, Marillis, and Raynar, who had unknowingly come up against the raid’s leader, a fearsome stone giant named Teraktinus , who wielded twin pickackes.

While the battle with Teraktinus raged on, five more stone giants crossed over the southern bridge to Sandpoint, killing the town guards stationed there. Though Jubrayl and his thugs came to join the fray, they fled quickly at the first sight of bloodshed. The giants quickly overwhelmed the defenses there, routing Randon and Kassandra, and slaying Ameiko. The continued up main street, destroying buildings as they moveddeeper into the heart of town.

Amidst all this chaos, Mayor Deverin, Sabyl Sorn, and Ilsoardi Gandethus, at significant risk to themselves, managed to track down a missing child, Gwent, and return him to safety. Balor Hemlock safely guided Father Zantos to the Sandpoint Cathedral to retrieve a forgotten holy tome.

The battle by the sawmill was furious, with Raynar falling but not slain, before the final defeat of Teraktinus at the hands of an enormous dinosaur summoned by Eashen. With his dying gasp, the stone giant was able to blow his war horn, sounding the retreat. The surviving giants fled the town, but were not pursued.

In the aftermath, the group learns that many of the town guards were killed ( 5/12 remain). Ameiko perished, though her companion Kassandra lives. Raynar and Randon are reunited. The Sandpoint garrison suffered some moderate dragonfire damage. Many buildings along main street east of the southern bridge suffered considerable damage form rampaging giants, as did many buildigns near tanners bridge.

Still, the early evacuation and warning saved countless lives, and the emerging Sanpoint populace cheer their Heroes of Sandpoint once again.


North Gate Giants (3x 4800) = 14,400
Tanner’s Bridge Giants ( 2x 4800 ) = 9600
Tanner’s Bridge Dire Bears ( 3x 3200)= 9600
Red Dragon, Longtooth = 12,800
Teraktinus = 9600
Teraktinus’ Giant Escort (2x 4800) = 9600
Southern Bridge Ogres (2x 800) = 1600
Southern Bridge Giants (5x no credit) = 0

Father Zantos Objective: retrieve holy text: 4000
Father Zantos Secondary Objective: rescue wounded: FAILED
Sheriff Hemlock Objective: stay alive: 4000
Sheriff Hemlock secondary objective: keep half (6/12) guards alive: FAILED
Shalelu Objective: Stay Alive: 4000
Shalelu Secondary Objective: Prevent Giants from breaching her defensive point(north gate): FAILED
Ameiko & Kassandra Objective: Prevent Rusty Dragon from being destroyed: FAILED
Ameiko & Kassandra Secondary Objective: Keep Kassandra alive: 8000
Randon Objective: Stay Alive: 4000
Randon Secondary Objective: Keep Wine Filled Wagon intact: 8000
Sabyl Sorn, Mayor Deverin, and Ilsoari Gandethus Objective: Safely rescue Gwent: 4000
Sabyl Sorn, Mayor Deverin, and Ilsoari Gandethus sEcondary Objective: All three survive: 8000

Total party XP: 111,200 xp

Josh / Eashen (level 9): + 27,800 / 119,339 (total) LEVEL 10
Jim / Demarek (level 9): + 27,800 / 119,759 (total) LEVEL 10
Mike / Raynar (level 9): + 27,800 / 113,825 (total) LEVEL 10
Cohort/ Orik (level 7): 27800 * 7/9 = + 21,622 / 69,596 (total) LEVEL 8
NPC / Marilis (level 7): + 27,800 / 69,480 (total) LEVEL 8

Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000
Experience required for Level 11:155,000


Amulet of Mighty Fists +1
+ 1 Dwarf Bane Heavy Pick ( large size)
+ 1 Light Pick ( Large size)
+ 2 Hide Armor(Large Size)
Teraktinus’ War Horn ( nonmagical, large size)

Many, Many large sized greatclubs ( not really worth anything but perhaps useful for building material)

Seven Swords of Sin, Part 2

Post Session Summary

Date: 30 Pharast (March) 4708 – Starday (Saturday)

The party continues to explore the labyrinth, returning to an impossibly large pile of gold and jewels discovered earlier. Raynar touches the gold, which causes the illusion to instantly vanish, revealing a stone wall that crumbles, releasing a great giant beast – a Grey Render – which attacks the party but is quickly dispatched.

From there, the group enters a room they quickly discover is trapped. Stepping on the wrong square triggers a reversal of the gravity within the room, causing individuals to fall and injure themselves. After some experimentation, and many falls by Raynar, the group discovers a safe path through the room, to the stairwell on the other side.

After descending down the stairwell, they come to a small room containing two glass-encased conduits humming with an electrical buzz. The conduits contain bolts of electricity travelling through them – moving from the top to the bottom of the tube. Beyond that, they find a stone cistern containing crystal clear water. Searching the cistern reveals a small keyhole. With no means to unlock the device, the group presses on.


