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Introduction – Start here.
Houserules – Various houserules I’m operating with for this campaign.
Experience – What up with the XP?
Help – helpful hints, links, and other miscellaneous stuff.

World Info

Golarion – Links to helpful stuff in the world of Golarian.
Varisia – a map of varisia
Sandpoint – a nice labeled map of Sandpoint.
Sandpoint Hinterlands – nice labeled map of area surrounding Sandpoint.
Magnimar, City of Monuments – a district map of Magnimar, the City of Monuments.
Kaer Maga – Cliff city built upon the edge of the Storvol rise, with sketch map.
Crying Leaf – Small elven settlement in the Meirani Forest.
Thassilon – information on Thassilon that you have learned form various sources.
People and Organizations of Note – A variety of people and organizations of note.
Turtleback Ferry Region – The region surrounding Turtleback Ferry.

Main Page

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