thac0hNo's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

The Sandpoint Devil

Into The Pit

Session Summary

18 Gozran (April) 4708 – Wealday (Wednesday)

The group heads to the Devil’s Platter in the Sandpooint Hinterlands to investigate the Pit. Eashen had long ago discovered a map of the area indicating something was at the pit, and the letter found at Hook Mountain also suggested that Barl Breakbones had an interest in the area. That was enough to convince the adventurers to check it out.

Arriving at the Pit via teleport, the group discovers a gruesome scene. The blackened and charred remains of a work camp of sorts lie scattered across the rough ground here. Among the remains of shovels, tents, pickaxes, and various other camping and digging equipment, Raynar discovers a partially burnt journal. Much of it’s contents have been burnt or ruined by the weather, but bits and pieces are still legible

…. bring back a good stone, roughly the size of a human head should suffice…
… if we find it, Mokmurian will reward us well….
…. waste of time. The entire work party burned to a….
…. no sign of ruins so far. That damned beast prevents us from getting further into the pit…

Heading down into the pit they realize that it is much deeper than it seems. The opening, nearly 100feet wide at the top, descends nearly 300 feet into the core of Devil’s Platter. At the bottom, they discover two passages: a small, narrow one heading east, and a larger tunnel heading north.

First exploring eastward, the group comes upon a large cavern filled with tiny alcoves fashioned into homes. Strangely, they have no signs of residents. Headed south, the group follows a tunnel passage for several hundred yards before discovering an exit out into the rolling grasslands of the Sanpoint Hinterlands. There, they discover the remains of an armored warrior. Curiously, they discover an eyepatch on him.

Headed back into the cavern city, they discoer that the north end of the cavern ends in a set of stairs leading to a large set of stone doors. Around the doors, they discern the markings of the god Kabriri – the patron god of ghouls. Opening the door to the temple, Raynar spots a great horde of ghouls, numbering over two dozen, as they turn and peer at him. He quickly shuts the door and explains what he can see to the group.

They decide to deal with the threat such a temple presents, and open the doors once more – to be faced with a wall of fog. After a short debate, Eashen dispels the fog to reveal five ghul priests of Kabriri, and the battle ensues. They quickly dispacth the priests, and the ghoul congregation which had circled around to attack them from behind.

Headed back over to the bottom of the Pit, the group continues north from there through the large tunnel. They uncover the den of the notorious Sandpoint devil, which they quickly realize is a mated pair of devil steeds! A furious battle ensues until orik slays one of the beasts, and Eashen’s summoned beast lays the final blow upon the other.


Searching the den, they find the burnt remains of numerous cattle and the occasional humanoid. Upon one corpse, they discover a blackened and charred holy symbol of Erastil.

The group returns to Sandpont that evening.

Post Session Activities

19 Gozran (April) 4708 – Oathday (Thursday)

The following day, Raynar and Orik return to the Pit to search the area (Perception). They spend the entire day crawling through various side tunnels, looking for magical or peculiar stones, but find nothing of note. They camp outside of the entrance that night, and other than a brief encounter with a lone, wandering bugbear, nothing of note occurs.

Eashen teleports down to Magnimar, seeking audience with Maester Toth Bhreacher at the Golemworks to apologize for his absence on the 16th of Gozran (Diplomacy) He is greeted by the Keeper of Scheduling, Aton Williamswright, who escorts him to a small waiting room, where Eashen waits patiently for much of the day. Late that evening, Aton returns, informing Eashen that business has kept Master Bhreacher busy for the day, and that perhaps he should return some other day. Eashen teleports back to Sandpoint that evening.

20 Gozran (April) 4708 – Fireday (Friday)

Eashen heads over to Brodert Quink’s home, searching for clues as to his whereabouts. Dust has gathered on much of his belongings, and no significant clues are uncovered ( Perception). Using some personal effects, Eashen attempts to scry on the old sage, and is successful. He manages to observe the old man wandering through a shadowy, dark area somewhat like a forest – only wispy, almost ethereal. For several minutes, Eashen observes the man walking around, as if lost and looking for a familiar landmark.

Later, Eashen travels east of town on Shadowmist and summons enough stone to create an imposing watchtower. Then returns home for the day.