Leaving the tile-covered, finished hallways of the labyrinth, the group enters a natural cave tunnel. The tunnel quickly widens to a large cavern containing an underground lake containing a small rowboat. AS the group tries to cross the lake, a young black dragon bursts from the water and attacks! Through some magic and might, the group is able to finish the beast, the final blow made by Eashen’s ray of fire which reduces the dragon to mere ashes.

Travelling down a second stairwell, the group comes to a small bedchamber. Searching the room reveals a number of notes and books detailing the seven swords of sin, and a ritual designed to empower the swords and awaken their dormant might.

Beyond the bedchamber, the group wanders along an unfinished tunnel to a great cavern. As they do so,
the buzzing and humming sounds of surging electricity grow stronger. Within the cavern, they stumble across a heavily armored man bearing the symbol of Lamashtu, standing near three large stones that are clearly the source of the lout humming noise. From their vantage point, they can see a narrow bridge leading from a ledge on one side of the cavern to a small isle of rock suspended in the middle. Upon the isle stands a woman, clearly performing some ritual. Something shimmering fills the air between the isle and the landing.

A battle with the armored guardian ensues, and aided by his holy might, Demarek lays the creature low. Eashen realizes that the pillars are likely generating the barrier and dampening his magic, so he quickly heads back to the room with the glass conduits and shatters them with his quarterstaff. A small burst of electricity fills the room, then the glowing white tiles go dark. Meanwhile, back in the cavern, the humming stones fall quiet, and the glimmering barrier vanishes.


Tiriana, realizing her protective barrier has been destroyed, turns on the party, throwing spell after spell. Eventually, Demarek makes his way to the wizard, and slays her with one mighty blow.

The group recovers the seven swords from the ritual table, which they notice is marked with a seven pointed star. They also unmask, the armored warrior guardian, and find that it was clearly Torm Braynard, Demarek’s mentor brought back to life as an undead horror: a wight.

The group returns to Kaer Maga with the body of Braynard, where Marillis tends to wounds and heals Raynar of his life drain. Eashen teleports to Magnimar with the swords in tow, and returns them to Shiela Heidmarch at the Pathfinder Society. Raynar and Demarek spend some time in town, speaking to the local authorities about the demise of Gadka and shopping for new equipment. Demarek graciously offers to help Marillis find some better equipment.

Date: 1 Gozran (April) 4708 – Sunday (Sunday)

Eashen teleports back to Kaer Maga, and makes several trips to bring the entire group back to the Manor at Sandpoint.

Marillis casts divination, receiving the response:

“To everything, Turn Turn, There is a season”


Grey Render: 4800
Carsival, the black dragon: 3200
Torm Braynard, Wight AntiPaladin of Lamashtu: 6400
Tiriana: 9600

Total party XP: 24000 xp

Josh / Eashen (level 9): + 6000/ 91,539 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 9): + 6000 / 91,959 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 9): + 6000 / 86,025 (total)
Cohort/ Orik (level 7): 6000 * 7/9 = +4667 / 47,974 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 7): + 6000/ 41,680 (total)

Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000


Tirana’s Bedroom:
Feather Token (whip)
+ 1 Keen Dagger
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
Potion of Fox’s Cunning

Wight Torm Braynard:
+ 1 Greatsword
Full Plate + 1
MW Longsword with Braynard Family Crest
Bane Baldric

Seven Swords of Sin
Lesser Metamagic Rod of Quicken
Cloak of Nightmares (4/8 Bats remain within this cloak)
Bodice of resistance + 3
Bracers of Armor + 6
Headband of Vast Intelligence + 4
Ring of Freedom of Movement
Ring of Protection + 3
6th—disintegrate, greater heroism
5th—baleful polymorph, hold monster, permanency
4th—charm monster, dimension door, fire shield, stoneskin
3rd—dispel magic, fireball, hold person, lightning bolt , slow, fire trap, phantom steed
2nd—hideous laughter, levitate, resist energy, scorching ray, bull’s strength, false life, glitterdust, hideous laughter, make whole, resist energy, rope trick
1st—charm person, magic missile, shield, detect secret doors, endure elements, enlarge person, feather fall, mage armor, magic missile, obscuring mist, shield, shocking grasp
0— all

Seven Swords of Sin
Tracking Tirana

Pre Session Notes

  • Raynar and Eashen both suffer from 1 permanent negative levels ( this means – 5 hitpoints from their max, – 1 to pretty much every roll, and – 1 to all caster level dependent variables).

Post Session Summary

Date: 26-28 Pharast (March) 4708 – Toilday – Oathday (Tuesday – Thursday)

The group spends three days travelling by boat to Kaer Maga. Eashen spends most of this time crafting a Cloak of Resistance + 3 ( 3/5), and deciphering the final letter found in Barl’s treasure hoard.

