thac0hNo's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

In Wrath's Shadow

The death of a good friend

Session Summary

24 Gozran (April) 4708 through 1 Desnus (May) 4708

The group decides to travel to Hollow Mountain via the aid of Eashen’s magic. He summons five great phantom steeds to carry the party across the Varisian gulf, following the chain of islands until finally reaching Rivenrake Island several days later. After exploring the island, the group stumbles upon a small camp of nervous laborers. Raynar heads out to greet them and discovers that they are the remnants of an archaeological expedition sponsored by a group of Pathfinders, but something has gone terribly wrong. One of their number, Shadaq, returned to camp several days ago with wounds so grievous that he eventually died from them. The remainder of the expedition has not been heard from since.

Eashen teleports the group to Magnimar, but on the way back miscalculates and ends up in the middle of the Varisian Gulf. He manages to spend the night in a rope trick before returning to the campsite the following morning.

2 Desnus (May) 4708 – Fireday (Friday)

With Eashen returned, the group heads up toward the dig site. They discover a tunnel, marked with evidence of some clawed bipedal creatures, leading them into the side of a mountain and an enormous cavern. Within this cavern is an enormous dig site, rock having been pulled away to reveal an eerie and disturbing stone building – a Temple of Yamasoth. Even more disturbing are the scattered corpses around the entrance – all long dead from weapon, bite, and claw wounds.

The group enters the temple: a great hall with a beautiful mosaic floor displaying a seven pointed star and bearing a huge statue of Yamasoth. After fending off an attack from a pack of harpies, they discover a shaft leading down into the depths below.

Descending into the depths, the group enters a room decorated with murals of torture and self-flagellation, depicting many rituals associated with Yamaosth worship. Further exploring the underground structure, they come across a larger room, filled with sinspawn – mindless creatures of wrath and anger; relics of Thassilonian days gone by. The creatures attack, but are quickly dispatched by the group. Searching the room, they discover the charred and burnt bodies of several of the missing laborers, as well as two pathfinders. Much later, after securing the rest of the catacombs, they discover that once of these deceased was their old friend Tobin Everheart.

Continuing their exploration, the group comes across a door. Listening intently, Raynar hears a strange chanting coming from the other side – one that grows louder and louder until suddenly it stops. Wasting no time, the group bursts into the room to see a great monstrous qlippoth devour the torso of a bound sacrificial victim: yet another missing member of the archaeological expedition.

Demarek furiously charges the beast, and the group joins in the battle, defeating it and it’s summoner: an undead priest of Yamosoth.


Searching the room, the group discovers a secret passage, long abandoned and unused. AS they investigate, they discover the long dead remains of a human, clothed in robes. His backpack appears to have been looted, but within it the group finds the useless remnants of a spellbook and spell component pouch.

Before the man, stands a shimmering blue field which blocks the remainder of the hallway. After inspecting the field, the group discovers a small black hole, like a keyhole. On a hunch, Eashen attempts to insert his father’s amulet into the hole, and it quickly absorbs the blue field like a sponge before falling, blackened, upon the floor.

The way before them now cleared, the group heads forward to the sound of battle. There they encounter another qlippoth beast engaged in a battle with a giant bear. Combining their forces, they defeat the qlippoth creature, and in the aftermath discover that the bear was instead, a shoanti man. Through the man only spoke Thassilonian, the group is able to communicate via shared knowledge of the language of giants, and they discover that he was captured by Thasslionian priests for sacrifice. They are able to deduce that he had been frozen in time for millenia.

3 Desnus (May) 4708 through 5 Desnus (May) 4708

Together with their newfound companion, the group returns to Magnimar, returning the lost wayfinders to the Pathfinder Lodge there. Investigating the records, Eashen is able to learn a little more about Tobin’s fateful expedition ears ago. From the scrolls, (paraphrased):

The expedition went wonderfully, until we discovered the final room: three shoanti bound and chained to the floor there, preserved by some unholy power – alive, but sleeping for untold ages. A young pathfinder candidate, Alton, curiously approached an open text lying before a runic circle of silver dust, when the ghastly priest jumped out, clawing and scratching. He ripped Alton’s throat out before we could blink…. I cannot recall why I was so enamored with the book, but I watched as the blood poured into it; getting soaked up like a sponge. Many years later it occurred to me that blood must have been the final component – blood that the priest could not provide.

In an instant, the circle sprung to life, and the tentacled creature burst forth. Landris held it off as long as he could, but the beast was too powerful , consuming the chained woman. We grabbed the child and fled for our lives, and Landris sealed the room with his magics as we heard a powerful roar echo through the hallway. I dd not know he had been struck until it was too late. The poison working its way through his bloodstream faster than any I had ever encountered. I literally watched the flesh melt off his bones.

I grabbed some of his things before we were attacked again. That damned priest somehow managed to flee the room before we could seal it. We fled for our lives.

Venture Captain Heidmarch sheds some light on the second trip to Hollow Mountain.

I had my doubts. Riemme Batelle was a pathfinder I did not know well, having recently arrived from Cheliax. He brought news of some strange activities near Hollow Mountain. I was skeptical, but with the recent debacle with the Swords of Sin, the mess here in Magnimar with the Clock Tower, as well as various other incidents across Varisia, I thought it best to investigate. Tobin knew the area well, and despite his protests, I sent them. I should have listened….

Demarek is able to contact the crafter he previously met, and enchantment of his armor begins.

Marillis reveals some surprising news: She is pregnant!

Raynar spends some time around Magnimar, visiting his old stomping grounds and favorite establishments. He visits his family, spending some extra time with his brother Randon talking about his exploits and the rising danger of Mokmurian and the stone giants of the Storvol Plateau.

Raynar also speaks with Orik about Marillis and his new found fatherhood. The two of them decide that perhaps Orik should settle into a less dangerous career, and Orik reluctantly agrees.

6 Desnus (May) 4708

Orik and Marillis get married in a quiet ceremony at the shrine to Desna. Shortly after, they depart for Sandpoint. Marillis addresses the group:

We’ve decided to settle down in Sandpoint. Orik can work for Sheriff Hemlock as a town guard, and I bet Father Zantos could use some help around the Cathedral. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us. Should you ever need anything, you need only ask. Please visit anytime.

Enchantment of Demarek’s armor is completed.

Randon approaches Raynar and agrees to accompany him on his journeys to stop Mokmurian.


Fiendish Harpy ( 5x 1600) = 8000
Sinspawn Barbarians ( 5x 1600) = 8000
Thorist, Ghast cleric of Yamasoth = 2400
Qlippoth, Nyogoth = 9600
Qlippoth, Chernobue = 19,200
Rescuing Tobin: 0
Rescuing Riemme Batelle: 0
Rescuing the Camp survivors: 5000


Josh / Eashen (level 10): + 12,090 / 143,229 (total)
Josh / Trithereon (level 10) + 3840 / 108,840 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 10): + 12,090 / 143,649 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 10): + 12,090 / 137,715 (total)
Cohort/ Orik (level 8): 12,090 * 8/10 = + 9672 / 74,999 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 9): + 12,090 / 93,370 (total)

Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000
Experience required for Level 11:155,000


Sinspawn Room:
2x Wayfinder
Morningstar + 2
Longsword + 1
Amulet of Natural Armor + 1
Ring of Protection + 1

Summoning room:
+ 2 Mithral shirt
amulet of natural armor + 1
ring of protection + 1



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