Sandpoint is a Small Town.
For gaming purposes, this means the following:

  • Any nonmagical, mundane equipment item, weapon, or armor under 1000g value can be found and purchased.
  • Merchants will be willing to pay up to 5000g for any single item the group wishes to sell. If the PCs wish to sell an item worth more than a settlement’s purchase limit, they’ll either need to settle for a lower price, travel to a larger city, or (with the GM’s permission) search for a specific buyer in the city with deeper pockets.

Carpenters Guild Guildmaster Aesrick Battlehorn, a dwarf.

Catacombs of Wrath – an ancient Thassilonian complex of tunnels lies beneath Sandpoint.

Chopper’s Isle Yeah, no one seems to want to talk about this place.

Cracktooth’s Tavern Popular tavern for patrons of and actors at the Sandpoint Theater; run by Jesk ‘Cracktooth’ Berinni, known for his political commentary performances.

Curious Goblin A bookshop run by Chask Haladan.

Bottled Solutions Alchemical store, owned by Nisk Tander, a half elf.

Fatman’s Feedbag the most notorious tavern in town. There’s a big fight here every other night. Run by Gressel Tenniwar.

The Feathered Serpent Vorvashalli Voon runs this bizzare store. Part museum, part magic shoppe.

General Store Run by Ven Vinder and his family.

Goblin Squash Stables For horses (duh?), run by Davieren Hosk.

Gorvi’s Shack Gorvi, a half orc, lives here. He makes a living as Sandpoint’s dungsweeper.

Grocier’s Hall Open air market, run by Olmur Danvakus.

The Hagfish One of the most popular taverns in town, it is also known for its delicious seafood. Jargie Quinn is it’s one legged owner. Notable within the tavern is the large aquarium containing Norah, the tavern’s prized hagfish. Customer’s are tempted into winning the tavern’s prize money – a bag of coins – if they can drink a mug of water from the slimy, putrid tank. To attempt the deed, one must pay 1sp before starting. Finishing the water wins the prize, failing to do so loses the coin. Only a handful of names are scrawled in the wood below the tank. Gambling, cards and dicing happen here often.

Hannah’s Hannah Velerin sells medicine and provides healing care out of this shop.

House of Blue Stones Named for the polished blue stones that decorate its floor, this building serves as a monastery to Irori tended by Sabyl Sorn. A large library is rumored to be inside, though few citizens are permitted to enter it.

Jewler Jewler Maver Kesk & his wife, Pennae.

Junker’s Edge Garbage is generally dumped here.

Locksmith Volioker Briskalberd, a dwarf.

Madame Mvashti’s House Niska Mvashti lives here, and is the oldest resident of Sandpoint. Part historian, wise woman, and fortune teller.

Manors Belonging to the four founding families of Sandpoint: The Valdemar, Scarnetti, Kaijitsu, and Deverin live in these large houses south of town. The Kaijitsu Manor now belongs to the Heroes of Sandpoint

The Old Light The remnants of an ancient lighthouse. It was here before Sandpoint, even!

Pillbug’s Pantry Aliver ‘Pillbug’ Podiker runs this apothecary shop.

The Pixie’s Kitten the town’s brothel, run by Kaye Tesarani – who happens to be romantically involved with the town Sheriff, Balor Hemlock.

Red Dog Smithy Owned by a bald monster of a man, Das Korvut, who is known for his temper.

Risa’s Place A local’s bar, owned by old Risa Magravi, but mostly run by her children.

Rovanky Tannery Run by Larz Rovanky, and has a reputation for very high quality leather goods.

The Rusty Dragon Sandpoint’s oldest Inn, owned by the beautiful Ameiko Kaijitsu. The town’s most popular eatery and resting place for road weary travelers.

Sage Brodert Quink lives here, a very old historian.

Sandpoint Boneyard: Cemetery Maintained by Naffer Vosk, a hunchback, who also handles the daily ringing of the church bells.

Sandpoint Boutique Hayliss Korvaski sells all manner of items here: toys, books, artwork – even weapons!

Sandpoint Cathedral Contains shrines to Abadar, Desna, Erastil, Gozreh, Sarenrae, and Shelyn. Built on the site of the former town chapel which burnt to the ground several years ago.

Sandpoint Garrison Serves as both the militia barracks and the town jail. Sheriff Balor Hemlock is in charge of roughly a dozen soldiers and two dozen support staff ( cooks, armorers, bookeepers, couriers, etc..). Statblock for a Sandpoint Guard

Sandpoint Glassworks One of the oldest industries in town, it has been owned by the Kaijitsu family for ages. Renowned within the region and even in Magnimar and Korvosa for its fine quality glass. With the master craftsmen slain by goblins, the facility is not currently operational. A map can be found here: Glassworks

Sandpoint Lumber Mill Owned by the noble Scarnetti family, but run by Banny Harker and Ibor Thorn.

Sandpoint Market Empty on most days, this space fills up twice a week as vendors form the surrounding region come to town to peddle their wares.

Sandpoint Meat Market Butcher Chod Bevuk.

Sandpoint Mercantile League Managed by Sir Jasper Korvaski, it’s a place to book naval passage to various ports in the region.

Sandpoint Savories The town bakery, owned by Alma Avertin, but run by her daughters Arika and Aneka.

Sandpoint Shipyard Belven Valdemar runs this shipyard.

Sandpoint Theater Owner Cyrdak Drokkus, through force of will, has made this theater into one which rivals the best theaters in much bigger cities of Magnimar and Korvosa.

Sandpoint Town Hall Two story building, with a meeting hall big enough to hold most of the city’s adult population. Mayor Kendra Deverin works here.

Savah’s Armory Run by Savah Bevaniky.

Scarnetti Mill Owned by the noble scarnetti family, this is the only operating mill in the region, since mysterious fires have burned the three nearby mills. Operated by Courrin Whesterwill.

Turnadarok Academy Local school / orphanage, run by a retired adventurer, Ilsoari Gandethus.

Two Night Brewery Beer and spirits, by Gaven Deverin, the mayor’s cousin.

Valdemar Fishmarket open air fish market run by Turch Sterglus.

Vernah’s Fine Clothing Half elf proprieter Rynshinn Povalli, thought by many to be Sandpoints most beautiful resident.

The Way North Run by Veznutt Parooh, a gnome, this cartographer’s store sells many maps.

Wheen’s Wagons Bilivar Wheen runs this workshop. He’s often seen drinking at the Hagfish.

The White Deer A very ornate inn and taverns marked by its twin deer carvings near the entrance. Run by Garridan Viskalai, a gruff Shoanti, this place tends to be significantly less popular than the Rusty Dragon. Garridan happens to be Sherrif Balor Hemlock’s brother, though they seem to not be on speaking terms.


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