Date: 29 Pharast (March) 4708 – Fireday (Friday)

The group arrives at Kaer Maga. The city, wild and chaotic, makes them nervous. The group splits to search for information on anything pertaining to Tirana, Runelords, or Braynar. Demarek receives a chilly response, but Eashen stumbles upon some information from a local street urchin:

Tirana’s more than just some wizard, she’s got her fingers in a little bit of everything. I wouldnt use the word ‘crime boss’ – you never know who’s listening – but you get the idea. She’s got something of a protection racet running down in the Tarheel District. I’ve heard Gadka the merchant grousing about it. You might want to hit him up; he’s got no love for the enchantress.

The group heads over to find Gadka, and after treating him to a decent dinner, they strike a deal with him. In exchange for spilling what he knows about Tirana’s whereabouts, the group will take care of some of the Splitstreet gang – a group of ruffians who work for Tirana and shake him down from time to time.

Date: 30 Pharast (March) 4708 – Starday (Saturday)

The group rises and heads over to Gadka’s merchant tent, where they find four gang members having a nice conversation with Gadka the dwarf. Through some magical charms, the group convinces the gang to depart, and Eashen talks Gadka into revealing the location of the hideout, promising to ‘cut off the head of the snake’.


Gadka leads them through some winding alleyways, crumbling buildings, and dusty tunnels before popping out outside the city wall in a small alcove hidden from view near the Storvol Rise. From there, the group negotiates with Gadka to hire his stealthy services for a share of the treasure, before opening a bronze encrusted door Gadka says is the entrance to Tirana’s hideout.

Entering the hideout, the group descends downward, into a system of room sdecorated with fine white marble tile on the floor, ceiling, and walls. After dealing with a pesky ambush of two gang members, the group stumbles into a large cave containing five crystalline structures. After being challenged by a mouthy air mephit, Eashen fireballs the creature, killing it but also shattering the crystalline structures. This triggers a massive electrical explosion, which kills Gadka.

The group continues deeper, discovering a room containing a pool of mysterious water and a strange mechanical contraption with many dials, buttons, switches, and knobs. They are unable to determine it’s function, and decide to leave.


Continuing further, they manage to find a strange room with what appears to be two portals on opposing walls. On one wall, the group can see a thick, humid jungle. On the other, a fire blasted wasteland. Lurking in the room are two abyssal raptors, ridden by goblins. The creatures attack without warning, and after a brief fight, the group emerges victorious.

The group takes a quick break to catch their breath, and Eashen has a brief epiphany. Drawing out the last encrypted letter from Barl, he puts the final pieces together to determine the letter’s true message:



Splitstreet Gang members: (6 × 1200): 7200
Avaeidardax, Air Mephit: 800
Abyssal Raptors ( 2x 2400) 4800
Abyssal GOblins (2x 1200) 2400

Total party XP: 15,200 xp

Josh / Eashen (level 9): + 3800/ 85,539 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 9): + 3800 / 85,959 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 9): + 1900 (50%, not present for session) / 80,025 (total)
Cohort/ Orik (level 7): 1900 * 6/9 = +1267 / 43,307 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 7): + 3800/ 35,680 (total) LEVEL UP! 7

Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000


Splitstreet thugs:
2x Chain Shirt + 1 (medium size)
2x Masterwork Rapier

Abyssal Raptors and Goblins
2x Mithral chain shirt barding + 1
Wand of blindness
chain shirt (small)
lance (small)

The Hook Mountain Massacre, Downtime
Resting and Rebuilding


7-13-2015: Initial posting
7-15-2015: Updated with activities for 19 Pharast.
7-18-2015: Updated with activities for 20 and 21 Pharast
7-19-2015: Updated with activities for 22 Pharast
7-20-2015: Updated with activities for 23 Pharast
7-21-2015: Updated with activities for 24 Pharast
7-23-2015: Updated with activities for 25 Pharast


  • Raynar and Eashen both suffer from 1 permanent negative levels ( this means – 5 hitpoints from their max, – 1 to pretty much every roll, and – 1 to all caster level dependent variables).

Post Session Summary

Date: 19 Pharast (March) 4708 – Toilday(Tuesday)

After arriving at Fort Rannick very late the night before, the party wakens refreshed, despite the putrid conditions of the Fort. After a brief prayer, Marillis cures Eashen’s of his blindness. Demarek, now well rested, is able to shrug off the drain on his life force. The sun above shines brightly, with only trace clouds to obscure its rays. There is not a raindrop to be seen.

Demarek and Marillis head back up to Hook Mountain to destroy the shrine to Lamashtu, ridding the cave there of any of the evil goddess’ presence. They search around, ( Survival 17 + 1 + 2 aid = 20 vs DC 20, Marilis Aid another: 6 + 10 = 16 vs. DC 10) and find the barest of tracks left behind by the some large creatures that could be hags. They appear to head northwest, away from Turtleback Ferry. Following them for several miles before turning back in order to make it back to Fort Rannick before nightfall. The tracks keep going into the wilderness.

After a good conversation with Orik, Raynar convinces the mercenary to help train him to be tougher. They begin training bright an early ( day 1/5). Within minutes, Raynar is bruised and sore.

