How will I know what my XP is?
I’ll be doing most of the heavy lifting in tracking player XP and such. This will be summarized after each session, and will be posted as part of the Adventure Log entries.

What XP table will we be using?
The Pathfinder Core Rules Medium XP Track.

How do I get XP?
There are a couple ways to get XP.

Main Storyline
This encompasses pretty much everything in the Rise of the Runelords Adventure path, as it is written. Slaying bad guys, overcoming challenges, rescuing damsels in distress. I’ll try to do my best to give you a breakdown of where the XP came from.

GM Provided Side Quests
Throughout the course of the adventure, side quests will become available. Some of these will be character specific, and some will be more party-focused, optional quests. Successful completion of these quests may lead to additional treasure, or XP, or both. These will most likely be revealed as secrets on the portal, or on public wiki pages used for this purpose, like the Rusty Dragon Help Wanted Board

Player Initiated Quests or Activities
There will be points of time in the game where you will be offered substantial downtime for your character. Days, weeks, or even months of time will pass where you may have your character pursue activities of your own choosing. Likely, this will play out via the portal site using posts, messages, and various other means outside of tabletop play. The central idea for this category is the idea that as a player, you can initiate ( via your in game actions or out of game messages) additional activities for your character. Having a character start a side business, become the benefactor of a school or charity, or personally request a side quest for a magic item are all examples. This is 100% up to you. If you don’t participate, you will get nothing here.

Out of game rewards
Occasionally, the GM will post requests for out of game activities that come with rewards. Planning the next session location, running a downtime event or one-shot, or fulfilling some GM request ( like updating character pictures!) can all qualify. These rewards are often small, and this type of reward will not happen often.

Any other Advice on getting XP?
Attendance – if you don’t show up, you only get half XP. Be there or be square.
Participation – if you don’t participate, you don’t get XP. Your character might be a loner, but the rest of the party will still reap the benefit of the Chimera they slew while you were sulking back at the tavern.
Involvement – I can’t read your mind, so if you never tell me that you want your character to become the head of a great guild or a noble of his own fiefdom, then I can’t make it happen. The more you ask me about things your character can do, and the more you tell me about things you want your character to do, then the better I can respond. Remember – Player Initiated Quests or Activities is 100% up to you.


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