Magnimar, City of Monuments

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A Map of Magnimar:

Notable Facts and People


Magnimar is ruled by two main political bodies: The Council of Ushers and the Office of the Lord-Mayor. The office is currently held by Lord-Mayor Grobaras.


A third political entity, the Varisian Council, operates in Magnimar. While it has no direct authority over city operations, the Council serves to watch over the other governing bodies and seeks to preserve the rights and traditions of the land’s native Varisians.


Magnimar has many, many monuments scattered within its walls, paying tribute or honoring important figures and events in the city’s history. It is said that many of these monuments are infused with spirits which can bestow boons to visitors who perform the appropriate rituals before them. While many foreigners scoff at the idea, an equal number of Varisians claim their lives have been forever changed – earning the city it’s nickname The City of Monuments.

The Alabaster District

Home to Magnimar’s most affluent citizens, this district is always well patrolled by city guard. Notable locations include:

  • Fort Indros: Located on the western tip of the district, this fort has protected the city from pirates for ages.
  • Serpent’s Run: Middle or Lower class citizens are generally unwelcome in this district, save for this one exception. The Run is a massive hippodrome is easily Magnimars most popular venue, hosting decathalons, races, circuses, and – on rare occasions – gladiator battles.. Anyone who can afford a seat is welcome to attend, and seats range from 200 gp luxury boxes to filthy bench seating for a copper piece.
  • Heidmarch Manor: while technically the home to Sir Canayven and Shiela Heidmarch, this sprawling manor is better known as the first and only Pathfinder Society Lodge in the area.
  • House of Lords: Appearing to be a grand temple, this building is a central location where all Magnimar’s major (and a few minor) families maintain offices to interact with citizens. Airing grievances, seeking sponsorship, negotiating contracts are all commonly done here, though typically with representatives of the families, and not the nobles themselves.

Beacon’s Point

Home to raucous traders, sailors, and laborers tied to the shipping trade. Notable locations include:

  • The Battle of Charda: A large statue commemorating a great nautical battle between Magnimar’s navy and Riddleport pirates.
  • The Wyrmwatch: The tallest structure in this district is a towering lighthouse, heavily guarded by city watch and home to roughly 2/3 of Magnimar’s navy.
  • Outcast Fishery: the home to Magnimar’s vital fishing industry, and a guildhall of sorts.
  • Shipmaker’s Guild: Owned by the Scarnetti Family, this guild is one of the most powerful in Magnimar.
  • Lost Lane: Rumored to be the home to the Night Scales, thought to be Magnimar’s oldest criminal guild.
  • Washer’s row: a tangle of open air washhouses, launderers, and varisian tents, this place tends to the cleaning of the multitude of ships’ sails that pass through Magnimar. This is also the home of one of the larger Sczarni gangs in Magnimar; the Washside Ringers.

Capital District

Home to the to main ruling bodies of Magnimar: The Office of the Lord-Mayor, and the Council of Ushers. Many jewelers, sculptors, and artisans have workshops here. Notable Locations include:

  • The Irespan: The towering remnants of an ancient bridge; a known relic from ancient Thassilon.
  • The Golemworks: Famed worldwide for the quality of it’s constructs. Mages from across the Inner Sea travel to Magnimar to acquire these nearly indestructible servants made from Irespan basalt. Quarrying new stone from the Irespan is a known crime punishable by death, but the Golemworks is rumored to have a quiet agreement with the city leaders. The Golemworks is owned and operated by Master Toth Bhreacher.
  • Centograph: This towering monument was created as a memorial to Magnimar’s most beloved founder, Alcaydian Indros. It is widely considered to be an enormous honor to be entombed in the crypt beneath.
  • Indros cul Vydrarch: This towering marble structure depicts a legendary battle between Alcaydian Indros and the great Vydrarch – a giant aquatic serpent with twin heads.
  • Pediment Building: Home to the Justices Court and the Office of the Lord-Mayor. The thirteen High Justices of Magnimar mete out law in various courtrooms.
  • The Hells: An infamous underground prison. All manner of wild rumors fly about this dungeon, but one fact remains constant: the farther down you go, the hotter it gets.
  • Usher’s Hall: Home to the Council of Ushers


Overflowing with trading posts, storefronts, fishermen, and foreign travelers, this district is the heart of Magnimar’s robust trade industry. Notable locations include:

  • The Old Fang: the best known tavern in the district.
  • Carent’s Camp: To those in the know, this normal-looking varisian tent encampment is home to the Wreckwash Blades, a Sczarni gang known for trading in secrets and information.
  • The Bazaar of Sails: A destination for traders across the world, this is largest free market in Varisia.
  • The Fifth Wind: A massive stone weather vane towers above the docks.
  • Eyes of the Hawk: A monument depicting twin wizards, Cailyn and Romre Vanderale, and their defeat of a great spidery sriezyx that erupted from the Irespan nearly eighty years ago.