Eashen heads to the eagle aerie and prays to Sarenrae for aid in bringing back the eagles. After returning to the fort, he summons several elementals to help clear the courtyard and begin a large pyre to burn the corpses. Eashen then finds a quiet place within the keep and works on crafting a Headband of Inspired Wisdom + 2 ( 1 day, 6 hours / 2 days).

Jakardros spends the day gathering the remains of his fellow Black Arrows, and moving them to the crypt where their brethren are buried.

The group gathers that night over food and drink, cheerful but tired after a hard days’ work.

Date: 20 Pharast (March) 4708 – Wealday(Wednesday)

Jakardros continues his efforts to find and bury the remains of his Black Arrow brothers.

Raynar and Orik continue their training. Raynar is very sore, from the previous day, and Orik appears to be enjoying himself immensely. (day 2/5)

Demarek prepares Lamatar’s body for the journey to Whitewillow, then spends time in prayer to Iodemae. That night, Demarek’s sleep is restless – interrupted by dreams of walking endless hallways and staring at pedestals missing statues. Dreams similar to those he has had before but fragmented; never complete.

Eashen spends a few hours completing the Headband of Inspired Wisdom + 2. He then loads up a floating disk with the mountain of treasure the group has acquired, and vanishes from view, teleporting himself to a familiar tavern in Magnimar ( Teleport: 17). He spends most of the morning visiting a multitude of shopkeepers to sell the extra treasure acquired by the party. From there, he teleports again to the front steps of his manor in Sandpoint ( Teleport: 47). Upon entering, he discovers some letters have been dropped off through the mail slot on the front door. The rest of the house is empty and in order, save for a bit of extra dust.

The first letter reads:

Mr. Akoria
Thank you for your inquiry regarding an audience with Master Toth Bhreacher. We are happy to report that due to several cancellations, your appointment scheduled for 12 Nethys, 4710 may now be rescheduled at your earliest convenience. Master Bhreacher requests your immediate presence to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement. Your discretion in this matter is appreciated.

Aton Willamswright, Senior Craftsman and Keeper of Scheduling
The Golemworks, Magnimar

The second letter reads:

Abhishek of Sanos Forest
Dalaldriel of Magnimar
Demarek of Bitter Hollow
Eashen Akoria
Navi Nebbula

On behalf of The Pathfinder Society of Magnimar, I am happy to inform you that you have been accepted as Pathfinder Society Candidate Members.

Candidate membership is a temporary designation, requiring only sponsorship by a Pathfinder Society in good standing. You have been sponsored for acceptance into the society by Tobin Everheart, known Pathfinder Chronicler.

For those of you who wish to continue your journey to full membership, please report to the Heidmarch Manor in Magnimar for further evaluation.


Shiela Heidmarch
Venture Captain
Pathfinder Society

Eashen heads over to the home of Brodert Quink, who is not there. He then visits Ameiko, who is surprised to see him. During conversation over dinner, Eashen learns that Brodert hasn’t been seen in several days, and no one is sure where he has gone.

Later that night, Eashen spends some time reviewing the letters collected from Barl. One of the two is very complicated, and appears that it will take a few days of dedicated research and studying to decrypt. The second is fairly easy to translate:

My Lord
Good news! I have infiltrated a group of archeologists bound for Hollow Mountain. They know nothing, and suspect less. We will set sail before weeks end. The ruins there shall give us the answers we seek, I am sure of it!

Date: 21 Pharast (March) 4708 – Oathday(Thursday)

After two days of searching, Jakardros is convinced he has gathered the remains of all the Black Arrows he is able to find. He spends the day performing last rites in accordance with Erastil’s teachings before interring their remains in the crypt behind the fort. The entire process is a simple – yet solemn – affair.

Raynar and Orik continue their training. By now, Raynar is convinced his bruises have bruises. (Day 3/5). Beyond his training, Raynar begins to clean up the fort – at least the ones being occupied at the moment, and looking into items of interest. Though much of the fort is in shambles, the library is in surprisingly good condition. Inside, Raynar finds many books documenting the Black Arrow’s history and ongoing battle with the ogres of Hook Mountain. Very little on Kaer Maga is mentioned here, though he does discover everything summarized here

Demarek departs from Fort Rannick with the body of Lamatar Bayden and heads towards Whitewillow. He travels the entire day, pushing late into the evening before stopping to rest overnight in his hometown of Bitter Hollow.


Eashen spends the day crafting a cloak of resistance + 3 ( 1 / 5 days). After completing his work for the day, he heads teleports ( 64, no mishap) to Magnimar, and heads to speak with Venture Captain Shiela Heidmarch.(See facebook discussion). Afterwards, he heads over to the Golemworks to speak with Master Toth Bhreacher (See facebook discussion). That evening, He teleports (81, no mishap) back to Fort Rannick, studies the final letter found in Barl’s den ( 2h / 2d), and rests for the night.

