thac0hNo's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Burnt Offerings, Chapter 1, Part 1, Session 2

The Aftermath of the Raid

22nd of Rova, 4707

Late that evening, with most of the chaos from the raid having died down, the party returns to the Rusty Dragon Inn to retire for the day. Upon entering, they are met by a visibly tired Ameiko Kaijitsu, the owner of the establishment. She is so impressed by the groups selflessness and bravery while fighting the goblin raid, that she offers them free room and board for a week as a token of gratitude.


23rd of Rova, 4707

The next morning, as everyone is busy eating breakfast, a well-dressed, heavily perfumed man enters the inn and immediately heads up to the group. The group recognizes him as the citizen they saved from the dog-riding goblin during the raid, and he introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove. He is uncomfortably gracious as he thanks the group for saving his life, and insists that they accompany him on a boar hunt tomorrow morning in nearby Tickwood forest. Do you accept the invitation?


Shortly after the departure of Aldern Foxglove, an armed & armored man enters the inn and, after intently scanning the room, approaches your table. Introducing himself as Sheriff Balor Hemlock, he requests that you accompany him to the Cemetery behind the new cathedral. The sheriff explains that Father Zantus contacted him this morning after noticing an old vault had been disturbed. He was hoping that the party of skilled goblin-slayers would accompany him, in case some goblins remained from the previous day’s raid. Do you help the sheriff?


I will accept the invitation from Foxglove for the boar hunt. I’ll use that time to better about the city, inhabitants, and specifically (hopefully) any enemies or people whom would benefit from the goblin raid and might be the “Longshank(s)”.

I am eager to also help the sheriff with the disturbed vault. Who’s vault was it, and what is the story on that family/person that would make it appealing to disturb?


I find Foxgolve’s dress and mannerisms distasteful and have no interest in his aristocratic games. I am interested in going with sheriff Hemlock and would like to help in any way possible.


I will decline Foxglove’s invitation. I have never had a taste for hunting innocent creatures. My small stature also makes me uneasy with the idea of being charged by a wild boar. I am willing to accompany the Sheriff. He seems like an individual that might know more about the history of the town. I would like to assist with his investigation of the cemetery. I also would like to learn any details from the Sheriff regarding the town’s seeming connection to goblins (the festival game Goblin Toss) and the demon-slaying (also a festival game with bow.) I cannot shake the feeling that, combined with the fact that the church was recently destroyed (the town was celebrating its rebuilding) by undetermined means, there is some connection to what is happening now…
It also will not hurt my pockets (or feelings) to pick up any loose change that scrambling villagers may have dropped in their hurry to flee the goblins…a gnome has got to eat, right?


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