While home to many of Magnimar’s middle class, this district is the center of the city’s religious organizations and churches. Notable locations include:

  • Deadeye Lodge: A dedicated temple to Erastil
  • Dome of the Savored Sting: A dedicated temple to Calistria
  • Stone of the Seers: Magnimar’s most esteemed school of wizardry is currently supervised by Master Leis Nivlandis.
  • Church of Pharasma
  • The Varisian Council make their home here, operating from a group of colorful Varisian tent-wagons.
  • Cynosure Tower: While unusual, this shrine is the closest permanent structure the followers of Desna might call a temple. Bevaluu Zimantiu, priestess of Desna, is the present caretaker.
  • Our Lady of Blessed Waters: A bronze statue found in the center of Seerspring Garden, strangely devoid of any weathering marks.


A vibrant district, home to a multitude of theatres, bars, pubs, brothels, dance halls, and any entertainment imaginable. Notable locations include:

  • The Fish Tank: This gathering of semi-permanent Varisian tent-wagons is the home of the largest Scarni gang in all of Magnimar: The Gallowed.
  • The Guilded Cage: an infamous gambling den
  • The Dreaming Dryad: A relatively new inn, claiming to offer it’s guests unparalleled service
  • The Mapstone Monument: A massive block of marble, the top of which has been carved into a scale model of the city of Magnimar.
  • The Celwynvian Charge: A gift from the elves of the Mierani Forest, this tree shaped sculpture is as large as a two story building and continues to grow each year.


Home to many merchants and well-to-do families, Naos is regarded as the “New-money district” by the more affluent residents of the Alabaster district. Notable locations include:

  • Foxglove Townhouse – the party possesses the key to this fine townhouse.
  • Osprey Club: An upper class destination for entertainment and delights. If you’re not on their list, you aren’t getting in.
  • Cathedral of Abadar – The largest temple in Magnimar. Jyronn Imikar is the current high priest.
  • Kaijitsu Villa – a villa belonging to the Kaijitsu Family. It appears to be unoccupied.
  • Deverin Villa – a villa belonging to the Deverin Family.
  • House of Welcome: Magnimar’s most exclusive ( and expensive) brothel.
  • Arvenosaur: The tallest structure in Magnimar, this wonder stands nearly 400 feet tall, climbing the seacleft and extending another 100 feet above Naos itself. This tower is the garrison of the city’s watch and military.
  • Temple of Iodeme – more fort than temple, this building is presided over by Chaplain Tira Ronnova.
  • Founders Flame: a magical fountain of flame built as a gift to Magnimar after its founding.
  • The Guardians: Just within the Twins’ Gate stands two 200 foot tall colossi depicting the young heroes Cailyn and Romre Vanderale. The colossi stand facing each other, staves raised to form a great arch.


Mostly populated by foreigners and those of minority blood, like the native Shoanti, this district resides on the south bank of the Yondabakari River. Notable locations include:

  • Mistress of Angels: A fine marble statue of the district’s founder, Ordellia Whilwren.
  • Pug’s Contraptions: A known artisan of a wide assortment of oddities, including clockwork creatures, unique locks, and extravagant birdcages.


Seedy Taverns, undesirable brothels, and rat-infested gambling dens surrounded by decaying tenement buildings make up the forgotten underbelly of Magnimar. Notable locations include:

  • The Gull: Built into one of the Irespan pilings, this building is home to yet another Sczarni gang, the Creepers. Even among Sczarni, the creepers are regarded with disgust and distaste. Their reputed association with slavery, child kidnapping, and general willingness to do anything to turn a profit make them stand out as truly vile.
  • The Rat: Another of the Irespan pilings, this collection of chambers and rooms is home to a group of Sczarni called Doolun’s Lads. Easily the least successful Sczarni gang in Magnimar, this group has been eerily quiet of late.
  • The Swift Dolphin Warehouse: This building looks like any number of failed businesses in the Underbridge, but rumor has it that this warehouse is still the go-to place to pick up some midnight milk a powerful street drug.
  • The Shadow Clock: The only monument in the Underbridge of note, this partially completed clock tower teeters above the other buildings in the district. Too big to affordably demolish, and too well engineered to quickly collapse on its own, it has been left to slowly sink into disrepair. Many locals have running bets on when it will fall and how many will be killed in the collapse.
  • Shrine of Sarenrae: Established by a wayward cleric of Sarenrae, this shrine has been left abandoned since his murder decades ago.

Magnimar, City of Monuments

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