Date: 22 Pharast (March) 4708 – Firesday (Friday)

Having completed the last rites for his brethren, Jakardros seems to be in better spirits. He dedicates his energies to cleaning the Fort and restoring it to order. Raynar informs Jakardros about the books found in the library, spending most of the day reorganizing and cleaning the room. Marillis helps him.

Raynar and Orik continue their training, but Raynar but starts the day off by punching Orik in the face. Orik, surprised, begins laughing: Hahaha! THATS the spirit! I do believe we shall make a man of you yet! (Day 4/5)

After his training, Raynar tends to the horses and then returns to aid Jakardros in the library.

Eashen, resting in his Sandpoint manor, spends most of the day crafting a cloak of resistance + 3 ( 2 / 5 days). After completing his work for the day, he flies out to Devil’s Platter in search of the infamous Pit, and finds it relatively easily. ( Survival 1 + 20 = 21 vs. DC 15) The pit appears dark and dangerous, though quiet at the moment. The burnt remains of a small camp is seen nearby, smelling of sulfur. The ashes appear to be little more than a week old, and contain bodies of several humans. None of the remains appear to have been wearing armor. (Survival 19+20 = 39 vs. DC 20). That night, he spends additional time studying the last letter ( 4 hours / 2 days)

Demarek visits his parents’ graves and says a quick prayer. He also informs the villagers of Bitter Hollow of recent events, warning them of the creature Black Magga. Then he sets off for Whitewillow, travelling through the eerie, spirit filled swamp for several hours before arriving at its center.


Upon Demarek’s arrival, the furious ghost of the nymph Myriana appears once more, shouting threats and curses until her eyes spy the body of Lamatar strapped to Demarek’s mount, Starlight. She immediately cries out in mixed sadness and joy, her spirit throwing itself upon the body.

Before Demarek is able to dismount, Myriana is manages to loosen Lamatar’s bonds and gently lower him to the moss covered earth, whispering in his ear the whole while. Thank you for returning him to me she says to Demarek.

Rising slowly, the nymph ghost begins singing softly, and Demarek is so mesmerized by her beauty that he does not realize she is casting a spell until it is nearly complete. With her final words, Lamatars body starts to change, growing shorter and more lithe, losing its human features and becoming a gnome. Shockingly the gnome stands and speaks see facebook discussion.

Myriana smiles upon Demerek, and thanks him again. I cannot repay you for what you have done, not in a million lifetimes. You have brought to me that which I hold most dear, and allowed my spirit an eternal rest. Though it may seem but a trifle, I shall grant upon you my favor. Keep this token upon your person, and recall all which true love may accomplish.

Looking down, Demarek spies and picks up a small lock of the nymph’s hair. [Demarek is now under the effects of a permanent version of the Nymph Inspiration ability, granting a +4 insight bonus on all Will saving throws, Craft checks, and Perform checks as long as he carries the nymph’s token.]

Her curse broken, she begins fading from view, spending her last moments locked in an embrace with Lamatar.

From there, Demarek departs in search of old Senneck, spending the remainder of the day searching but finding nothing (Survival 9+ 1 = 10 vs. DC 15).

Date: 23 Pharast (March) 4708 – Starday(Saturday)

Jakardros and Marillis continue to clean the fort.

Raynar and Orik complete their training. ( Day 5/5. Orik may now be considered Raynar’s cohort.)

Eashen spends most of the day crafting a cloak of resistance + 3 (3 / 5 days), plus a little time deciphering the last of Barl’s messages. ( 6h / 2d) Then teleports home to Crying Leaf to visit with old friends and family for the evening.

Demarek continues his search for Old Senneck (Survival 14+1 = 15 vs DC 15), and is met with very little success. He spends most of the day wandering the forest, trying to find the clearing where he first came across the old man, but keeps getting turned around, winding up back near the well-traveled main road that runs through the forest. After the third time, Demarek swears that the forest is changing as he moves through it. Just as he is about to set up camp for the evening, Demarek stumbles back out onto the main road and spots a small leather pouch sitting upon a rock. The pouch is well-worn, and contains a number of mixed nuts and berries.

Date: 24 Pharast (March) 4708 – Sunday(Sunday)

Jakardros , Orik, and Marillis continue to clean the fort. By now they have moved much of the debris out of the interior of the building, rendering it largely empty. The putrid smell of waste and rot still lingers.

Eashen spends some time visiting with his family in Crying Leaf, then returns to Turtleback Ferry (Teleport: 33), where he finds the town busily preparing for the worst. A small palisade has been constructed around the perimeter of the town, and Mayor Shreed and several woodsmen are directing the work. Though they are glad to see Eashen, they are overjoyed to hear the news of Barl’s defeat at Hook Mountain. I thought something good had happened when the rain stopped, quips the Mayor. The Mayor is open to the idea of a celebration, but doesn’t commit to a date. Returning to the Fort (Teleport: 61), Eashen spends more time crafting his cloak of resistance + 3 (4 / 5 days).