Meanwhile, Orik and Raynar continue searching through the tunnels underneath Devils Platter, discovering nothing of note (Perception).

21 Gozran (April) 4708 – Starday (Saturday)

Eashen travels south of town on Shadowmist, summoning enough stone to create an imposing watchtower. Afterwards, he returns to town to meet with Sheriff Balor and Mayor Deverin to apologize for Damage done to the town during the raid (Diplomacy). He discusses the watchtowers, and while Sheriff Balor agrees that they are a good idea and will help protect Sandpoint as well as the Lost Coast Road, he is concerned that he does not have enough guardsmen to protect the town and man both watchtowers.

Eashen also discusses the use of Chopper’s Isle. The Mayor does not object, granting Eashen permission to build upon it. _ A wizard’s tower, right? Isn’t that what you do? As long as there are no dungeons beneath it!_ she quips.

Orik and Raynar, coming to the conclusion that their search for a magical, ‘good’ stone is futile, give up and head home.

22 Gozran (April) 4708 – Sunday (Sunday)

Eashen heads out into the forest east of Sandpoint to find and awaken two large oak trees. The awakened trees listen quietly to Eashen’s proposal to become guardians of the town. After pondering the proposal for a long while, they agree but have one condition: That Eashen and Sandpoint provide a human caretaker of the wood who would watch over their tree brethren Sandpoint and prevent the human loggers from irreparably damaging the wood.

Asking around, Eashen learns that there are no known gemstone mines in the area. Devils Platter is known to have iron and copper, but most of it has been left untouched, as the area is known to be infested with goblins, bugbears, ghouls, and worse.

Raynar spends some time asking around about transportation to Hollow Mountain, but most of the simple fishermen at the docks in Sandpoint merely look at him like he is crazy. Through his conversations, Raynar discovers that the mountain lies on an island on the far side of the Varisian Bay, and that it would be a treacherous four day journey for the small fishing boats found in Sandpoint. Furthermore, raynar gets the distinct feeling that the island is a place best avoided, and no fisherman in Sandpoint is willing to undergo the journey no matter how much gold is offered.

23 Gozran (April) 4708 – Moonday(Monday)

The group teleports down to Magnimar.

Raynar heads off to the Dockway district to try and find a ship willing to transport them to Hollow Mountain. After an exhaustive day of searching, he stumbles upon a ship captain who is willing to take them – for a price (Diplomacy). Haerla Skolet, captain of the Winking Wyvern, is willing to transport the party, at a cost of 1000gp per passenger.

Went there last month, I did, takin’ some o’ dem Pathfinders. Tis’ a dangerous place, I warn ye. Nearly lost me ship twice on the way back – once to harpies flyin off the mountain, and once to some black serpent swimmin’ in the waters. If I’m to risk me livelihood like that, you better make it worth me time. Should take about three days, if we have fair weather. You’ve never heard of the Winking Wyvern?…It’s the ship that made the Castle Run in less than twelve cycles…. Lemme know when you’re ready to depart, the sooner the better. Me boys are gettin’ restless and they’ve nearly spent all their gold on booze.

Meanwhile, Demarek searches through the various enchanters and armorsmiths, before finding one capable and willing to enhance his plate mail (Diplomacy). It will cost 3000gp and take three days to complete.


Ghul High Priest of Kabriri – (4800 × 4) = 19200
Ghul Priest of Kabriri – 9600
Ghouls (30 × 400) = 12000
Sandpoint Devil, Male – 9600
Sandpoint Devil, FEmale – 4800
Bonus: Discovering the body of Fen the Cleric: 800
Bonus: Discovering the body of Rolfe One-Eye: 800

Total party XP = 47,200

Josh / Eashen (level 10): + 11,800 / 131,139 (total)
Jim / Demarek (level 10): + 11,800 / 131,559 (total)
Mike / Raynar (level 10): + 11,800 / 125,625 (total)
Cohort/ Orik (level 8): 11,800 * 8/10 = + 9440 / 74,999 (total)
NPC / Marilis (level 9): + 11,800 / 81,280 (total) LEVEL UP! 9th

Experience required for Level 9: 75,000
Experience required for Level 10:105,000
Experience required for Level 11:155,000


None of note.



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