Demarek returns to Fort Rannick, pushing Starlight hard to make it in a single day of travel. He arrives that evening, and shows the pouch of nuts and berries to the group. Marillis kindly offers to identify the items, all magical, all must be eaten to receive their effects:
3x Almonds: As the spell Restoration, CL 15
2x Walnuts: As the Spell Heal, CL 15
1x Blueberry: As the spell Stoneskin, CL 15
1x Blackberry: As the spell True Form, CL 15

Demarek then discusses heading to Kaer Maga with the group, as he believes it has something to do with his paladin mentor, Sir Braynard.

Raynar searches through the fort library, looking for a map of Kaer Maga. After finding one, he works with Orik, and Marillis to pack and prepare for travel. He discusses next steps with the group.

Date: 25 Pharast (March) 4708 – Moonday (Monday)

Jakardros, Orik, Marillis, Raynar, and Demarek depart for Turtleback Ferry, arriving there late in the day.

Eashen completes crafting his cloak of resistance + 3 (5 / 5 days). Charms some birds to go scouting for Berk, then teleports to Turtleback Ferry to meet the rest of the group. That night, they celebrate the defeat of the Hook Mountian threat with the citizens of Turtleback Ferry. A joyous time is had by all.

The Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3 Part 4
Harrowing the Hook


6-27-2015: Partial posting of session notes

Pre Session Notes

  • Raynar and Eashen both suffer from 1 permanent negative levels ( this means – 5 hitpoints from their max, – 1 to pretty much every roll, and – 1 to all caster level dependent variables).

Post Session Summary

Date: 18 Pharast (March) 4708 – Toilday(Tuesday)

Rested and ready Raynar, Eashen, Demarek and their allies head back up the mountain and are met with an ominous message. Upon reaching the cave entrance, they find the head of an ogre – one one charmed by Eashen the day before – mounted on a pike next to the rotting head of Mammy Graul. Undaunted by the message, they cautiously head into the cave.

Eashen asks his familiar, Verenestra, to scout ahead. She cautiously heads forward until she spots several Zombie Ogres shuffling about a large cavern. While attempting to lure them out, she manages to trigger a magical trap, blasting a loud cacophony throughout the cavern – one loud enough to alert any nearby residents.

The group easily dispatches the zombie ogres at the mouth of the caves, and heads inside. Exploring further, they enter a side room believed to be the home of several witches. There they encounter a great fissure, belching black sulfurous smoke and radiating heat from the depths of the mountain below. Hidden within the smoke are three annis hags, and the coven quickly ambushes the party through the illusionary fissure. A biref battle ensues, and the group kills the hag known as Briselda, causing the other two (Grelthaga and Larastine) to surrendur and beg for mercy. Despite his companions’ protests, Demarek accepts their surrender and the two hags are bound, gagged, and left alone for the time being.


From there, the group explores further into the cave complex, coming across a large room decorated as a shrine to the goddess of monsters: Lamashtu. Lurking in the shadows here is a grim creature – a frost wight bearing the garb of a Black Arrow. The creature strikes at the party from ambush, and the fight is brief but not without cost; Demarek feels weaker after having been struck by the creature.

From the shrine, the group scouts the final room in the caves – the one, they discover, containing Barl and his guards. Quietly preparing in the hallway outside, the group charges into the long throne room, beginning a great battle. Demarek flies into the room upon his noble steed, triggering several magical traps designed to reveal invisible creatures and blanket the entrance in silence. The remaining members charge into the room, fighting their way up a long set of stairs as the stone giant guards rain giant boulders down upon them. Lucretia, lurking in the shadows, appears beside Demarek to stab him in the back as Iornbriar does the same to a wounded Orik. Raynar and Marillis battle summoned elementals as Jakardros launches volley after volley of arrow upon the stone giants. Eashen’s quick thinking incapacitates Lucretia by dropping her into a pit, and a deadly blow by Demarek followed by a bulls eye shot by Jakardros fells the Necromancer Barl. Raynar crushes Iornbriar’s skull with a smash of his morningstar, while the ever slippery Lucretia escapes; magically teleporting away. The victors stand, bloody and breathless, in the silent throne room of their foes.


Searching through the mess left behind, the group makes several very interesting discoveries. First, it becomes clear from a cast-aside ledger that the Kreeg Ogres living here had been pressed into service by Barl and his giant kin. They have apparently been creating a significant amount of arms and armor – enough for a vast army – sent in shipments to an unmentioned destination. Furthermore, several letters are found among the treasure. The first, clearly written by an effeminate hand and addressed to Barl, reads:

We are making excellent progress. I must say that your paladin pet has proven quite useful in helping me acquire the swords. I shall reach Kaer Maga in a few days if the rain does not worsen. With luck, I shall begin the ritual soon! Together, we shall show Mokmurian what power the truly faithful can wield!

The second, easily decipherable, as if written by a person unskilled with ink and quill, reads:
My Lord,
We have been unable to investigate the Pit as instructed. Our camp is continually harassed by a firey beast – a winged, horselike horror. Many of the laborers have fled. I am headed to Magnimar to recruit more laborers and mercenaries.

A third and fourth letter, clearly encoded by one skilled in such matters, will require Eashen’s attention for several days to decipher. The names Tirana, Mokmurian, or Kartan do not sound familiar to anyone in the group.

Revisiting the witch room, they find the room empty, save for the rope and rags used to bind the witches. The rope is oddly intact with not a cut or fray to be found. The body of Briselda is also missing.

Jakardros identifies the slain wight as being the body of his former commander, Lamatar Bayden.

Loading up the remaining treasure, the group heads down the mountain, back to Fort Rannick. The sky above remains dreary, but rays of sunshine peek through small gaps in the clouds – the first such rays seen since leaving Magnimar several weeks ago.


Zombie Ogres ( 3 @ 600 each ) = 1800 XP
Annis Hags: Briselda, Grelthaga, and Larastine (3 @ 2400 each) = 7200 XP
Black Arrow Frost Wight = 9600 XP
Stone Giant = 4800 XP
Lucretia = 9600 XP
Justice Ironbriar / Maugoon Ra = 3200 XP
Barl Breakbones = 12800 XP

Total party XP: 49,000 xp

Josh / Eashen (level 8): + 9800/ 81,739 (total) LEVEL 9
Jim / Demarek (level 8): + 9800 / 82,159 (total) LEVEL 9
Mike / Raynar (level 8): + 9800/ 78,125 (total) LEVEL 9
NPC / Orik (level 6): + 9800/ 42,040 (total) LEVEL 7
NPC / Marilis (level 5): + 9800/ 31,880 (total) LEVEL 6

Experience required for Level 7: 35,000
Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000


Hook Mountain

Main Entrance, giant statue

  • Giant seven pointed star medallion
  • Masterwork Half Plate Armor (gargantuan size; 400 lbs; 4950 gp value)

Ogre Items left behind from previous session:

  • 5x + 1 Ogre Hook (Large)
  • 5x + 1 HIde Armor (Large)
  • A large number of nonmagical, large sized hide armor and greatclubs. None of these will fetch much at market.

The Black Arrow Frost Wight

  • + 1 Chain Shirt
  • + 1 Icy burst composite longbow ( + 3)

Justice Ironbriar / Maugoon Ra

  • Mithral Chain Shirt
  • + 1 Buckler
  • + 1 Short Sword
  • MW Hand Crossbow w/ 10 poisoned bolts ( drow poison)
  • Cape of the Mountebank
  • Artifact: Crown of Domination (value = ?)
    • 1/day Dominate Person, as per spell DC 18 with the following modifications:
    • Duration is as long as the user wears the crown, remains alive, and spends the daily required time of concentration.

Barl Breakbones

  • MW Earthbreaker (large)
  • Wand of Enervation ( 12 charges)
  • Headband of vast intelligence + 2
  • Seven pointed star medallion
  • Spellbook containing:
    • Animate dead, enervation, clarivoyance, fireball, fly, ray of exhaustion, vampiric touch, blindness/deafness, command undead, ghoul touch, spectral hand, chill touch, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, mage armor
    • all necromancy spells of levels 1-4
    • all 0th level spells ( no abjuration, enchantment)

Behind the Throne, heaped in a pile, most of which is marked with the Black Arrow insignia

  • Metamagic rod of Extend Spell
  • 32x + 1 arrow
  • 12 + 1 giant bane arrow
  • suit of + 2 light fortification studded leather
  • + 1 Longsword
  • + 1 composite longbow
  • belt of incredible dexterity + 2
  • cloak of elvenkind
  • boots of the winterlands
The Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3 Part 3, Session 3
The fall of Jaagrath


6-27-2015: Added Post Session summary

Pre Session Notes

  • Raynar and Eashen both suffer from 1 permanent negative levels ( this means – 5 hitpoints from their max, – 1 to pretty much every roll, and – 1 to all caster level dependent variables).

Post Session Summary

Date: 16 Pharast (March) 4708 – Sunday ( Sunday)

After Demarek’s arrival back in Turtleback Ferry, he describes the encounter with Old Senneck in Sanos Forest. Eashen helps him determine that the walnut given to him has been enchanted with healing magics ( as Heal Spell, CL 17).

Eashen, Raynar, Demarek, Orik, and Marillis purchase horses in town, and set off for Fort Rannick once again. On the way they spy a wandering band of Ogres. As they investigate, they determine that one of the ogres is Berk! Berk appears friendly enough, informing Eashen that he is taking a friend and their female companions to a cave in the nearby Valley of Broken Trees to start a new clan. He happily invites Eashen and his companions to come feast with them, and proudly shows off a sack of semi-spoiled ogre meat taken from the slain at Fort Rannick.

The group continues to the fort, flying high above it to the eagle aerie, and moving into the courtyard from the tunnel there. On the way, they spy Jakardros creeping across the roof of the fort and quickly move to join him. The fort courtyard is strangely absent of ogres.


Sneaking into the second floor of the fort, the group discovers the ogre chief – Jaagrath – and the ogre magic user – Dorella – resting in separate rooms. Using some magical silence provided by Marillis, they surprise Jaagrath and a furious battle breaks out. Jaagrath, in his fury, lands a potentially fatal blow on Demarek, but the paladin’s faith and handy Aegis Charm save him from a brutal demise. The group rallies, slaying the raging ogre, and then quickly dispatches Dorella and her lover, Harlock Kreeg, by trapping them in their room.


The remaining ogres, still wounded from the previous battle, turn upon each other with the help of Eashen’s persuasive magic. With the dismissal of the last ogre, the Fort is finally reclaimed.

Scouring the fort, the party finds little more than filth, blood, and debris. A brief message addressed to Jaagrath from someone named Barl indicates that the ogre chief was instructed to send a party of ogres to weaken the dam. The group also reclaims the star medallions, lost on the bodies of Abhishek and Dalaldriel but apparently claimed by Jaagrath and Dorella. Further investigation leads to a spectre haunting the Fort’s crypt, but it is dealt with swiftly.

The group rests the night within the keep. Jakardros is notably despondent.

Date: 17 Pharast (March) 4708 – Moonday( Monday)

The next day, the group rides for Hook Mountain. Jakardros offers to come along, seeing vengeance for his slain kin. Armed with information about the location of the mountain stronghold – obtained by questioning several ogres – the group climbs the mountain via several little-known animal trails. They arrive at the entrance to an enormous cave in little over three hours – a far cry from what it would have taken to climb the 10,000 foot mountain. This high up, the air is frigid, and snow has replaced the rain falling on the valley below.

The group passes a spear placed near the path, upon which rests the head of Mammy Graul – gruesome in death as she was in life, her dead eyes gaze into nothingness; a clear warning to any who approach.

The entrance to the mammoth cave is guarded by two ogres, which the party surprises, rushing up to attack them quickly. Though they manage to slay one, the other escapes, and the group gives chase into the cavern complex.

They pass a gigantic 40’ tall statue, adorned with armor and a great seven pointed star necklace. Eashen, on a whim, removes the necklace and the great towering beast crumbles to ashes – an ancient mummified corpse turned to dust. The armor, however, clatters to the ground, raising quite a ruckus.

Farther in, the group is waylayed by three ogres and a hill giant, who they dispatch but not before the giant raises an alarm – banging on the wall and shouting INTRUDERS! The clamor echos throughout the caverns and the sounds of more enemies approach. Eashen, ever fond of his fireballs, decimates the rush of minor ogres, and manages to charm the last one, who points out the direction of the stone giant Barl’s lair, informs them that he apparently has a stone giant bodyguard, and reveals that he is afraid of the witches in a third room. Eashen instructs him to flee and stay out of the way, and the ogre quickly obliges.

Wounded and spent, the party retreats back down the mountain to settle in Fort Rannick for the night.


Fort Rannick
Jaagrath: 9600xp
Dorella: 9600xp
Harlock Kreeg: 4800xp
Jolly Kreeg: 4800xp
Mucknick Kreeg: 4800xp
Spectre of Lorgus Fenker: 3200 xp
Storyline: Reclaiming Fort Rannick ( 5000xp per surviving black arrow) : 5000xp

Hook Mountian
Elite Ogres (5 × 4800) : 24,000
Hill Giant: 4800
Ogres ( 10 × 800): 8000

Total party XP: 78,600 xp

Josh / Eashen (level 8): + 16,147/ 71,939 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 8): + 16,147 / 72,359 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 7): + 17,897/ 68,325 (total) LEVEL 8
NPC / Orik (level 5): + 15,080/ 32,240 (total) LEVEL 6
NPC / Marilis (level 3): + 15,080/ 22,080 (total) LEVEL 5

Experience required for Level 6: 23,000
Experience required for Level 7: 35,000
Experience required for Level 8: 51,000
Experience required for Level 9: 75,000


Fort Rannick

  • Jaagrath
    • 2x Cure Serious Wounds Potions
    • Hide Armor + 1 (Large)
    • + 1 Human Bane Ogre Hook (Large)
    • Belt of Giant Strength + 2
    • Seven pointed star medallion
  • Dorella
    • Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
    • Wand of Acid ARrow ( 43 charges)
    • Dagger
    • Amulet of Natural Armor
    • Headband of Alluring Charisma + 2
    • Ring of Protection + 1
    • Seven pointed star medallion
  • Elite Ogres ( 2)
    • 2x Hide Armor + 1 (Large)
    • 2x Ogre Hook + 1 (Large)
  • Misc
    • Daladrial’s Snakeskin Tunic

Hook Mountain
My assumption here is that you fled before any more creatures appeared, leaving the slain and their equipment behind.


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